Phresh Carbon Filter Review- Everything You Need to Know

Not sure which carbon filter to get for your grow tent or grow room? You will be sure in just a while. We are going to introduce you to an amazing brand which has high quality carbon filters which will be perfect for your grow tent according to its size.

Today we will be talking about the Phresh carbon filter and we have done immense amount of research for you finding out all the reasons you must get it for your tent.

Phresh carbon filter is a product of the Phresh Company, based on Australia. They are determined to provide the best carbon filters for grow tent in the market with having some cool and unique features to make the air around you more clean and fresh. Sounds exciting right? So let’s get started with the amazing product.

But What is CFM?

CFM stands for Cubic Feet per Minute. This helps to measure the how many cubic feet air flows within a minute. The bigger your grow tent, the more CFM it will have and in this way you have to choose your carbon filter.

Phresh Carbon Filter Review

So let’s look into the features Phresh Filter 6”x24” 550 CFM offers:

  • RC-48 Australian activated carbon
  • Flange an pre filter included
  • Doesn’t weigh much compared to other filters available in the market
  • No possibility of air to pass by
  • Good span of life

RC-48 Australian activated carbon

The company uses very pure and less density granular carbon for their carbon filters where the carbons are quite penetrable. The RC 48 indicates that of the finished carbon is very much in effect after being activated in a 1200 degree steam environment. Due to having the best form of carbons available, they require very less amount of it to be used.

What Does Activated Carbon Do?

Unlike normal carbons, activated carbons are faster and better when it comes to cleaning the impurities from the air. Not just the impurities but also any fatigue smell.

If you are a beginner, you must know it from now that when you are going for indoor gardening, there will be odor inside your hydroponic grow tent. And in order to get rid of odors, you will of course want a good carbon filter like this one. Which just done not clear out dust and dirt but also clean out the odor.

Pre filter

With the help of pre filter, the carbon filter will be able to take in bigger size particles which the normal filters can’t take in otherwise.

On top of that, pre filters tend to have more lifespan as they are washable. Due to this it can be used for a long time.

When needed you can wash the filter, dry it and place it back again and as a tip, one should  clean the pre filter at least once a month for good results. Or else, if not done so, due to more dusts being stuck, the filter won’t be able to give its best results.


Due to the less amount of carbons being used, it also makes the carbon filter weight much less when compared to carbon filters of other brands.


When it comes to the lifespan, it actually depends on the amount of impurities your carbon filter will absorb. If it manages to absorb less, then the carbon filter will be able to survive more. But according to Phresh Filters, it will normally survive for somewhat two years.

Moreover for having a better lifespan, they are packed and sealed as soon as they are manufactured so that no impurities get in due to being having exposure to the air.

Not to mention, they are competitively priced. Even though they have better and more efficient features when compared to other carbon filters, they did keep in mind about the customers’ affordability and wellbeing. Hence they went for competitive pricing and kept the price accordingly.


But wait. Don’t they have any drawbacks? Well the filter may make noises and you may be given the title of noisy neighbors by your neighbors. Therefore you can use a duct silencer as well.

If using a small Phresh Filter, then a duct silencer can reduce noise by up to 70% and in case of but ones, it can reduce the noise by 50%. And you will then have a quiet place for you and your neighbors being noise free.

Phresh 4″ x 12″ Carbon Filter

As we have already discussed above about the features the Phresh carbon filters offer, it’s the same for all the types but the difference is only the sizes. You will get no change in any of the Phresh carbon filter.

But that is only if you choose the right one for your grow tent. Therefore you need to make sure to take one depending on the size of your grow tent, grow room or grow box. Just picking a random size won’t do.

For example if you take a bigger size one for your smaller size grow tent, if obviously it will take up more of your space. As you already know that grow tents are limited in space due to having an enclosed area. Hence there is no point cramming the area with a larger sized carbon filter.

For a grow tent with length of 4 feet and width of 4 feet and height of 8 feet, then you must take the Phresh Filter 4 in x 12 in 200 CFM .

Phresh 6″ x 16″ Carbon Filter

For a grow tent with 6 feet width, 6 feet length we have already discussed above so you may read about it which is the Phresh – Phresh Filter 6″ x 24″ 550 CFM. But this is suitable for your grow tent if the height is 30 feet.

In case the height is below 30 and above 20 then you should go for Phresh Filter 6 in x 16 in 400 CFM.

Phresh 6″ x 24″ carbon filter?

For a grow tent of 8 feet width and 8 feet length and height of 20 feet , we suggest you to get the Phresh Filter 8 in x 24 in 750 CFM.

Phresh 8″ x 24″ carbon filter?

Usually a grow tent isn’t this big therefore more like it can be considered as a grow room .For a grow room with 10 feet length and 10 feet width and height of about 25 feet, we recommend the Phresh Filter 10 in x 39 in 1400 CFM.

Do We Recommend It?

In conclusion it is completely up to you whether you want to get it or not. But we always suggest that for a good environment for your plants to grow indoors, it is necessary for them to have access to cleaner and better air with no pollution.

Hence you will be able to enjoy more fresh fruits and vegetables which probably would be difficult if your area has high pollution levels due to which there’s less access to fresher plants.

Looking at the Phresh carbon filter review,  we surely recommend the Phresh Filters for your grow tent and grow room due to its excellent ability to purify the air and provide your plants and amazing environment to grow in, you won’t regret choosing it. Just you have to install the carbon filter to the best inline fan properly.

Also they have a huge variety to choose from so you don’t have to worry about the fact that whether you can get one for the size of any other grow tent or grow room. You can choose from many sizes.

And also you can calculate the CFM before choosing so you will just need to input the dimensions of your grow tent or grow room and they will suggest you the appropriate one for you.

Therefore best of luck to you in choosing your carbon filter!

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