How to Clean Carbon Filter For Grow Room

After a few months of use, the carbon filter needs cleaning and perhaps replacing the entire filter. However, instead of ordering a new carbon filter, you can simply clean it to extend its longevity.

But there’s the dilemma. Not many folks know how to clean a carbon filter. And if you Google search different ways of cleaning a carbon filter, you’re bombarded with info on how to clean the carbon pre-filters.

There’s little information on the best way to extend the longevity of your grow tent’s carbon filter. That is, since the filters are a tad costly to buy and install, you need to be creative with its cleaning process.

This not only guarantees an odor-free indoor grow tent, but also makes sure you won’t need to buy another carbon filter soon.

So, let’s dive into how you can best clean your grow room

What You’ll Need

Step-By-Step Carbon Filters Cleaning Process

  1. First, you’ll have to take down the carbon filter from the grow tent. So that means carefully detaching it from the inline fan and taking it outside.
  • Once the carbon filter is out of the grow tent, remove the pre-filter by taking out the rubber band tightly attaching it to the carbon filter.
  • Dust off the pre-filter then place it on the bucket
  • Soak the pre-filter with ¼ cup of the hydrogen peroxide. Leave it soaked for like an hour
  • While waiting for the one-hour soaking of the pre-filter, take that time to clean the carbon filter casing. Just take the sponge, soak it in warm a soapy water and dry wipe the dustand dirt that have accumulated on the metal casing.

N/B: DO NOT wet the carbon filter. You do not want to make the charcoal wet, because it will render them weaker in effectiveness to adsorb odor.

  • Take out the carbon filter and let it dry in the sun. However, if you’re doing this in a cold weather or during the winter, then you can leave it somewhere heated to dry it.
  • Now go back to the pre-filter. The hydrogen peroxide has been absorbed by the pre-filter. Therefore, it’s time to add warm water and the dishwashing detergent.

Use your hands to wash the pre-filter until it is clean and is back to its original white color. Dry it up in the drycleaner

  • When both the carbon filter and the pre-filters are dry, you can reattach them and then hang it back in the grow tent

Is It Possible to Recharge the Carbon Filter for Grow Tent?

Although cleaning the carbon filter is straightforward, sometimes it is never as effective as it was before. Even after cleaning the pre-filter and vacuuming off the carbon filter, it still leaks some odor.

This means your carbon filter is somewhat losing its effectiveness. You can either buy a carbon filter for grow tent or try and recharge the carbon filter’s charcoal pellets.

That is, since carbon filters work by using activated carbon charcoals to attract and adsorb odor, they usually become “tired” after a long period of use.Hence, you need to reactivate the carbon pellets.

You can do this by baking the charcoal in an oven set at 400c for like an hour.

N/B: Baking the charcoal pellets is NOT recommendable at all. So, do this at your own risk. It is better if you get another carbon filter. But, if you’re to risk recharging the carbon charcoal pellets, do it on a carbon filter that’s more than three years old.

All you have to do is unscrew and dismantle the carbon filter to remove the charcoal pellets and carefully place them on a dry tray.

The next step is to heat them, portion by portion, in an oven that’s been set on 400c. This usually recharges the carbon pellets, thus renewing its adsorption capabilities.

Finally, rearrange the pellets back into the carbon filter. Make sure the charcoal pellets are evenly distributed within the carbon filter. You can then screw the filter together before finally reattaching the pre-filter.

Remember that the charcoal pellets had initially been activated and arranged by the manufacturing company. Each pellet was carefully placed in such a way that no air leaks into the carbon filter without being cleaned or“filtered.”

So, whenever you remove the pellets to recharge them, you’ll be interfering with the manufacturing’s arrangement, which was so perfect to increase the filter’s surface area. But hey, that’s a procedure that’s only recommendable if you’ve got no alternative.

How Often Should I Clean the Carbon Filter?

The moment you notice the carbon filter not working efficiently, it’s your sign to clean things up. And how do you notice this? Well, if the odor you never used to smell whenever you are around the grow tent starts to be intense, that’s a reminder to clean your carbon filter.

Also, if the pre-filter has changed its color into something really dark, or dark brown, it means there’s too much dust and dirt accumulated on the carbon filter. Clean it up.

Basically, depending on your grow tent’s usage, and the number of plants you are growing, a carbon filter may need cleaning after four to five months. Some farmers clean and change the pre-filters once a year. You can actually get the Vivosunpre-filters at an affordable price.

Final Thoughts

Carbon filters are meant to get rid of the odor while adsorbing any impurities that may attach to the plants. It helps improve your plants’ yields by keeping the air within the grow tent clean.

Cleaning the carbon filter is an easy-peasy task. All you have to do is wash the pre-filters using a dishwashing soap after soaking it on hydrogen peroxide and then rinsing with warm water.After that, dry it off and you’re done.

The only tricky part is the recharging the charcoal pellets. It’s better to get a new carbon filter than going through the DIY recharging of the carbon pellets. But you can do the recharging if the carbon filter is really ineffective and you cannot afford another filter.

Good luck cleaning your carbon filter.

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