Blauberg Inline Fan Review- Awesome Looking Inline Fan

If you are an indoor gardener, you must know how essential proper ventilation is for plants. You don’t just use fans to keep the temperature in control. But it plays a major role in the development of plants as they require fresh air to grow properly and definitely.

You should not compromise here.

Therefore, we have tried to look for the best fan for grow tent/ grow room finally, after reviewing many, we have narrowed down to one.

So today, we present to you Blauberg inline fan review. We will be discussing all about this product and to make things easier for you and we(no need of ‘we’) will keep things very simple. The following will be covered below –

  • Features
  • CFM
  • RPM
  • Drawbacks
  • Do we recommend the Blauberg inline fans?

Blauberg Inline Fan Review

Blauberg Inline Fan Review

Blauberg ventilatoren is a German company who is focused on the manufacture of ventilation. They are always looking for innovation to stay up to date with technological advancements And they have successfully represented themselves in several different countries.


  • Lightweight
  • Low wattage
  • Small in size
  • Speed controller
  • No maintenance required

Blauberg has managed to design a spectacular inline fan that is small in size making it perfect for grow box and grow cabinets. As you must know, they come in very limited sizes, hence they have very little space inside. As a result, small-sized accessories are important as otherwise. It would take up space for the plants to grow.

This inline fan has been constructed using ABS plastic casing which helps in heat resistance. Therefore, there is no risk of anything to occur due to overheating and protection is included as well. And also, it makes the piece more durable.

The material consists of UV resistance properties and its role is to protect the product from UV lights. Hence, there won’t be any discolorations.

On top of that, it is designed to fit in 4 inch and 6 inch ducts.

Moreover, it consists of a speed controller. Therefore, you can change the speed of this element anytime you want to based on the plant’s requirements.

Even though it is already a low wattage component, if you lower the speed, less energy will be consumed. As a result, you can save up on your electricity costs as well.

This is something which wouldn’t be possible in many others due to not having the facility of a speed controller.

This product plays the role of both, inline and exhaust. Where the exhaust part takes out all the heat from the grow space and the inline helps in taking in cleaner air inside the area so plants can grow better.                                                   

Moreover, it comes with a 1.7 feet power cord as well. So, all you need to do is place the fan in the right position and plug it and you are good to go!

You will be amazed to know that Blauberg has successfully designed in a way to run continuously for a long period of time and requires absolutely no maintenance.

So, all you have to do is just plug the object and you are all set for some good results. 


When getting an inline fan for your grow room, you need to look into the CFM as that needs to match with the requirements of your growing area. This refers to Cubic Feet per Minute which measures the air flow within the growing area. More spacious growing area means more CFM needed.

The CFM of the Blauberg inline fans start from 53 which is suitable for the smallest grow areas. Hence this is best suited for grow boxes, grow cabinets and small grow tent as they tend to be very small.       


If you are not aware, there is another factor you need to consider when getting ventilation for your grow area, that is RPM. This stands for Revolution Per Minute. Higher RPM means more movement of air. As a result, temperature inside can be controlled faster.

Any drawbacks?

After looking into the item for long, we have found that it does create noise and sometimes it tends to be loud according to the users.

But for every problem, there is a solution!

You can get a duct silencer which helps to reduce the noise being transmitted from the ventilator. As a result, the environment will become much more calmer.

And due to having a speed controller, you can lower the speed anytime hence, the noise level will reduce automatically.

Do We Recommend the Blauberg Inline Fan?

Whether you should take it or not, it is completely your decision based on your preferences and affordability. But we do recommend it to all indoor gardeners due to the useful features it provides.

Even though it may create some noise issues, you can sacrifice a little for a good result right? The noise creation is due to high RPM. But you can install a duct silencer in order to reduce the noise level so you and your neighbours can live peacefully.

If you have already read above, it has been mentioned about how it comes with a speed controller. This is beneficial for both the plants and the gardener.

Plants getting the right level of air is very essential as it helps to keep the temperature as much required by the greeneries.

On top of that, being low wattage, it makes the running of the ventilator cheaper and of course, the speed controller adds to the savings of electricity costs.

This product will be a perfect fit for the smaller grow areas which are grow cabinets and grow boxes as they require very less air flow just like the one this provides.

In conclusion, we hope that you have been able to gather all the information you were looking for as we have tried our level best to enlighten you with every necessary detail.

We are ending our discussion on the Blauberg inline fan review here. And if you have been able to decide that you want to get it then what is stopping you? Order yours right away for fresher and better plants!

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