15 Best Telescoping Ladders [ Reviews & Guide 2020 ]

According to ISHN(International Safety & Hygiene News), 500,000 people fall from ladders every year and take treatment for ladder-related accidents. And 300 accidents are fatal. Such misery!

Hone in on to what I say. It is time to change your grandpa’s ladder and dig in the latest technology. Safety should be our priority and we have figured out some problems with analog ladders. Those are not retractable or lightweight.

Will you buy different types of ladders for various activities? It is impractical and the best telescopic ladder comes to rescue you from such situations. From contractors to DIY loving people, everyone’s problem has one solution.

The world is your oyster, and you can pick any of the ladders from the market. But there are fraud people and cheap materials that can blur your eyes.

Why should you trust us? Since we have been analyzing ladders for years and tested them individually to provide authentic information to you. Bear with us.

Hold on for a second! You might not have a lot of time or find this content TLDR. Without agitating yourself, we recommend Xtend & Climb 785P Aluminum Telescoping Ladder as it has the best features of al.

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List of 15 Best Telescoping Ladders


Product Name

Key Features


Best Overall

Xtend & Climb Telescoping Ladder

Premium Pick

Werner Telescoping Multiladder

Great Value

Ohuhu Telescopic Extension Ladder

Little Giant Multi Configurations Ladder

Telesteps Wide Step Telescopic Ladder

Ohuhu Aluminum Telescoping Ladder

Good Life Aluminum Telescopic Ladder

LUISLADDERS Telescoping Ladder

WolfWise Aluminum Telescopic Ladder

Yvan Aluminum Telescoping Ladder

Telesteps Telescoping Combi Ladder

Idealchoiceproduct Folding Telescopic Ladder

Amarine Stainless Telescoping Boat Ladder

Marinebaby Stainless Telescoping Ladder

Hoffen Telescoping Extendable Ladder

Detailed Reviews of 15 Best Telescopic Ladders

Key features

With ANSI I and OSHA approval, Xtend & Climb 785P has aluminum materials that extend its durability along with strength and heavy-duty service. The ladders have aerospace engineered 6061 alloy and the rungs are tough to break. Precisely, they have an anodized clean-touch finish for preventing marks. Really? Yes, you heard me right. So the users do not have to wash them regularly. Wow!

Another point is that these ladders are easy-to-use. It features a lock-by-the-foot system that prevents pinching. Assemble it rung by rung up to 15 feet 6 inches and enjoy your work. Also, they are eligible to carry an average adult.

Now let’s talk about how to carry the ladder. Well, it has an integrated handle that allows you to carry it smoothly. While you finish work, simply retract the ladder and keep it in the storage room.

However, the ladders ensure safety to the users. For non-slip end caps, the feet will not fall- Less chance of accidents- How cool that is! The ladder has indicators ( red/green ) to ensure safety, How? These indicators assure that the ladder is safe to climb.

Did I forget to mention the weight? Unlike ancient bulky ladders, they are lightweight and easy to fold And over molded foot features safe footing after extension. It is one of the best telescoping ladder for office, home, DIY projects. 

Why you choose this ladder?

If you are looking for the best telescoping ladder, choose this one as it includes all the fantastic features like easy folding, providing safety, easy carrying along with a handle for portability.

What I Liked


Key features

Werner MT-22 telescoping-ladders have soft-touch knobs that help to express the versatility. It is a professional-grade ladder with 28 different positions or heights. Not only this, It can act as a stepladder, scaffold or extension ladder. So the height of the extension ladder is 11’ to 19’ and the stepladder height is 5’ to 9’. 

Since this item has soft-touch push knobs, it provides safety and you will be prepared for the retraction or changing the position, less chance of accidents. This item offers double-riveted steps with non-slip features And these double-riveted steps assure the users safety.

Why did this one not rank top positions? As the ladder is slightly heavyweight, it becomes tough for the users to move it from one place to another.

On the brighter side, it is easy to assemble and does not take much time. For being a telescopic ladder, you can carry or store it anywhere you want.

Why to choose this ladder?

You might love the traditional heavyweight, bulky one with double-riveted steps. Then, give it a shot. Only budget can eliminate this product from one’s top favorite list. Other than this feature, everything is perfect about this ladder.

What I Liked


Key features

Ohuhu Aluminum Telescopic Extension Ladder features supreme safety. It has a strong base of high-quality aluminum alloy. The difference among the other two ladders and Ohuhu ladder is that it can carry up to 330lbs. Incredible, isn’t it?

Another fantastic feature is the thumb button. Can you guess the function of this button? All right, I am telling you. This thumb button helps to retract the ladder. Wow! this item does not retract at once and hurt your fingers, takes the retraction slow.

Let’s head back to the material. It has an aluminum alloy that makes it lighter to carry. With integrated handles, moving from indoor to outdoor becomes easy. After folding, the size becomes 2.9 feet which is comfortable to hold.

The ladder has met the criteria of EN131 & SGS standards for safety. It is a perfect choice for completing your home tasks as it has a wide range of use. The base of the steps is extra-wide. So your kids can climb up to pick their toys from the cupboard.

Amazingly, you will get a variation in size and price. So, check those to get the best one.

What are the reasons to Choose?

This is completely automated, You will not get hurt during the retraction period and it offers to serve in the household chores.

What I Liked


Key features

Do not go for the name, Little Giant Telescopic Ladders have premium quality aluminum materials. The aircraft-grade 6005-T5 aluminum is sturdy enough to carry an adult. It is safe to climb and does not disturb during work with shaky features.

Having wide flared legs, the aluminum telescopic ladder has a scaffolding system that allows users to work comfortably. It has Triple-Locking Hinge for better protection and safety.

What else? This item offers 3 types of scaffolding positions. Also, the steps are slip-resistant to prevent accidents. Though these ladders weigh 29 pounds, they can carry up to 250lbs. The height goes from 9 feet to 15 feet and the storage height is 4’7”.

The performance of this ladder in exterior or interior projects is excellent. Cheers! To provide assurance about the quality, met OSHA and ANSI A14.2 standards. Last but not least, the telescopic ladder features super easy assembling.

The cons are not that severe of this product. What stopped us from placing it in our top 1 is the red plastic. It does not stick to the ladder for a long time. Apart from this, It will be one of the best telescoping ladders.

All these fantastic features in one item are like 100 problems and 1 solution for the users.

What I Liked


Key features

With Telesteps 1600EP Telescopic Ladder, you can climb up to 16 feet. The actual height is 12.5 feet which are quite good. Along with this perfect height, it is type 1A rated.

Though the ladder weights 25lbs, it carries 300lbs with proper safety. After retraction, you can squeeze it in your storeroom or garage. Less chance of getting pinches, How? Since it has a safe one-touch mechanism, you can keep the fingers aside while it is sliding down. Who doesn’t love an automated ladder?

Now, when you step on the ladder, pure silicone pivoting feet will grip the feet tight. This goofy grip will prevent accidents and slipping off. OSHA has certified this item after testing along with ANSI 14.2.

Why should choose?

This one is for the people who love to use automated things. Also, you grandpa is old enough to use his legs to unfold the whole ladder. Also, it carries 300lbs and the ball is in your court. You decide the rest.

What I Liked


Key features

What is the requirement of the best telescoping ladder? It has to be lightweight, portable, safe, secure and proper gripping. Ohuhu Y17-80100-16 Telescopic Ladder features all these in one option. Awesome!

As it lifts to 330lbs weight, the users can mount comfortably. The material is sturdy enough and does not provide a shaky feeling while climbing up to it. With zero sacrifices to strength, the premium aluminum alloy provides proper strength. And the non-slip cap at the end helps to keep the base stable. With extra-wide steps, makes it more stable. So they offer rock-solid stability for the users.

To annihilate doubts from minds, this met the criteria for EN131 and SGS European Safety, got approval. Then comes the intelligent pin locking feature. It shows the pins to hold the base and prevents sliding off.

As the maximum height is 8.5 ft, you can complete kitchen stuff comfortably. What sort of work can be performed with this? You can clean the windows, walls, alter the bulbs and other activities in medium height.

Why should You choose this?

This ladder features lightweight character and ensures safety with EN131 and SGS European safety standards. What’s not to love this?

What I Liked


Key features

Good Life USA HMI023 Telescopic Ladder is one of the best choices for those who want to buy a budget-friendly for versatile purposes. Being lightweight, this item does not compromise with quality. Thanks to its construction, because it can hold respectfully 330lbs which is quite an appreciable standard.

Moreover, the thickness of aluminum is 1.3 mm that helps to make the steps sturdy. These steps do not flex while climbing and give you the confidence to work safely with non-slip features. Another thing is that it features a no-pinch system that prevents getting hurt.

After folding, the height is 36.5 inches which makes it compact to store anywhere. Carrying is easy for the height and weight for an adult. Also, this has a fair price point that offers the buyers to give it a shot.

Why should you purchase?

It has wide and protective steps. Also, the non-slip and pinch-free features have uplifted its standard. So, you can buy it if you are looking for these features.

What I Liked


Key features

Being an A-line shaped, LUISLADDERS Extension Telescopic Ladder plays a perfect role for RV. In an RV, mostly ladders are placed from the beginning and you cannot move them. Another problem is that traditional ladders are spacious. Now, to solve all these problems, LUISLADDERS is the best choice.

Importantly, it can go up to 10.5 feet incrementally. However, sturdy material makes it perfect to decorate your home, roof, washing the windows and what not. Without wobbling or slipping, you can carry your necessary tools like brush, paint gallon, etc as the pedals are sturdy.

On top of that, this is lightweight and carrying this A-line designed tool is easy to move, Even people with short hands can carry it easily.

Now, talking about portability, HMI023 becomes 2.60ft when you compact it. So it is easy to put in the back of your car. If you do not have a garage, no worries, as you can put it anywhere.

What I Liked


Key features

WolfWise FBA_LP230943 is the savior for those who are running out of pocket. What do they offer alongside the fantastic price range? Well, to be honest, it has multipurpose uses as it is sturdy and durable at the same time. From painting to contractor projects, this is efficient for all these purpose.

By holding up to 330lbs, it gains the confidence of the viewers. Also, the material of this house tool is aerospace engineered aluminum which makes it lightweight. So, this multipurpose tool is perfect for both outdoor and indoor activities.

Another point to mention is the smart-closing system. It protects the fingers from getting hurt and retract smoothly, slowly. And the retraction time is not time consuming, it might take only 5 to 8 seconds. Overall, they are convenient, safe and affordable.

What’s the important feature of this ladder?

The most important and excellent feature is that it does not trap your fingers. Safe and slow retraction. And if you are running out of pocket, you can consider this as an option.

What I Liked


Key features

Yvan ladders are the best options for attic as they have offered comfortable size to carry. Also, the easy retraction feature has mesmerized the reviewers. You can fold down the 12.5 feet into 30cm from 80cm- A fantastic feature, I must say.

Let’s jump into another feature. After tapping the button for retraction, you will have your finger safe from pinching. They have effectively provided attention to the no-pinching feature.

So, now you might be wondering about how much weight it can carry. Yvan carries out 330lbs with great confidence. This performs all the home-related activities along with a perfect role player of attics.

How flexible is it to carry? Assembling and compacting this item is hassle-free. However, carrying it from one place to another is super easy. Simply put your hands on the handle and put it behind the door, cabinet or bed.

Why should you buy it? 

This carries up to 330lbs and super compact size that helps you to carry it comfortably. For DIY enthusiasts, this is a considerable option.

What I Liked


Key features

You might feel comfortable to work with both A-frame  and extension features. But it’s not wise to buy two types of traditional A-frame or an extension ladder. What about their combination? Sounds cool? Yes, Telesteps 612TC OSHA is the only example that I can provide you with zero doubt. To add, they have aircraft aluminum material.

With extension features, you can go at a higher distance with carrying 250lbs. You might think this is a heavyweight tool but NO! This only weighs 30lbs with automatic operation of one-touch release feature. They buckle up all the fantastic features as it is comfy to carry and store.

Unlike thousands of unauthorised products on the market, 612TC OSHA telescopic does not compromise with safety standards. It has approval from OSHA Compliant and ANSI 14.2 test. Now, you can give it a real shot.

Tell me something special about this ladder.

Well, this item does not compromise with safety and achieved approval of OSHA and ANSI. With easy squeezing up features, it has automated operation as well.

What I Liked


Key features

Like other extension ladders , Idealchoiceproduct has all the fantastic features like lightweight, easy to carry and so on. But what makes it different from others is that it has locking mechanisms for each position.

You can go up to 16.5 ft as this is the maximum height. Both an extension and an A-frame, you have to be extra careful with the complete extension. Otherwise, it cannot support the steps to balance weight.

Pack this in your storeroom, back of the car or behind the door. Also, you can perform multiple tasks like cleaning the fans, painting the walls. In commercial projects like RV building, interior or exterior designs will be smoothly done with it.

Why should You choose?

It is an A-frame ladder and eligible to perform both commercial and domestic projects And this one is safe to use with confident safety features.

What I Liked


Key features

If you prefer stainless steel with short height, then Amarine Made Telescopic Ladder will be the perfect one. Perfect to use for random works at home or outdoor places. To add more about this fantastic feature, I must mention the storage measurement which is only 375mm. Now, you can store it behind your door, under the bed or back in the car.

The gripping is assured with the use of moulded black vinyl tread. For easy fitting, the multipurpose item has a hinged bracket. With no slippage mechanism, it protects the users from being hurt or finger pinches.

As they are not tough to assemble, by bolting it in your ground you can start using it. No extra efforts have to apply. The 304 stainless steel is efficient to make it last for a long time. The hinged bracket features easy folding that prevents time consumption.

What I Liked


Key features

I asked my boat-lover-geek friend about the best ladder for boating. And guess what? My friend told me to check the Marinebaby Telescopic Boat Ladder. After checking, I got thrilled with the fantastic features. For example, it has 316 welded steel as a material. What is so thrilling here? This is heavy-duty stainless steel that features protection towards swimmers or boaters.

Now, let’s talk about supporting design. It demands no support and can hold 600lbs, Yes you heard me right.

For the safety of the users, it offers wide and spacious steps. So, the boaters can mount it with comfort and ease. They offer 3 steps and 4 steps and the two-step style is an excellent fiberglass platform. It is extra tall with handrails to give you a safe boarding. To ensure their safety, they have met the ASIN standards.

Do not compromise your boating day thinking about price. Trust me. This is worthy of the price they offer.

Why did I choose this?

It has flippable features with easy, safe boarding. For safety, this one has passed ANSI tests and got ANSI standard safety.

What I Liked


Key features

Our show stopper is none but Hoffen Telescopic Ladder that offers an outstanding deal for boaters or swimmers. With a heavy-duty building, it has 393mm of storage height that makes it comfortable to keep anywhere, does not consume much space.

What’s more? This offers easy installation with secured straps. The necessity of the strap is to make it secured and non-slip to prevent accidents. Not all these are eligible to assemble in a pontoon boat. But guess what? Hoffen is constructed in a way to be of use on different boats, including pontoon boats.

On top of that, this one has an incredible and affordable price that attracts the buyers to choose. This marin equipment beats any other products with top-notch features. What’s here not to choose this?

What are the reasons to purchase this ladder?

If you are a swimmer or a boater, this will save you from different aspects. As it has no-pinch feature, easy storing and installation along with heavy duty performance, you must go to check it more.

What I Liked


frequently Asked Questions About Telescopic Ladder

What is a Telescoping Ladder?

Telescoping ladders are those ladders that are extendable and portable at the same time. Also, they are adjustable in height.

Built with aluminum material, they feature lightweight characters that help carry from one place to another. Since these are portable, the users involve them in different projects.

It is wise to mention that they have A-frames and act as scaffolds. For creative and active people, they are the best choice. To talk about safety issues, these vary for the specification of locking mechanisms.

Why Should You Invest In a Telescoping Ladder?

It is completely dependent on the users’ choice but I will recommend you to give it a shot. For this, I have a handful of reasons.


They feature adjustable height so the users do not require to extend it completely. Along with this, these are portable and without further hassle, you can keep them in the back of your car.

Safety and Size

To add more, they have fantastic safety mechanisms that allow the users to choose it over and over again. They have a lock rung mechanism that prevents accidents.

Also, it carries the weight of an adult perfectly. Some of them might not be as sturdy to carry the weight. You have to be careful before buying.

As it is stretchable up to 10, 12 or 22 feet, so it helps to complete both outdoor and indoor projects.


Now, you might think these are for DIY enthusiasts. Wrong! They are perfect for the home, office and other workplaces.

Which material is better for the telescopic ladder?

Mostly, they have aluminium materials. Some of them have wood or fibreglass materials to prevent accidents from electric wires.

Development of them has made it more acceptable to the buyers as they are durable. They are lightweight for having aluminium materials.

On top of that, aluminium materials do not allow the dirt to stick to the surface. This raw material provides a smooth and sleek finish and average adults can climb on it without risk.

What is the most important part a telescoping ladder should have?

It is mandatory to check the features for better experience. Before purchasing the item, the buyers have to pay attention to the details.


As you are buying a telescopic ladder, it must be lightweight and long-lasting. Also, it has to feature a rust-free character for the users. Not only this. They have to pass ANSI, E13 standards, as well.

How to Safely Use a Telescopic Ladder

The safe use depends on installation or set up. Read the manual that you bought and set it up accordingly. Then, place it on a plain and clean surface. It becomes tougher when people place it on an uneven surface as this step might lead to an accident.

And lock the rung before you climb up on it. Now, I will advise you to choose the item that has wood or fibreglass as materials. Why? These materials will prevent accidents while working near electricity.

Another point is that they have different pinch-points. Keep your fingers and hands aside while compressing. So take extra precautions.

Qualities of a Great Telescopic Ladder

Answer: An ideal or a great one allows you to carry it anywhere. Let’s know more of it.


Since they are foldable and portable, it makes a lot of things easier. Another important feature is being rust-proof. After finishing the work with it, it becomes tiresome to clean it. If you are purchasing anodized surface, then, you will not have to wash it off frequently.


However, the unavoidable feature to consider is the size. You have to decide the type of work you want to accomplish using this and the size defines whether you can use it for exterior or interior projects.


Last but not least, they must be lightweight and carry the weight of an adult. Then, there are the budget, set up and other specifications to consider as they vary from one to another.

Telescoping Ladders Vs Other Types

Some specific differences are present among telescopic ladders, extension ladders and step ladders.

Telescopic ladders are not eligible to take the weight of a grown person whether by extension, step ladders are safe to carry the users. But you can fix this problem with the lock rung system.

Another difference of this one with others is that this ladder is portable and eligible to go wherever you take it.

The extension ladders are heavyweight and they have two or three sections. When you are working with one section, others collapse with each other. But you can surely lock them up while working with other sections.

As the extension ladders have more layers, they are heavyweight than step ladders. It is not possible to carry them in the back of your car.

Look at the telescopic ladder. They are sturdy, versatile so you can complete a wide range of projects with this. Also, they are lightweight and compressible that permits them to carry it comfortably. 

What Is A Telescopic Ladder Used For?

They are used for exterior or interior projects, RV or climbing to the attic. Let’s look at the details.

Interior or exterior projects

They are perfect for interior or exterior projects where you have to climb up to paint the walls or fix the ceiling fan. After completing the task, you can take it inside.


RVs have and those are fixed in places, not moveable. And if you buy a step ladder, it will consume a lot of space.

Here comes your rescue. You can use it to clean the top of RV and then keep it aside after folding.


If you are one of the persons who loves adventures and thrills underwater, then this item for boating will be a savior for your journey. The telescopic ladder for boats is perfect for recreation purposes like swimming.

These are safe to climb up and no extra maintenance is required. Also, you can get one for pets, especially for dogs. You can retract immediately after use.

How to Choose the Best Telescopic Ladder

Hey! Don’t jump to the conclusion this soon. Let’s take a break and know some other important things apart from the product description. What’s that? It is nothing but your penny savior. Yes, you need to know where you are about to spend the money because, certainly, we care how hardly-earned they are.

Unlike other sites, we do not pressurize the viewers, readers or buyers to purchase the product. And with an honest review, you are getting a buying guide to know about the hidden gems of a product. On the other hand, your eligibility for deciding the right one will be smoother and straight-forward. Last but not least, your tough-earned bucks will not go in vain.

So get ready. There are some checkpoints while buying a telescopic ladder. What are they? Any guess?

Alright, the checkpoints are-

  • Material
  • Height
  • Portability
  • Weight & Safety
  • Budget
  • Purposes
  • Traditional or automated


When it comes to the materials, they have to be lightweight in order to be portable. Think, the material is wooden or metal and the consequences are that these are nothing but a waste of money.

To make it versatile and portable, most of them have to be made of aluminum. This material is lightweight and portable by a healthy adult person.

Frankly, the only downside is that the aluminum does not protect from electrical shocks. For this con, some of the ladders have rubber-wrapped around the steps. Also, you can purchase the fiberglass but let me tell you, they are expensive.


Height is the common feature to check before purchasing. So what should you do? When you are looking and reviewing the features, look for the height you need. But there is a point you need to consider.

The best telescopic ladder  is not something that provides you a wobbling while mounting. The more the height, the more wobbling you might feel. This is a bit contradictory to what they promise. But this is the truth. So, judge the tool before you give it a shot.


Perhaps this is the most fantastic feature for which people are after telescopic ladders nowadays. So, it is a matter of concern when you choose an item. This factor has interlinks with other features.

You might be wondering how. Take a close look at the logical reasons I am trying to inform.


If the materials are not lightweight, it will be tougher for an adult or a single person to carry it.


Another point is the height. When it is longer than average size, you cannot tuck it under the bed, behind the door or back of the car.

So, think about the weight and height if this feature is the priority for you.

Weight & Safety

Consider it the key point of all the factor. Weight is related to the safety of people’s health. Similarly, a telescopic ladder must have a perfect weight to bear you along with the necessary tools.

Well, no one indeed wants to have a ladder that weighs like a traditional one. So, check this feature before you buy it. As I have reviewed, I can suggest you purchase Idealchoiceproduct , Telesteps 612TC OSHA, WolfWise FBA_LP230943,  LUISLADDERS, Good Life USA HMI023, Ohuhu Y17-80100-16, Ohuhu Aluminum, Xtend & Climb 785P  for a better experience.

Now, let’s talk about safety. Safety standards must be maintained. Otherwise, there is no point in buying it, right? Ya, I know. Touch woods.

However, different ladders have endorsed different aspects of safety. Now your query might be ‘ what to choose then?’

Pinch free features

I will ask you to set the priority list again where you will get the answer. Some retract at a great speed and trap the fingers. The person gets hurt eventually and it is not accepted, at all. To prevent this problem, some of the ladders have pinch-free features that make the retraction slower.

Safe steps

The steps have to be strong and extensive to boost the confidence up. Also, the steps must have a non-slip feature to keep the accidents thousands of miles away.


To get more assurance, you can choose a telescopic ladder with OSHA and ANSI standards. They test them based on safety features and provide approval if the features are perfect.


Not all the expensive things are worth buying and not all the low-priced items are vulnerable. But you will find exceptional everywhere. I will suggest you take care of the budget to get the best one as low price, sometimes, does not offer the best materials.

If you do not have the best materials, how long will it thrive? You decide.


Telescopic ladders have offered a wide range of variations based on uses. Some are great for RV, some of them are for construction sites. Not to mention, some are solely made for boaters and swimmers.

So, framing your needs will narrow down the options and budget at the same time. How cool is that!

Traditional or Automated

Some of them have traditional ways to unfold it completely. But with new technology, the ladder companies have accepted automated features. So, choose which one is comfortable for you as it varies from person to person.


Technology has changed our lives in a massive spectrum from where we cannot go back to the traditional way to lead life. And can you provide me with an example of it? Of course, a telescopic ladder.

In different phases of life, we need this and the aluminium material makes it lightweight to carry anywhere. But our first choice is Xtend & Climb 785P for the versatile features it includes. And then you have different options depending on price, features, materials and other facilities.

If you are in quest of the best telescopic ladder, follow our guidance and purchase the best one.