When To Give Toddler Pillow To Your Loving Child

In contemporary western culture, toddler pillows consist of a plain or patterned fabric envelope (pillowcase) which contains a soft stuffing, typically synthetic and typically standardized in sizes and shape. Toddler  Pillows have been historically made of a variety of natural materials and many cultures continue to use pillows made from natural materials.

Toddler pillows is also known as infant pillows, which it is designed for the sole purpose of providing your baby with a comfortable night’s sleep. A comfortable toddler pillow can make a vast difference between restless and sound sleep.

Experts recommend that you do not use pillows until your child has reached at least two or more years old. It is dangerous because of the risk of sudden infant death syndrome and suffocation.

To ensure toddler pillow safety you can use an allergy-proof pillow covers which are designed for toddler pillows. These are available in the market in various beautiful designs and colours.

Children cannot sleep comfortably on pillows designed for adults. They may have pain in the neck and shoulders because they sleep on adult pillows. They may also suffer from suffocation. That is why toddler pillow safety must be maintained.

A toddler pillow is a child's first pillow that goes with him every night to sleep.. Regular pillow used by grown-up is not suitable for a child, as they are quite large and harsh to a child's sensitive skin. A toddler pillow is mainly designed for children to adjust comfortably and ensures a good night's sleep.

A toddler pillow is an essential part of a child's lifestyle. Also, Pediatricians often recommend pillows for young children suffering from chronic, ear infections, cold or allergies etc.

A child’s pillow must be firm and soft enough for him/her to go asleep and  provide continuous comfort and support the sensitive shoulder and neck of the child. Children pillow also let them feel calm and peace while they are sleeping. It may make them fall asleep without being uncomfortable or restless.

It is essential to ensure that the sleeping environment is also comfortable and safe. A toddler pillow can make a big difference between restless sleep and a healthy sleep. However, it is essential to settle for pillows that are specifically made for toddlers.

Why You need toddler pillow?

  • They make a great baby companion. Some babies would rather sleep with someone nearby. This can be a huge challenge, especially if you have many other things to do. A toddler pillow can go a long way to offer a baby a companion so they can sleep alone.
  • Children pillow offers comfort away from the bed too. In addition to ensuring that a child sleeps comfortably in their crib or bed, also on long roads or even on flights.
  • They make valuable decorations in the cradle and the room in general. Toddler pillows are designed for babies are in a wide range of colours and themes, they can be very stimulating, soothing and cosy for the baby.
  • Toddler pillow helps a child sleep longer. With a comfortable pillow, a child can sleep through the night. Sleeping in certain places can be exhausting for the baby and this means more hours of vigilance when they should sleep. A comfortable pillow that suits your child is an addition to promoting better quality sleep for a baby.
  • Toddler Pillows offer headrests in every way. A Child’s pillows are designed to offer only the right neck and headrests without causing adverse problems, such as stiff throats. All you have to do is choose the right pillow for the right age and with all the right material.

How to use of toddler pillow

  • Lay him on his back. Babies should always sleep on their backs. ...
  • The mattress should have exactly the same dimensions as the crib and should not be too soft.
  • The baby should sleep with his feet touching the bottom of the crib. The sheets should also be well-secured under the mattress
Todller PILLOW

When to give toddler pillow

It is difficult to answer this question as all children develop at a different pace, there is no clear answer. Most children will not need a pillow when they go to bed. However, the experts are clear on one point: children under 2 years of age must not use pillows; Children can easily drown when using one, but after this age and when you think your child is ready, make sure to choose an appropriate toddler pillow.

If you want to introduce a pillow, it is best to wait until your toddler moves from the crib to the bed. But if you want to give one while the baby still sleeps in a crib, look for a smaller pillow. Stay away from feather pillows, which are too soft, can cause allergies and choke a child if his head sinks while sleeping.

When choosing your child's first pillow, make sure it is firm and of the proper size, so that it offers comfort and support, without risk of loss. This can be a trial and error case until you find a pillow that is right for your child. Nowadays, there is a wide variety of filling materials, such as pens, memory foam, buckwheat, and fiber padding etc. However, the feathers are probably less favorable because they are too soft for a small child and are a common trigger for people with allergies.

The best material for a pillow for little kids is 100% cotton padding; It is a reasonably firm material, extremely comfortable and hypoallergenic.

How To Choose the best toddler pillow

The best toddler pillow should comfort your child, whether he/she take a nap or sleep. This should create an environment conducive that can create a more restful sleep for the child. Although the age of the child can determine the choice of pillow, there are some general considerations not to be missed.

If you are looking for the best toddler pillow, you need to consider the following:

  • Take note of your child’s allergies

Let's say your child is allergic to wool. You will not want to buy a wool pillow, which will only aggravate your child's allergy. By being aware of what your child is and not allergic to, it will help reduce your ideal pillow.

  • Satisfaction guaranteed

Some children's pillows on the market come with a satisfaction guarantee ranging from 90 days to three years. Although the warranty period differs from one pillow mark to another, it goes without saying that the best child pillow for a child would be the one with the most extended warranty periods. An extended warranty period means that the pillow maker has confidence in the quality of the product and is willing to stand by it.

  • Firmness versus softness

Although you may want a soft pillow for the child, it should also be firm enough. So you should find a balance between the two. To check for softness, be sure to press the pillow to see if it fits again. If you do not reshape, it may not be flexible enough for a child.

Also, if the pillow, barely moves, even after heavy pressure, it may be too firm for a child. Although most baby cushions are designed to provide maximum support and comfort, it is best to test your flexibility or firmness before getting a toddler pillow for a child.

  • The outer coating material

Generally, the outer shell of a child's pillow is cotton. However, you should know that cotton can be organic orordinary. Organic cotton contains no harmful toxins, dyes, or bleaches that would make the pillow harmful to your child's sensitive skin. Ordinary cotton, on the other hand, can be harmful to your child's skin and should be avoided.

  • Number of threads

If you have already purchased new bedding, you may encounter the term "number of threads". The number of threads refers to the number of threads per square inch of fabric. The higher number of threads, the more the pillow will be silky and durable. Toddler pillow with a high thread count are less rough and more comfortable than those with a lower thread count.


The comfort of a child is an integral part of learning to sleep well. A toddler pillow highlights the benefit of extra support, especially when the baby is moving from a crib to a toddler bed. The right toddler pillow can help the child to have a deep and profound sleep as it provides the level of comfort needed to fall asleep and remain asleep. Besides, choosing the best toddler pillow ensures that the child is safe while sleeping.

That said, if your child is older than two, consider putting a pillow to help him/her sleep better and avoid problems like neck pain.

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