King LED 3000W Review – Features, Coverage, Distance & More

LED grow lights are very essential items for indoor gardeners. The professional plant growers have put King Plus 3000W LED Grow Lights as one of their prime choices among the others available in the market. Today, we’ll give you King LED 3000W review to unveil the in-and-out details of this grow light.

King Plus 3000W LED grow light has many cool features that can attract the gardeners to get it for their indoor planting projects. The most important features of this light are that it’s a full-spectrum one, and it can suit your plants from the germination seedling to fruiting stages. To learn about many more details of the King Plus 3000W high output led grow lights, read out this review further.

King Plus 3000W LED Grow Light Review

King LED 3000W Review
  • Capacity: 3000W
  • Size: 25.8” x 14.8” x 6”
  • Weight: 16.2 lbs
  • Coverage: 8.2’ x 7.8’ at veg stage, 7.2’ x 6.8’ at flowering stage
  • LED technology: 10 watts double chips Epistar LEDs
  • Number of LEDs: 300 (10W x 300 = 3000W)
  • Bulb protection: Optical lens
  • LED angles: 90° and 120°
  • Color: Body: White, Shade: Pink
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Actual power drawing: 615W (up to 80% efficiency)
  • Power input: AC 85v ~ 265v
  • Functional frequency: 50 ~ 60 Hz
  • Functional temperature: –68 ~ 104° F.
  • PAR distribution: 1582 µmol at 18” and 923 µmol at 24” [on an average]
  • Yield: 9 oz. [on an average]
  • Lifetime: 100,000 hours
  • Spectrum feature: Full-spectrum like natural sunlight (380 nm to 780 nm) [red, blue, white, other visible lights, and UV, IR lights]
  • Cooling system: Four high-efficient noise-free fans, upgraded aluminum heat sinks
  • Veg/bloom switch: Separate switches for veg and bloom control
  • Waterproof: No
  • Daisy-chaining feature: No
  • Built-in timer: No, but can be operated with separate timers

Key Features of King LED 3000W Grow Light

In this King LED 3000W review, we will point out some key features of this light to help in making up your choice. These features have made this light a distinctive one from the others. And some of these may influence your decision to go with a unit of King Plus 3000W high power LED grow light.

Full-spectrum LED grow light

King Plus 3000W LED is a full-spectrum LED grow light. It can beam light that resembles natural sunlight in the most sense. It can release light at 380 nm to 780 nm bands which includes visible rays like red, blue, white, etc., and invisible UV as well as IR rays.

full spectrum color ratio

Usually, by full-spectrum grow lights the manufacturers imply that the light can provide the wavelengths between UV and IR rays. King Plus 3000W LED grow light is such a light that can dispatch all the visible wavelengths as well as the invisible UV and IR rays.  It will work as an indoor sun for your plant garden.

With various lengths of light waves, your plant will get a boosted growth and sustainability which it is supposed to have under the sunlight. Plants require different lights during different stages of their life cycle. The full-spectrum feature of this grow light ensures that the plants get the appropriate lights at every phase, whether during germination, growing, flowering, or fruiting stage.

For your reference, the plants require red light at 660 nm during germination, blue light at 400 ~ 500 nm during growing, red light at 640 ~ 700 nm during flowering and fruiting stages. The IR waves are invisible and help in formulating a nicer and quicker shift from plants’ growth to the bloom stage. You will get all these bands from King Plus 3000W LED grow light for a better planting experience.

Veg and Bloom Switches

King Plus 3000W LED grow light works on two different modes, i.e., veg and bloom. Two separate switches have been incorporated on the grow light for better operation of these modes. You can simply turn on either of the switches to get the required action as per your plants’ life cycle.

When you turn on the veg switch, the grow light will start beaming blue and white wave bands ranging from 430 nm to 660 nm. Blue lights are very important for the plants’ flourish during the time of the veg stage. This stage starts right after the seedling stage and stays up to the flowering stage. The more concentrated blue lights plants will get, the more developed roots and healthy buds they will contain.

If the bloom switch on the grow light is on, it will produce red and white rays at 430 nm – 740 nm wavelengths which are very helpful during the blooming stage of the plants. The blooming stage is basically when the plants start to show the flower buds and get fruits after that. Red light helps the plants to prevent the damage of chlorophylls.

You can also turn on both the veg and bloom switches to get an optimized result. With the dual-action, your plants will not be deprived of any light waves, and get maximum growth. Turning on the switches, you can create a natural environment for the plants in your indoor garden.

Bright Lighting Capacity

For a brighter lighting experience, King Plus 3000W LED grow light has integrated the advanced double chips Epistar LEDs with 10W capacity each. In total, the grow light has 300 bulbs which makes a 3000W capacity light. So, when you turn on the light, you’ll get the brightest light for your grow area.

When you are planning to make an indoor garden, your prime concern will be how to arrange for sufficient light without seeing the sun. To solve this issue, King LED has covered the diodes of this light with optical lenses. This helps the light in multiplying the actually generated light to a magnified scale. And so, the light gains the capability to produce a brighter light than any other grow lights in the market.

The advanced technology has made the light more efficient in throwing light at the plants at 90° and 120° focusing angles conveniently. This way, the plants can fulfill their lighting requirement for the photosynthesis process. Moreover, the ideal ratio of red and blue beams (2:8) indicated that the light can cover your plants’ health with multiple numbers of rays if required.

While bright light is helpful for the plants for stimulating the chemosynthesis process, excess light can be harmful as in many spheres of the growth cycle plants require a bit of darkness to develop the flower and fruit buds. So, you should keep that in mind when using the King Plus 3000W LED grow light.

Designed for a Larger Harvest

Talking about the effect of the King Plus 3000W LED grow light on the harvest, we must mention the PAR distribution capacity of the light. At a height of 18 inches, the grow light can send out 1582 µmol over the plants on an average. And at a height of 24 inches, the capacity hovers around 920 µmol on average.

The availability of PAR confirms that the plants are getting enough from the light source to conduct the photosynthesis process. By ensuring a proper PAR distribution, King Plus 3000W LED enables the gardeners to get their desirable harvest.

From a study, we have come to know that the average yield capacity of each of the King Plus 3000W LEDs has been found as 9 oz which is an impressive figure. Moreover, none of the samples was below 5.5 oz. This indicates that you will get at least this much using the grow light.

Energy Efficiency

King Plus 3000W LED grow light is an energy-efficient one. The manufacturer claims that with this light, the growers can save up to 80% of the light’s capacity. Arguably, the average power drawing of this light hovers around 615W. The light functions at the usual 85V to 265V AC line and fits both 50Hz or 60Hz frequencies.

The power consumption of this grow light is very low compared to any conventional HPS or MH lamps available in the market. You’ll find your utility bills very reasonable after using it for a while. Though the capacity is 3000W, the actual energy requirement is way lower than this. Moreover, the control switches of the veg and bloom modes will enable you to manage the light more efficiently to reason with the power consumption.

The LED bulbs are very optimized with Epistar’s innovative technology and the advanced drivers that have been used in this grow light. Hence, you can choose this light without any hesitation to save more on your power bills.

Advanced Cooling System

King Plus 3000W LED grow light comes with an advanced heat dissipation system. It is designed with a very strong system to deal with the heat arising from bright lighting. It has three high-speed and quiet cooling fans to blow away the temperature from the core of the light.

Below the cooling fans, there is aluminum made enriched heat sink sheltered with a toughened glass plate. This helps to evacuate the temperature from the main panel faster than you can imagine. To ease up the dissipation process, the grow light has been designed with multiple heat exhaustion outlets around the other ways of lighting panel.

This efficient cooling system protects your plants from getting burnt even at the brightest light exposure. It means your plants will get sufficient light energy at focal angles yet remain safe from any heat output. The environment inside the grow tent will remain moderate as well.

Sleek Design and Strong Construction

King Plus 3000W LED grow light is made with solid aluminum material. The construction is optimized by a minimal styled design of the main structure. A glass plate covers the LED bulbs on the panel so that they remain safe from any direct contact. The manufacturer involved top-quality material to build each of the parts of the grow light without compromising the quality.

Though very tough built and well-constructed with top-notch materials, the design of the grow light is very basic. The finishing layer is sleek and praiseworthy. The color combination of the outer body will drag your attention. Elegant white color has been applied to the main body and the glass plate is of decent pink color.

The light will match the context of your indoor garden with the color tone and design. The overall outlook of the grow light will satisfy your purchase. Because the light has been planned to look gorgeous without losing the functional efficiency.

How Much Space Can King LED 3000W Cover?

King Plus 3000W LED grow light has great coverage around the plants. The coverage of a grow light is highly dependent on the height from the surface, types of plants to serve and the environment of the grow space. But here in this King LED 3000W review, we’ll give you an idea of how much area you get covered with this light.

The grow light usually covers 8.2’ x 7.8’ indoor garden space in the most optimized manner when the plants are at their growing or veg stage. But this coverage comes down to 7.2’ x 6.8’ for the plants at the blooming stage. This coverage may fluctuate if the light’s height changes from the usual 4.5’ to 5.5’ over the plants.

What is the Actual Wattage of King LED 3000W?

The actual power requirement of LED grow lights varies on many things. You can’t possibly determine the actual wattage requirement of the grow lights. But there is always a close estimation of the requirement. The manufacturer claims that King Plus 3000W LED grow light operates optimally by saving up to 80% of its actual capacity.

If we consider this, the actual wattage requirement of this light tends to be 600 watts. However, it is reported that the average power drawing of this grow light is 615 watts which is quite convincing with the manufacturer’s statement. For a 3000 watts capacity grow light, an actual power drawing of 615 watts is very remarkable.

How Many Plants Can You Put Down Under a King LED 3000W?

If you are wondering how many plants you can put under a King Plus 3000W LED grow light then let us clarify there is no specific answer to this question. The number of plants will vary depending on the types of plants and the lighting capacity.

As we said earlier, this light can cover up to an 8×8 grow tent with optimal output. So, you should consider how many plants you can sow in an 8×8 grow space. You can grow 4 to 6 large category plants fully, or you can put down your action plan for 24 medium plants.

If you want to plant smaller ones, you can get sufficient room for 30 to 32 plants comfortably. King Plus 3000W LED grow light will provide the maximum output for this quality.

The Distance You Should Place King LED 3000W Over the Plants?

In this part of the King LED 3000W review, let us inscribe you a guide for placement of the grow light in your grow space. This is important as the performance you will get usually is influenced by this factor. The manufacturer indicates that the ideal height of this light is 4.5′ to 5.5′. but this should change with the plant growth stages.

Another thing to consider is that the plants will require a break from the light energy naturally. So, when installing the light, remember that you must turn it off after a certain operating period. Else, it will affect your plants adversely.

For the plants undergoing the germinating stage, place the grow light 32 to 45 inches above the plant surface to get the best output. Plants at this stage require light for 14 to 18 hours a day. Keep them during the rest of the time into darkness.

For the plants at their growing stage, place the light 32 to 42 inches above the surface. Keep them under lighting for 12 to 14 hours a day and remaining time under darkness to get the optimal performance.

Plants during their flowering stage require lighting for 9 to 12 hours per day. However, during the fruiting stage, plants require light for 7 to 8 hours a day. For the remaining time, the grow space must be dark.  Light placement should be 28 to 38 inches on top of the plants for the maximum outcome.

Some Points to Remember Before Using

You should keep some points in your mind before using the King Plus 3000W LED grow light. These points should be treated as cautionary measures for the users.

  • The grow light is not waterproof, hence, should be used for indoor purposes only.
  • Looking directly at the LED bulbs can harm your eyesight. So, it’s better that you take protective shades or glasses before working under the light.
  • There is no power switch on the light. You have to kill the power connection or pull out the power cord to turn it off.
  • The light is compatible to operate with external timers. But you should avoid using any other external device to retain the best output of the light.


  • Wide coverage
  • Attractive design
  • Prolonged lifespan
  • Low heat generation
  • Cost-effective grow light
  • Produces very bright light
  • High yield with less power consumption
  • Integration of upgraded LED technology
  • Strongly built with metal and glass materials
  • Impressive and well-balanced PAR distribution
  • Provides a balanced temperature for grow tents
  • Operable in dual-mode switches – veg and bloom
  • Energy-efficient – can save up to 80% of the capacity
  • Balanced full-spectrum light that includes UV and IR rays
  • Suits plants during germination to fruiting, all the stages


  • Heavyweight
  • No timer installed
  • No water resistance
  • No dimmers included
  • Harmful to nude eyes
  • Not configured with daisy chaining
  • Consistent low-scale noise can be noticed from the cooling fans

What’s Inside the Package?

The standard purchase of a King Plus 3000W LED grow light will provide you with the following items:

  • A unit of King Plus 3000W LED grow light
  • A unit of 6 feet power cord for power supply to the main unit
  • A unit of hanging hook for the placement of the light

Some of the sellers may provide you with extra units of hanging tools having more flexibility and convenience. If lucky, you may get an LED protective shade from the seller. But these tools are not provided by the manufacturer of the light unit, so can’t be treated like the other integral parts of the product.

How to install King LED 3000W?

The installation process of King Plus 3000W LED grow light is hassle-free. It is designed for simple plug and play installation. It doesn’t require any extra ballast or additional drivers. The power plug is the standard one that goes with any ordinary power outlet. So, no extra outlet converter should be required as well.

Put the hanging hook over the designated clips on the light, and place it in the grow space. Then put the power cord into the grow light, and connect it to the power outlet. The light will glow at its fullest. Also, disconnect the cord from the outlet to turn it off.

Concluding Remarks

King Plus 3000W LED grow light is a wise choice for professional indoor gardeners. We have considered the best parts of the light, and reviewed the negative aspects as well. Considering the factors, this light is one of the best suiting tools for your indoor gardens.

We think that our King LED 3000W review should help you decide your mind whether you should get it or not. It has high harvesting records; it can produce the brightest light; it can create a natural environment with full-spectrum, and there are many more that can benefit your plants. So, our strong suggestion is that you should choose King Plus 3000W LED grow light for your indoor grow space.

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