LED Vs HPS Grow Light- Which Lights are Best

LED grow lights are better than HPS – is it a myth or a fact?

It’s no myth but a real fact that LED grow lights are far way better than HPS. I can show you the reasons and I am pretty much sure, you will think the same about the mentioned facts.

This question will be floating in the air because it is a debatable topic. Whereas LED and HPS grow lights both are efficient in different stages of a plant’s growth, people want the clear idea about which one is winning.

You can pay a visit in the online forum or where people talk about grow lights, grow tents. Firstly, you will find the question they have been trying to answer is ‘LED Vs HPS Grow Light’.

Well, you should know each grow light is special. Not every grow light is as bad as we think because their band coverage, features, shapes are unique for the special condition of a plant.

So, how you will design the grow tent is completely on you. But you will find a clear distinction between LED and HPS grow lights.

In past years, people were quite interested to find out the best of LED lights. With the output, they got frustrated and showed the back to LED.

However, LED lights are in advance mode and this advanced LED has developed itself to satisfy the customers. However, the lights are more than we can think. It has minimized the cost of electric bills and the overall result is better than many of you have experienced.

Now, the basic of HPS grow lights is they are a segment of HID (High Intensity Discharge) bulbs. Their mechanism is the lightbulb tube will work when the gas ignites inside.

However, the color of the light depends on the gas because it has many types. Also, the HPS grow lights feature red and orange color lights. As you know, the red and orange spectrum of lights are important for influencing the flowering stage.

On the other hand, the mechanism of LED grow light has an electrical chip. The chip helps to transform the electricity in light and you can adjust the light color as the plant grows.

So the light is offering the users to stay more comfortable. Why won’t you use it?

Let’s check the advantages and disadvantages of both HPS and LED grow lights.

LED Grow Light

The LED grow lights have endured new technology to increase efficiency. Honestly, the whole world has accepted the fair use LED, from cutting-edge professionals to the gardening hobbyist. Here you can read more information about the highest yielding led grow light.

And why not to use this?

They have modified their technology and the yielding rate is the highest compared to the ancient ones. So, the fantastic thing is it converts the electricity into light energy and the heat production is only 10%.

Benefits Of LED Grow Lights

Plug & Play

LED lights are easy and comfortable to use because they don’t require extra work. Simply hand the LED lights over the plants and make sure the light distribution is perfectly spreaded.

However, HPS lights aren’t that easy to set up and you have to work a little harder to place them. HPS lights need to have a ballast if the grow lights are smaller in size. But if you are having the larger HPS lights, you have to purchase the brick-sized ballast.

Efficiency of LED Grow Lights

If you think about the efficiency, you will feel delighted to witness the LED diodes are excellent. So, the users are saving a lot of expense for the use of LED grow lights unlike HPS.

Also, the brightness will be the same until they fade away completely. The diodes are durable and they don’t die out of nowhere.

But the HPS grow lights need to be replaced after a while(in different stages) because the brightness doesn’t remain the same.

Customized Spectrum

When the LED lights were launched in the market, the vital reason to choose the lights were customized color effects. As a gardener, you do have the idea how a spectrum can influence the plant’s growth.

Other grow lights don’t have the feature of changing the color. However, the LED grow lights have full spectrum to accelerate the growth. In different stages, the LED grow light will be more efficient.

The beginners should purchase LED grow lights for gardening. Otherwise, the changes of LED light will be fantastic because of the customized spectrum.

Cooling System

Having grow lights means the gardener is caring for his plants. But the grow light with cooling system expresses how careful the gardener is for the entire project.

To solve the heat issue, the LED grow lights feature heatsinks and small built-in fans. While manufacturing and developing the designs, the LED grow lights have an in-built heat management system.


Here, quality means the overall output we can get from LED grow lights. LED grow lights support the plants in a manner where the plants don’t lose the quality instead of increasing it.

A factor works in cannabis plants named tarpenes. If you are using the wrong type of grow light, the level of terpenes might not be as impressive as expected. However, the targepens contain synergistic benefits to improve pain-relieving effects.

While use of LED grow lights will increase terpenes level upto 3.78 from 2, the wrong grow light might decrease it below 2.

Advantages of LED Grow Light

  • The brightness won’t fade away by the course of time.
  • LED grow lights are cooler than HPS
  • The damage caused by lights won’t be happen with LED grow lights

Disadvantages of LED Grow Light

  • The initial cost is more than HPS grow lights but this cost will save the users costs in future.
  • The LED grow lights don’t produce much heat.

HPS Grow Light

Heat Production

The HPS Grow Lights are fantastic to produce heat. Many plants might need the heat in different stages of growth and for them, HPS growth light is a bliss.

Use of Carbon Dioxide

HPS grow lights are fantastic to use the Carbon Dioxide. The process is not available in other types of grow light and the mechanism is a closed loop system.

However, the HPS grow lights are fantastic to use the carbon dioxide. What these lights do is conversion of CO2 gas into energy for the plants. The proper use of Carbon Dioxide gas will provide better energy, better health for plants, ultimately, huge amount of healthy crops.

Vegetative Stage

The light spectrum provided by HPS lights are fantastic for vegetative stage. Plants need more exposure to light and heat, get it from HPS grow lights.


These lights don’t cost much and a beginner can purchase them for their gardening. On the other hand, the LED grow lights are expensive.

Advantages of HPS Grow Light

  • Good choice for vegetative and flowering stages
  • Heat production is high
  • Standard manufacturers

Disadvantages of HPS Grow Light

  • Wastes electricity to generate less light than LEDs
  • Generates a lot of heat without in-built cooling system
  • Routine changes of bulbs for decreasing brightness
  • Heat might burn the leaves without proper ventilation
  • Replacement of lights every 12-18 months which increase costs

1000W LED VS. 1000W HPS

1000W LED lights support the plants from vegetative to blooming stages with optimum lighting. In some LED lights, two switches are available because of vegetative stage’s requirement is different from blooming stages.

LED lights with 1000W provide a full-spectrum coverage area with dissipated heat. The light produces heat but the heat does not burn the plants if it is set at a safer distance.

1000W HPS lights might help the plants to continue the vegetative stage but not efficiently. A 1000W HPS light generates excessive heat and the heat will cause problems because the leaves get burnt

However, place the HPS light at a safe height from the plants because heat might disrupt the whole process.

600W LED Vs. 600W HPS

Compared to 600W HPS, 600W LED is more efficient for the lense and output. The yield of a 600W LED bulb is double than HPS one.

When a gardener uses 600W HPS, the environment will be extremely hotter than before. A proper heat dissipation will be a demand for the sake of plants health. Also, plants don’t get whole of a 600W, plants can’t use the wavelength for its mechanisms.

On the other hand, 600W HPS lights are not for stretchy or leggy ones and the buds will be smelly. Though HPS bulbs are cost effective, the result isn’t fantastic.

Now, the 600W LEDs are true in nature. These bulbs don’t produce much heat and are far better in case of plant’s health. Also, these lights are more efficient than ever. You are getting the red and blue lights which are the special demand of plants.


Finding out the equivalent of 1000W HPS is not tough because LED has numerous options. To be specific, the HPS lights require high maintenance and if the lights are not maintained properly, the lights will not sustain for a long time.

But the output might vary because of the heat production factor. However, the LED grow light won’t be failing you for fading away the brightness. LED grow lights with 600 to 700w are equivalent to 1000W HPS.


LED vs HPS grow lights is a phenomenon topic in the grow light market. The gardeners want to have the best quality for the gardens with the safety of plants.

You might want to use HPS grow lights but in initial stages, the findings are efficient but in the long run, the lights are not worthy. Because the gardeners have to change the bulbs for lack of brightness.

On the other side, a little bit of costly product LED grow lights will save you from many problems- Like the heat, efficiency, no change in the brightness and what not. I have pointed out the basic and must-know facts of both LED and HPS grow lights.

The ball is in your court!

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