How to Clean Grow Tent – Step By Step Guide

When it comes to grow tents, cleanliness is everything. You can’t expect high yield without keeping your grow tent clean, because a dirty grow tent attracts pests and diseases that may kill your plants.

So, you need to carry out daily routine cleaning of the tent, which involves sweeping off debris due to spilled soil. This also involves mopping off stuck dirt.

Other than the daily routine, you need to carry out a yearly cleaning of everything within the grow tent. Now, here’s when you’ll be removing all your plants out of the grow tent and do an overhaul cleaning of the tent.

What You’ll Need

What to Do Before You Start Cleaning

Switch off all your electrical devices except for the extraction fans and the carbon filter. This removes any bleach fumes that may keep you from passing out while cleaning the grow tent.

Don’t forget to put on eye protection glasses, especially since you’ll be using hydrogen peroxide.

If you are working at night, or if the grow tent is too dark, you can leave the lighting system on. However, I recommend doing the cleaning during the day, and in a brightly lit room.

Make sure you’ve warmed water and that it is standby

How to Clean Grow Tent – Step By Step

1.) Now, once you have all that’s required, the first step is to carefully remove the plant pots from the grow tent and place them somewhere safe.

Make sure the plants are not within the vicinity of the cleaning area. You don’t want chemicals to spill onto the plants while cleaning the grow tent. Also, you don’t want to accidentally knocking over a plant pot.

2.) The second step is to dry wipe the grow tent to remove the dirt. Use a dry wipe. You can also use a brush to remove soil dirt

3.) Wet clean the grow tent using a mop and a bucket. Fill the mop bucket with hot water and mix with the household bleach, then clean the grow tent. Start from the corners as you move towards the center, and towards the exist.

4.) Take the sponge and use the same water mixed with household bleach to clean the walls of the grow tent.

5.) Leave the grow tent to dry on its own. You can also use a soft cloth to dry clean the tent. Make sure to leave another soft cloth for cleaning the bulbs or lighting panels later on.

6.) Once dried up, put on your protective glasses and use the hydrogen peroxide to sterilize the grow tent.

Make sure the hydrogen peroxide doesn’t mix with the water or bleach you had cleaned the grow tent with. Use a different cloth when cleaning with the hydrogen peroxide. Do the same to the walls.

7.) Once again, leave the grow tent to further dry up as the hydrogen peroxide’s smells fades off

8.) Now, it’s time to wipe down the electrical cords, but only after you have switched everything off this time, including the extraction fans.

9.) Use the soft cloth to wipe the lighting panel and the bulbs. Make sure your hands do not touch the bulbs because this may leave black spots, which then affects your lighting effectiveness.

10.) Check for any other dust accumulation within the grow tent and clean it off

11.) An important part of the cleaning process involves cleaning carbon filters by replacing the pre-filters. These are usually replaceable depending on how dirty the pre-filters are. You can remove the pre-filter, put it in the washing machine, dry it, and attach it back to the carbon filter cylinder.

12.) Once everything is clean and the grow tent is sterilized, you can begin rearranging the tent back to the way it was. However, give the plants a few more hours (at least 12 hours) before putting them back. This is to let the hydrogen peroxide settle off

13.) As you wait to put the plants back in the grow tent, spray them with a pesticide. It’s advisable to lift the leaves as you spray the plants. This kills off pests hiding underneath the leaves.

14.) Put the plant pots back into the grow tent

Maintenance Steps

Now that you’ve cleaned the grow tent, it’s advisable to create a daily routine that’s going to guarantee a clean grow tent. So, here are a few behavioral routines you can teach yourself so that the grow tent remains impeccably clean.

  • Always clean and dry off any spillage as soon as it occurs. Don’t wait. So, it means you should always have a soft cloth nearby the tent.
  • Make sure to sweep and dust your grow tent every day. You shouldn’t be fooled by how clean the tent looks. Rather, make a habit of cleaning it with a mop every single day. However, steer clear off the hydrogen peroxide, unless you’ve removed the plant pots outside.
  • Always check air filters whereby you’ll have to clean and sterilize the components within the grow tent. Such components include the ducting, the electrical cords, the fans and the lighting panels
  • Inspect the wall reflectors and check to see if there are any mold growths. The last thing you want is to have molds in your tent, which if left unchecked, can attract pests.

Final Thoughts

You need to clean out your grow tent at least once in a year (I’d also recommend after every 6 months). And you should do this whether you had pest issues or not. It helps keep the grow tent clean at all times, this providing a conducive environment for the healthy growth of the plants.

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