RAM Carbon Filter Review – is it good or Bad

When starting your journey of indoor gardening, there will be a lot of things one will need starting from grow tent to grow light, fans and also carbon filters. If you are a newbie, you must not know a lot of stuff as to which one to choose and which will be suitable for your indoor grow tent.

Therefore to help you figure out, today we have come up with the RAM Carbon filter review for you. From top to bottom, you will know everything about it in easy words. Here we will be discussing the following:

  • Features
  • Drawbacks
  • What is CFM?
  • Availability based on sizes.
  • Do we recommend it and why?

RAM Carbon Filter Review- Everything You Need to Know

RAM Carbon Filter Review

Before we start, let us look into the company overview precisely.

RAM is short of the brand Rapid Air Movement which is based in the UK. Being the ventilation expert of hydroponics, they know how important right airflow is for a growing area. Along with that, they also specialize in the production of carbon filters, speed controllers, ducting and inline fans which they claim have been designed by growers and for indoor growers.

Anyways without any more delay, let’s get into their carbon filter

Key Features

  • Australian RC 412 Carbon
  • Very effective
  • Expansion foam
  • Easy to use

RAM uses RC 412 carbon which is activated by burning in a very high temperature which as a result turns into granulated carbon and for your information, this granulated carbon is considered to be one of the best forms in the world for attracting particles such as impurities.

Coming to the pore size, it’s 0.02 mm which is quite big and they say that the bigger the pores, the more absorbent it becomes. RAM has mentioned that the odors stick to the filter like glue and the big size pores help them become more effective like AC infinity carbon filter.

Moreover, it has a very low ash amount of less than 13% and due to having as the carbon is granulated, it makes them stick together very tightly with no single spot with exposure. Hence there’s no air space available that can escape.

On top of that the carbon filter is covered with a unique expansion foam which has never been seen in any other carbon filters ever. Now what this does is it helps the filter to keep its compaction rate high at all times. By this the impurities will remain stuck inside and not be able to escape.


Unlike other brand carbon filters, the RAM carbon filters don’t come with any pre-filters. Pre-filters are very useful as they help to attract bigger particles which the normal filters fail to do.

Moreover pre-filters can be washed and placed back inside the filters which help to increase its lifespan but nothing as such had been discovered while researching for the RAM carbon filters.

What is CFM?

Before you choose a carbon filter, you need to make sure to know the size of your grow area because to get the right size carbon filter, you will need to know about the CFM.

CFM stands for Cubic Feet per Minute which helps to measure the airflow requirement of a fan-based on the grow tent or grow room size. This means that the bigger your grow area is, the more CFM it will require.

Luckily, Rapid Air Movement has different sizes of carbon filters and of different CFM based on the size of grow tents. But if you are confused as to how much CFM your grow area will have, we will help you figure it out so don’t worry.

Along with that, we will guide you to the perfect RAM Carbon Filter for your grow tent.

4 inch RAM carbon filter

For a grow tent with 4 feet length and 4 feet width the Ram 100/200 4-inch 170m³/ hr Filter will be a good match. The CFM requirement is 200CFM with a size of 4 inches this will do good work.

The features have already been discussed above so if you have already read it, then you know all about it.

5 inch RAM Carbon Filter

For a grow tent with 6 feet length and 6 feet width, the RAM 08-350-155 5″ 350m³/hr Carbon Filter for Hydroponics will be a good fit. Where the CFM requirement is around 400 and has a size of 5 inches therefore this will do the work.

If you scroll up, you will be able to read all about the product as all of the sizes have the same feature. The only change is the size and weight.

6 inch RAM Carbon Filter

For a grow tent with 8 feet length and 8 feet width, the RAM 08-350-165 6″ 700m³/hr Carbon Filter for Hydroponics is the suitable one. Where the CFM requirement is around 750 and has a size of 6 inches, this will perform well.

And again, all the information is already given above so if you haven’t read that yet, please make sure to give it a read

12 RAM carbon filter

For a grow tent with 10 feet length and 10 feet width, the RAM 08-350-180 12″ 1350m³/hr Carbon Filter for Hydroponics will be the right choice. Where the CFM is around 1400 and has a size of 12 inches, this meets the requirements.

Above there is a generalized discussion about the RAM Carbon Filters as everything is the same for all the Pro Filters and the only thing that varies is the weight and size depending on your grow area size.

Do We RAM Carbon Filter?

Well it’s completely up to you if you want to get the RAM Carbon Filter for your grow tent. We would recommend you get it due to its amazing feature of Australian RC412 activated carbon which makes attracting impurities very much effective and the odors will be gone in no time.

Moreover, they have got a special expansion foam covering the filter due to which the particles remain within for a longer period. And also there is no possibility of air escaping from the filter.

Not to mention, apart from the ones we have mentioned above, RAM has a few more sizes available too so you can check them out as well. But according to the basic grow tent sizes, the above ones are perfect.

On top of that, now that you know about the CFM requirements, if you get the carbon filter we have suggested to you, hopefully, you won’t regret it.

RAM ensures quality as they have experts of hydroponics and the people who design the filters are also growers so definitely they wouldn’t make something that wouldn’t work well.

In conclusion

we have invested a lot of time in bringing you the RAM Carbon Filter review. Therefore, we hope you have benefited from the information.

And for your ease, we have also used easy language so hopefully, you have been able to understand everything. Stay connected with us for more reviews like this and if you have decided to get this then order right away before they get stocked out.

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