Grow Tent Vs Grow Room Vs Grow Box Vs Closet- Pros and Cons

If you are new into indoor growing and not sure which way to go, you are in the right place. You will get full idea about the different ways you can grow plants indoors which are.

  • Grow tent
  • Grow room
  • Grow box
  • Grow closet

After a lot of research, we have gathered all the necessary information about grow tents, grow rooms, grow box, grow closet.

So get ready to fill yourself with some good guides and information which will surely get you benefitted.

Why is Indoor Gardening Considered to Be Good?

You can grow anything at any time of the year. The temperature is under your control. Therefore, if you crave anything seasonal, you can easily grow indoors. Just manage to get the seeds! No tension of weather changes anymore

It is normal to have insects and bugs whether you are gardening inside your home or outside. But unlike outdoors, your indoors will not have as much bugs as any outdoor plants would have.

Safe from animals. You may pets which may end up eating the plants leaves. But if you grow within an enclosed area, your plants are safe from all that. All fresh greeneries will be in your hands!

Apart of all these, gardening indoors is considered to be a great hobby. It makes you happy and green being positive color brings tranquility in your life.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s look into the ways you can grow indoors.

What is a Grow tent?

Grow tent is a moveable setup inside which you can grow plants inside your home. Any time of the year of course. This is a completely artificial way of growing plants.

You will not be needed sunlight. Rather you’ll have to get artificial lights based on the size of your grow tent.

Also you will be needing more items like exhaust fan, carbon filter, hps/ fluorescent/ led grow lights and humidity and temperature reader.

Grow tents come in a lot of sizes therefore if your house has issues with size, you can have a small grow tents which will have size of 1.5×1.5 feet. But space is not a problem then you can go up to 10×20 feet for a grow tent. 

Benefits of Using a Grow Tent

  • Easy setup which is a plus point for beginners
  • Provides right amount of lighting along with proper flow of air inside if maintained properly.
  • No worry of climate change as you manage the temperature.
  • Optimum usage of space.
  • Low risk of bugs an insects. As grow tents are not exposed to the outdoors, they have less access for the insects to get in.
  • Grow tents are portable. Therefore you can move it any time you want to.


  • Risk of fatigue smell as the grow tent will be enclosed.
  • If not installed with quality accessories, grow tent might become hazardous. For example if you think about budget and get a low quality light for the plants, if it doesn’t have safety assurance, there’s always a risk of fire or short circuit as well.

What is a Grow room?

In simple words, grow room is just a bigger version of a grow tent. But usually, rather than getting a grow tent, you just transform into a grow room.

It can be any spare room in your house or even you garage wherever you like.

As you’ll be growing plants indoors therefore if you choose to grow inside a rooms, you must make sure to have appropriate tiles set as the tiles needs to be water resistance (The tiles may get wet by the water from the pots).

In that case, you can use vinyl til es as they are not just water resistance but also has a long lifespan.

On top of that, grow rooms should not have dry walls as those are not resistance to molds and moisture. Instead you should get walls like fiberglass facing walls. It will not must make the walls resistant to bugs and moisture but will help to insulate the grow room by preventing heat loss.

Remember one thing that is, some brands may claim that their dry walls are mold resistant but don’t fall for it. I just reduces its happening. So there may be molds anytime hence think wisely if you get it.

Benefits of grow room

  • The climate is under your control
  • More space for more harvest

Drawbacks of grow room

  • If not maintained properly and if not proper things are used, there’s always chance of fungus and moisture.
  • A bigger space may result in more cost due to needing for lighting and more ventilation.

Difference Between Grow Tent and Grow Room

Grow Tent Grow Room
Can be moved around due to being available in different size. Cannot be moved around obviously you cannot pick up a room and move anywhere.
There is limitation of space as they come in certain sizes. Its upon your affordability and needs when it comes to size. Bigger the spare room or garage, the more bigger the grow room. Therefore its upon you when you have to think about the size.
Good for personal use. Can be used as farming and not just for personal use.
Comes in different shapes. Comes in whatever shape the room is.
Insulation cost will be low due to small space. Higher cost of insulation as a room needs to be insulated.

What is a Grow Box?

Grow box is another way indoor gardeners can grow plants indoors but there’s a twist. There are two types of grow boxes which are

  • Soil based
  • Hydroponic

If you are wondering what difference it makes, don’t worry. We have you all figured out.

In case of being soil based, the minerals soil contains are given out to the plants in a slower rate.

 Whereas when its hydroponic, the minerals are given out more fast therefore using the hydroponic ones, there is faster growth for the plants and also more better results in shorter time.

Moreover when using soil based grow box, plants are not directly gifted with the minerals an nutrients. In order to get the food required, they need to look for it but in case of hydroponic grow boxes, they don’t just directly give plants all the necessary elements needed, but also provide the proper amount each plant needs.

Benefits of grow box

  • They require very less space comparatively
  • They are portable and easy to carry due to being lightweight.
  • Grow box has the ability to clean out the odor within the box itself. Therefore no issue of odors
  • Grow box comes with everything  inside so you don’t have  to purchase other accessories separately like grow light, fan , carbon filter, etc.
  • Easy to assemble due to being small and having everything within.


  • Can be used for a year most of the time whereas other options may have higher lifespan.

What is a Grow Closet?

Unlike grow rooms, grow closets tend to be very small in size too. Therefore due to limited space, you can grow very limited number of plants

Due to not having access to large space, you will need to decide as to what you want to grow. Because grow closets are not designed to grow big plants. This is why, if you are planning for small plants, crow closets can be a choice.

Typically, grow closets will look like a regular closet cabinet. So people won’t even know that you don’t have cloths inside, rather you are growing plants!


  • Comes with all accessories required therefore no hassle of purchasing products separately.
  • Some grow closet come with the feature of smart control which gives you access to controlling your grow light
  • Good quality grow closet comes with grow camera which can also do time-lapse allowing you to see the growth of your plants over time.
  • They may come with two chambers where one is known to be the vegetative chamber and another is known to be the flowering chamber.
  • Comes in sizes which an easily be fit anywhere


  • Expensive given all the features.
  • In case your grow closet is too small in size, you may need to skip the option of fitting a ventilation inside. As they are already small, these accessories will just take up more space and block the plants growth.

Difference Between Grow Box and Grow Closet

Grow Box Grow Closet
Grow boxes more ideal when there’s lack of space for growing indoors as they require very less space Grow closets are more classier when it comes to look even though they may come in different sizes looking like a cabinet.
Can be used for a year only Can be used upto 4 years according to research if good quality accessories such as grow light, fan and carbon filters are used.
Perfect for beginners and also not much durable hence mostly likely to be cheaper compared to grow closet. Perfect for ones willing to grow indoors secretly without anyone knowing

Which one is perfect for you when it comes to grow tent vs grow room vs grow box vs grow closet.

When choosing which one is perfect for you, it solely depends on your needs. If you don’t have any spare room or garage then of course you cannot go for grow room. Rather you need to go with any o grow tent or grow box or grow closet.

If you think about affordability, you can go for grow tents where you can get a small tent and get grow lights, exhaust fan , carbon filter and other necessary items depending on how much you want to spend.

Whereas if you are looking for something with a better outlook you can go for either grow closet as they are  more of a cabinet when you look from outside. There may be states where cannabis are illegal. In case of such, people may prefer to get grow closet which will help to grow them indoors secretly without anyone getting any hints.

Last but not the least, if you are looking for something for a short time usage you can go for grow box as they tend to have a short lifespan.

Therefore when deciding which to go for, these are some factors you may consider.

Apart from that, it’s completely up to you which one interests your likings more. We hope our guide has been great help to you and as said hoping this benefits you in choosing which type can be perfect for you.

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