Vivosun Grow Tent Review

Vivosun is a popular brand founded in California, commonly ranked as the “Best sellers” on many e-commerce websites for its superior quality. They have earned the consumers trust with their industry leading products and first-class customer service for a wide range of goods. Since the birth of the company in 2009, there have been over 200 different products satisfying every need of an indoor grower. Starting from highest yielding led grow lights and best indoor grow tents, temperature controllers to reflectors, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, carbon filter and best quality grow tent fans they provide a complete solution for hydroponic systems of all stages and ages.

The one-stop-shop for all is operating in over 50 different countries and their main motto is to empower the gardeners using technologically advanced products. This brings us to their variety of grow tents that only promise success for your plants and gardens. Customers can invest in Vivosun grow tents without any worry as they assure fantastic items which have been developed and improved over years of research and strict quality control.

How are their Grow Tents different?

A grow tent is an indoor gardening tool which acts as a grow room of various dimensions where the plants are placed to experience a sealed environment. The seal of this area helps the gardeners to maintain a set temperature, luminosity and humidity which depends on the size and the materials the grow tent is made up of.

Wide variety

Vivosun sells 6 different types of Grow tents and the most popular types sold are the “Standard Size” and the “Grow Tent complete kit.” They all have different features and purposes that fit the needs of all gardeners worldwide. Vivosun manufactures 8 custom sizes of grow tent, starting with the dimension of 24” x 24” x 48” to accommodate only 1 to 2 plants till 120” x 120” x 80” to squeeze in 21 to 32 plants depending on size.

Advanced design

The grow tents not only hold the plants but also ventilation equipments, exhaust, LED lights, fans and other accessories. Vivosun delivers enough space for all the features including pre-built space for observation window and exhaust ventilation. The frame and fabric of the grow tent is given high attention which makes this product very durable and strong.

Advanced materials and features

The 5 key features of the design are:

  1. Frame: Heavy duty steel poles are provided, where plastic by competition for additional rigidity.
  2. Fabric (exterior): The rigid 600D branded canvas is used maintain the overall tear proof structure.
  3. Fabric (interior): Excellent Mylar interior promotes internal reflection of up to 98% of light.
  4. Seal: The double stitching system creates total seal to keep the light, temperature and air controlled inside.  The ventilation space is separated further preventing any chance of leaks.
  5. Access: For getting inside the tent, high tech SBS zippers are used which maintains seal and includes a small clear window for periodical observation.

Additional accessories

The size or dimension specification mentioned in official websites does not count in the extra accessories that also need to be put inside the grow tents. Let’s discuss some of the vital accessories that you need to utilise which are also sold by Vivosun:

  1. LED Grow light: This is the only source and the most important component inside a grow tent which provides full spectrum wavelength for optimum growth.
  2. Cooling fan: To allow the plants breath and make air circulates.
  3. Ventilation: The VivoSun already has opening to connect a ventilator and humidifier.

Exceptional support system

All these lists might seem daunting for a first timer but VivoSun provides user manuals with every product of theirs’. We can also find several 100 videos of tutorials on YouTube and other websites both done by customers and their own official “how to” guide videos. Along that, they provide very helpful customer service that can be accessed from their website including a return policy if consumer satisfaction is not attained. This is the main reason VivoSun could make themselves a class apart from their competition and became the brand which many growers swear by.


  • 600D Oxford material provides rigid structure
  • 98% reflective Mylar on the internal surface
  • Easy to install and perfect for beginners
  • Strong structure for steel frame pipes
  • Long-lasting and smooth zipper system
  • Virtually zero leakage (odor proof)
  • Correct positioning of ventilation ducts
  • Optional window for observation
  • Worldwide customer service
  • Long term international business
  • Warranty for 2 years


  • Clear window cutout may lead to small leakage in system
  • Limited availability of stocks
  • 2 years of warranty is less than industry norm of 3 years

Summary of Vivosun Grow Tent review

As reviewers, it is our upmost priority to provide readers with the best quality for the price. This company is truly the best bang for your buck ever! They are offering some top-shelf product at a reasonable price which attracts consumers internationally.

VivoSun grow tents are a result of research and design that was perfected over 10 years of time. The comprehensive and positive feedback in the “Reviews and Ratings” sections of online websites, such as Amazon, backs their reputation quiet strongly. Hence, Consumers can have a sigh of relief when ordering from Vivosun which makes the decision making process very easy.

It’s a no brainer now that if we recommend this brand to our respected readers or not? Still for the convenience, we recommend Vivosun Grow Tents 10/10 for our users. From all the variety of sizes and choices of price we are sure you can definitely make an easy purchase and have a happy growing experience for your own indoor garden.

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