6 Best LED Grow Lights for Commercial Greenhouse

Research from ASABE which was conducted by LD Albright, A-J Both, AJ Chiu for 10 years on lettuce plants in the greenhouse informs the rate of dry mass is proportional to the light the plants get. As we know, the dry mass rate expresses the growth of plants.

But the challenge is here!

Not every region receives proper exposure to light and thus, the commercial greenhouse is needed. In a greenhouse, the production of plants and vegetables will flourish properly if the best LED lights for commercial greenhouse are chosen.

So, the vital task for the growth of plants in a greenhouse is the highest yielding LED grow light. Now, finding out the best ones is tough because it relies on many factors like.

  • Material
  • Durability
  • Light band or spectrum
  • With fan or fanless
  • Power of fans
  • Number of fans
  • Coverage area
  • Phases the light supports
  • Cost reduction
  • Efficiency
  • Heat dissipation

You can see, it’s a tough job to choose the perfect one keeping every factor in mind. To simplify your greenhouse planting, I decided to help you.

After scratching the soil to get gold mines, I analyzed for the last 5 years and came up with the top graded LED grow lights for commercial greenhouse.

Let’s move down the aisle.

6 Best LED Lights for Commercial Greenhouse

1. King Plus LED Grow Light

Key Features

  • Power: 600W
  • Shade material: Aluminum
  • Spectrum: 380nm to 780nm
  • Fan: High speed and mute

With 600W, the KingLED light has set its position in number 1. It has an incredible capacity to cover both vegetative and blooming. For vegetative and blooming periods, two different spectrums and lights are needed. And they are blue and red respectively.

In KingLED grow light, the coverage for seedling growth is also attached. From seedling then vegetative session and the blooming period, KingLED has covered everything.

Let’s look at the spectrum of it!

To support the plants as natural one, this grow light has featured a lighting spectrum from 380nm to 780nm. Specifically, this light is special because it has both UV and IR. so, this natural light helps the plants to grow in a natural manner without obstacles.

Also, the vegetative period needs the support of natural light.

Energy saving technology has added an exceptional process than traditional HPS for the users. By the blessing of this feature, LED grow light does not consume much light.

The bottom line is if the commercial gardeners expect to have more production in less investment. For them, the commercial and industrial purposes, this LED is the perfect option.

In commercial areas, noise of 1 machine makes it louder because they have hundreds of machines. So, the machines must have a noise reduction system or no sound at all.

Thinking about this problem, KingLED has featured mute fans and the cooling system is just perfect. The cooling system has featured multiple high-speed fans and the lights function at 50°F to 60°F.

This range of light is fantastic to use in the cooling system. Also, the range of light does not burn the plants in this temperature. So, the commercial investment will not go in vain.

So, the LED grow light is perfect to use for commercial purposes. KingLED has launched this professional design to help the commercial sector for better growth.


  • Does not consume much energy
  • Standard cooling system
  • Professional service
  • Energy saver
  • Beneficial light spectrum


  • Found nothing

2. TOAD LED Grow Light

Key Features

  • Power: 1200W
  • Actual power: 245W
  • Shade material: Aluminum
  • Spectrum: n/a
  • Fan: High speed

TOAD grow light has featured both red and blue. As you know, the TOAD covers both vegetative and blooming periods. Then, the yield of TOAD has expanded to another level and it can help the indoor or commercial greenhouse gardener.

The greenhouse’s purpose is to serve the people all-year round. To serve this purpose, TOAD has featured an easy-to-grow facility with the red and blue light. Harvesting the delicate tropicals is not a joke.

But TOAD is providing you with this fantastic service to rear up the rare tropical plants you want to grow. As you know, the herbs don’t grow on the coldest winter days.


TOAD is offering you this unbelievable opportunity to grow herbs under the LED grow light in commercial greenhouse production purpose. TOAD has accepted the daisy chain system and if you don’t know about it, let me tell you.

What’s daisy chaining?

Daisy chaining is the system where a user can place multiple devices and they will work perfectly. This is a sequence or arranged in a ring pattern like the daisy garland.

To maintain the commercial greenhouse production properly, the daisy chain provides stable power. As you know, the discontinuous pattern of electric flow enhances productivity and efficiency. However, the daisy chain can support upto 5 lights.

If you get the full spectrum LED grow light, the chain will have 120 pieces of LED double chips bulbs. What’s the coverage area?

The core coverage area is 3.5×3.5ft and it can spread the coverage area upto 4.5×3.5ft. Now, you might be asking if this coverage area is perfect for both vegetative and flowering stages.

You should be delighted because the answer is firmly positive. YES! These LED lights can help the vegetative and flowering stages in your commercial greenhouse. Here you will get to know the best led grow light for 3x3ft tent.

Taking the sail to the cooling system.

Without having the perfect cooling system, the plants might get burnt even in the cold days. So, the proper cooling system is a must to have in the greenhouse. And so, TOAD has featured an efficient cooling system with high-speed cooling fans.

The cooling fan’s rotation per minute AKA rpm is 3600. Importantly, the fans are featuring cool and quiet nature. Aluminum and acrylic plates are efficient to help in heat convection. Not to mention, both of them have strong yet powerful cooling mechanisms to keep the plants healthy.

Additionally, these LED grow lights will be serving you for a long time. They have upgraded their technology to cope up with the environment and taken care of every detail a commercial greenhouse needs.

The commercial greenhouse requires such grow lights which are fantastic. Also, the LED will provide 110000 hours and its increased light amount is 35%. Specially, each of the LED lights includes a diode to keep the dual chips safe.

If you are comparing these lights with traditional HPS, it won’t be a fair judgement. However, the grow lights are fantastic to use in commercial greenhouse.


  • 110000 hours
  • The efficient and speedy cooling system
  • Acrylic board heat convection
  • LED diode
  • Compared to 1200W HPS
  • Daisy chain


  • Heat-resistance is less efficient

3. BESTVA LED Grow Light

Key Features

  • Power: 2000W
  • Actual power: 390 watts
  • Shade material: Metal
  • Fans: n/a

Made of metal, BESTVA Store is here to show how bright and efficient the recent technology is. As you know, the green light is not helpful for greenhouse plants but a full spectrum light is needed.

BESTVA store is there to show you the mechanism of nine different brands. Also, the full spectrum light is eligible to cover both flowering and vegetative stages. Importantly, the plants get what they need.

This natural light is the vital craving and element for their growth. Sometimes, plant growth demands more energy for the complicated mechanisms. What should you do?

Turn on both switches to get the perfect and expected result from the commercial greenhouse. However, the flowering and seedling need more energy than you think. So, the recommendation of photoperiod is 12-18 hours a day for a healthy life of plants.

Now the heat convection is another matter of concern in the greenhouse. Use these grow lights to get a 3mm thick aluminum plate as a radiator. A radiator has the capacity to get well dissipated in plant growth.

This product is most popular in the grow light market than other LED grow lights for the better outcome as the aluminum plates have holes.

Provided with proper heat convection, it runs 50° to 60°F lesser than any other lights of the market. The core coverage area is better than ever because compared to HPS 1400 watt, this one consumes 390 watts.

You decide!

Another point is the coverage area. If you set the commercial greenhouse with this one, you will have a better coverage area than other LED lights reflector series lights.

They have suggested it will be best for 7.8’ x 7.5’ growing area and the lights hung at 24” height. Also, don’t waste your energy with daisy chains because they might cause problems for energy overlapping issues.


  • Better coverage area
  • Nine band light
  • Supports in vegetative and flowering stages
  • Powerful cooling mechanism


  • Found nothing


Key Features

  • Power: P1000
  • Actual power: 245W
  • Shade material: Aluminum
  • Spectrum: 600nm red, 3000k and 5000k white
  • Fan: High speed, no noise

One of the best LED grow lights for commercial greenhouse is VIPARSPECTRA. Why am I saying that? Well, get used to having fantastic features because this product is here to beat others.

High efficiency of the grow lights is not dependent on the traditional system. So, they have accepted the new technology and it is none other than the newest SMD LED technology. Besides, they have high energy efficiency which adds a long lifespan.

Based on the requirements, use the knob to control the brightness of the lights. To be honest, the improvement of the plants will be visible in your eyes. And so, with each growing phase of the plant, you will notice the healthy changes.

Because the penetration rate is better for these grow lights than other LED lights. It is popular in the market for proper penetration. Next feature is about the spectrum of light for commercial greenhouse.

It has featured 660nm red light with 3000k, 5000k band of white light spectrum. Starting from veg to flowering phases, the full yet optimum spectrum light of indoor plants helps to achieve the good health of a plant.

Additionally, the grow lights help to minimize the energy costs. This brand has featured a fanless design of the grow lights, unlike others. Since there is no fan in the grow light, the commercial greenhouse won’t face any difficulties for noise-related issues.

With the presence of solid aluminum, the grow light is ensuring the heat does not destroy the greenhouse’s environment. The heat dissipation relies on the sinking of aluminum and keeps the light healthy for a long time.

How much energy does it consume?

The energy consumption is less and efficient for commercial purposes. The traditional 250W of HPS and it consumes only 100W.

Make sure the grow lights are set at the proper height. However, adjustment of brightness and height needs to be perfect and the growth will meet optimacy. This led grow light perfectly cover 2’x2’ growing area.


  • Full spectrum light
  • Low energy consumption
  • High growth performance
  • Long life span


  • No fan

5. Dimgogo LED Grow Light

Key Features

  • Power: 2400W
  • Actual power: 422W
  • Shade material: n/a
  • Spectrum: n/a
  • Fan: 6

If you are in search of an efficient cooling system, check this product. Dimgogo has done a fantastic job with 6 cooling fans and each of them has high speed.

With the high speed feature, the heat dissipation is better than other LED grow lights. Mainly, Dimgogo has earned popularity out of its marvelous cooling system. Heat dissipation is a necessity if you are planting in a greenhouse.

With the help of heat dissipation, the plants grow perfectly. And they don’t burn out for heat, the environment gets cooler whenever it is needed.

It will be the best option for beginners. Why am I claiming this? Beginners are pretty confused about what to use in a commercial greenhouse and whatnot.

If they use the grow lights which will be best for every stage of the plant’s lifespan, it will be the best choice for them. However, the grow lights can help the plants in sowing, breeding, farm, flower exhibition and whatnot.

How about the energy saving feature?

In case of energy-saving issues, this grow light is of use because it has featured dual-chips 10W. The traditional lights 3W and 5W LEDs are lower than Dimgogo.

The grow lights have full-spectrum feature and they contribute a lot to plant growth. And these lights have red, white, blue lights. The coverage Area about 6 x 6.5 Square Feet, but we suggest using this led grow light for 4×4 growing area.

They have included

  • Red 180pcs
  • Blue 40pcs
  • White 16pcs
  •  IR 4pcs


  • IR lights
  • A full spectrum of light included
  • Safe for the plants
  • No burning of plants
  • Proper heat dissipation


  • Found nothing

6. UPDAYDAY LED Grow Light

Key Features

  • Power: 100W
  • Actual power: 245W
  • Shade material: Plastic
  • Spectrum: 400 Nm to 780 Nm
  • Fan: n/a

Introducing the last product of this well-saturated guide. UPDAYDAY has featured the best efficiency of full spectrum light. The spectrum includes red, green, blue, infrared lights with 400nm to 780nm band.

This is one of the best grow lights for commercial greenhouse if you grow hydroponic plants. Notably, the grow lights are bent at 45 degree angle which allows the better focus. You won’t find this nature in other LED lights.

With proper penetration of light, the grow light will be flourishing properly. The rate of light absorption is 97.8% for all the colors available. Since the suspension height is 12-24 inches, the plant growth will be healthier and vertically upwards.

Who doesn’t want to save energy?

UPDAYDAY uses an ultra-long 6.6ft power cord and it’s easy to use. As the guide is for commercial greenhouse, one of the factors I keep in mind is cost minimization. The LED grow lights’ bill won’t cost as much as a 100W HPS/MH lamp.

It’s fantastic!

No hectic experience during the installation process. Consuming about 34W, the grow lights will serve the greenhouse for a long time. ( Here are more detailed information about how to use grow light for indoor plants)


  • Healthy growth of plants
  • Saves energy
  • Easy installation process
  • Proper light emission


  • No fan

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best lighting for a greenhouse?

People used to think the greenhouse needs HPS light and these are the best. However, the fantastic option for a greenhouse is the LED light. You can read more about LED vs HPS grow light. You must be careful in choosing the best LED grow light for the greenhouse.

Do I need grow lights in my greenhouse?

We expect to have sunlight but it’s not possible to get proper exposure to sunlight. So, the backup option is the greenhouse and the grow lights. If you want to make the production and plant growth stable, you should choose the grow lights.

How many lights do I need in my greenhouse?

In your greenhouse, you need multiple lights based on the area size. You can take help from your friends who have expertise on this regard. However, don’t burn the plants with many lights.


Being a plant lover, it’s hard to see your plants are dying and in the commercial sector, it also includes the investment issue. So, the gardener tries to do all it takes. Among everything, the need for the best LED grow lights for commercial greenhouse is the most precious one.

Since I have gathered knowledge about these lights and the growth of plants, I provided the top 6 LED grow lights for the greenhouse. Now, it’s your turn to check all the products and choose the best one.

Not to mention, it took a toll on me but if the information helps you, it will be the happening moment for me. If you have liked this guide, drop a comment below.

Also, you can ask me any question. I will be happy to answer your question and happy planting!

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