5 Best LED Light for 4×8 Grow Tent – How Much Watts Need?

If you’re an indoor gardener, you must know the importance of having an LED grow light in your tent. There are a good number of options available in the market when you’re looking for a grow light for your 4×8 tent. We have conducted comprehensive research and found that the FAMURS 2000W is the best LED light for 4×8 grow tents.

The FAMURS 2000W contains the right features that will help you get the maximum output from a 4×8 grow tent. This LED grow light is designed for plants at their veg or bloom stages. It is a full-spectrum light which is helpful for the proper nourishment for plants. It also has a great PAS distribution capacity, energy-efficiency, wide-coverage, and many more.

You can rely on FAMURS 2000W for your 4×8 grow tent without any hesitation. But if you’re curious enough to learn more about it, or know about other good choices of LED grow lights, continue to the following parts of this article. We have done a lot of studies and summarized our ideas regarding which light can be the best one for your indoor gardening project.

Most Popular 5 Best LED Light for 4×8 Grow Tent

You’ll find many options in the market claiming as the best LED grow lights. These advertisements will bring in a lot of super performing features which may dazzle your sense. Let us help you a bit by discussing our top 5 LED choices.

1. FAMURS 2000W LED Grow Light

Key Features

  • Epistar 15W Triple Chip LED technology
  • Dedicated switches for veg and bloom stages
  • Genuine full-spectrum LED light
  • Low energy consumption
  • Wider coverage and brighter light
  • Fast and noise-free cooling fans
  • Aluminum built cooling heat sinks
  • Simple plug and play installation

The 2000W LED Grow Light by FAMURS is a highly recommended item for indoor gardeners. It has many appropriate features for which we consider it the best LED light for 4×8 grow tent. Among them, the most significant one is that the light is designed for working in both the veg stage and the bloom stage of the plants’ life cycle.

The light has separate switches to control the veg or bloom cycle lighting modes. When you turn on the veg switch, it will start beaming blue and white lights from the LEDs (at 430-660 nm wavelength). These waves are helpful for the plant seedlings to grow to further stages. Why is this helpful? If a germinating plant gets sufficient blue lights, it can grow to a bud very fast and develop a strong root.

When you’ll turn on the bloom switch, the light will start shedding red and white waves (at 430-740 nm wavelength). The red waves will help the plants to produce hormones for stimulating their growth. The plants will also get strengths to prevent the breakage of chlorophylls. So, during the flowering stage, the plants will get impacted noticeably by the bloom switch.

Now, with the help of the veg and bloom switches, you can run the light in either of the modes separately, or together. You’ll get an optimum result if you turn on the switch together. But we suggest that if you know your plants’ requirements, you should turn on the specific switch accordingly to get a good harvest.

This one is a full-spectrum light with an authentic range of 365 to 750 nm wavelengths that is the best fit for indoor plantation. Usually, full-spectrum lights are designed in such a way that they can provide light-waves as natural sunlight. The full-spectrum LED lights usually have the capacity to produce different visible and invisible waves necessary for plants (visible waves like red, blue, white, and invisible waves like infrared, UV).

As a full-spectrum grow light, this light is able to produce different waves required for the plants that they could get only under the natural lighting. This is an important feature for indoor gardeners for ensuring a steady growth and plant sustainability. Moreover, you can control the light intensity and the wavelengths with a timer and adjust the light settings accordingly.

The light uses the advanced Epistar Triple Chip LED with 15W capacity, one of the most efficient chipsets available in the market. This technology intrigues the capacity to beam effective light and produce increased PAR to the plants. The triangle distribution of the chips inside a single bulb confirms the lighting uniformity.

If you’re wondering how much energy this light will consume, taken that the light shines very brighter than any other models, you should worry less because this light is highly energy efficient. The energy bill will be lower than your imagination since the light provides an optimum output at cost of very low power.


  • Dual lighting mode improves yield
  • Upgraded LED technology confirms better lighting
  • Genuine spectrum feature secures plant nutrition
  • Consistent even after a noticeable time
  • Saves utility bills
  • Long lifetime
  • Simple installation process


  • Not water resistant
  • No daisy chain feature
  • Power failure resets the time settings

2. MARS HYDRO SP3000 LED Grow Light

Key Features

  • Sleek and attractive design
  • Equipped with MEANWELL driver
  • Integrates Samsung LM301b LEDs
  • Long panel, wide coverage
  • Full sunlike spectrum feature
  • Fan-free finlike design with full-casing heat sink
  • Dimmable daisy chain for commercial growing

MARS HYDRO’s SP3000 LED Grow Light has all the upgraded technologies that fit well with the dynamic requirements of the growers. Whether you consider the build materials of the light, or the functions it provides for the grow space; as per our opinion, SP3000 qualifies as another best light for 4×8 grow tents.

The light is built with a modern MEANWELL driver to make the function smoother and more durable. Moreover, the latest Samsung LM301b diodes make the bulbs next to a perfect thing. It sheds better quality light, much brighter than the conventional ones, at a minimal power cost. As such, you may take it as an energy-efficient device.

Using a two-wing structure, this light can cover a wide area of your grow land with a consistent PAR to the growing plants. You can rely upon its full-spectrum feature which will provide you quite sunlike benefits. The variant light wavelengths ensure the proper growth of the plants according to their life cycle.

There is a dimmer switch on this light. You can use it to maintain the light intensity. Since plants need light at a variable level at different stages of their life, this function will be very helpful for indoor planting. Moreover, you will not require any veg/bloom specification as the light provides your sunlike full-spectrum during its whole lifetime.

The light can be used in establishing a daisy chain with up to 15 other lights by plugged connections. In this way, you can meet the lighting requirement even for your commercial growing project. For this quality, though it’s perfect for indoor planting in a 4×8 grow tent, it can also be installed in larger greenhouse projects.

The SP3000 is built with strong metal, and designed in finlike style in three ways around the main LED light panel. As such, the full casing operates like a heat sink to dissolve the heat generated due to the burning. It has no additional cooling fan, and so, can run noise-free the whole time.

How many lights will you need?

The MARS HYDRO SP3000 can optimally cover 2×4 square foot to 2×5 square foot grow space area. For the plants undergoing their veg stage, the light can provide coverage to 2×5 square foot area. And for the plants in their flowering stage, this grow light cover 2×4 sqf growing area. So, it would be sufficient if you get three or four units of SP3000 for your 4×8 grow tent.


  • Very lightweight, easily movable
  • Highly efficient energy saver
  • Faster plant growth, heavy yield
  • Noise-free performance yet remains amazingly cool
  • Versatile wavelengths matching with plants’ growth cycle
  • Covers a wide grow space with consistent intensity
  • Works with both soil grow and hydro grow plants


  • May require a separate hanging system
  • Not totally shock-proof
  • No water resistance

3. VIPERSPECTRA P4000 LED Grow Light

Key Features

  • Latest SMD LED technology included
  • Optimized energy consumption
  • Controlling dimming knob
  • Sunlike full-spectrum LED light
  • Zero noise-producing
  • Resistant to water
  • Attractive design, strong built quality

VIPERSPECTRA has given their P4000 model an attractive outlook with a thin panel and evenly dispersed body. The light’s main catch is the very recent SMD LED bulbs which have turned it into an efficient tool for indoor growers. This upgraded technology ensures a proper PAR distribution to the plants, with an improved penetration of light.

A dimming knob is given on the light to manage the intensity adjusting to the lifecycle and nature of the plants. With this, you can control the level of brightness to influence the growth rate of the plants in your grow tent. As such, from the seedling stage to the bloom, you can rely solely on this light for a plant to get on the soil and provide results.

This is a full-spectrum LED grow light; as such, you don’t need to worry about your indoor projects lacking sunlight. This light will provide you multiple wavelengths into variant rays, i.e., red, white, IR, etc. your plants will get a natural lighting condition that could be retrieved only under the sun.

Constructed with the most upgraded technology, the P4000 guarantees to provide a bigger harvest than you may get with any other LED or HPS lights in the market. But what about the cost? To this, we know, the utility bill will be pretty much within the budget, and the price of the product is very reasonable as well.

The light deals with its heat generation only with the heat sink with a solid aluminum-made body. But there are no extra cooling fans installed on the light, so it operates noise-free during its whole lifetime. But since it has no separate heat dissipation system, you may feel a little hot in your tent with this light.

Though this light can cover a wider area with its evenly dispersed body, it doesn’t weigh much, thanks to its light-weight build material. Moreover, you have to worry less about any sudden water splashes in your indoor gardening area. The bulbs are quoted with water-resistant materials, and as such, they can protect themselves from being flooded.

Overall, this upgraded version of LED grow light from the manufacturer will perform pretty up-to-the-mark for your 4×8 tent.

How many lights will you need?

The P4000 led grow light can cover 5×5 grow tent, i.e., 25 square foot grow space. It provides good coverage up to 5×5 square foot area to the plants in the veg stage, and up to 4×4 square foot area to the plants in the bloom stage. Thus, you’ll need only two P4000 lights to get optimal coverage in your 4×8 grow tent.


  • Ensures high yield at minimum time
  • Flexible light intensity
  • Uniform PAR distribution to a wide area
  • Risk-free of damages from water splashes
  • Very lightweight


  • Generates extreme heat gradually
  • Not fit for daisy-chaining
  • May seem to be a bit expensive for the features

4. PHLIZON CREE COB 3000W LED Plant Grow Light

Key Features

  • Upgraded COB LED bulbs included
  • High yielder
  • Genuine full-spectrum feature
  • Six high power heat cooling fans
  • Separate monitor for lighting status and settings
  • Fits plants at any growth stage
  • Solid built structure, heavyweight

What makes PHILZON CREE COB 3000W very unique can be an obvious question. The most acceptable answer will be that it uses innovative and efficient COB LED technology. With this method, the light puts more effort into beaming brighter light at the most forceful level. Most amazingly, these COB chips are designed for full-spectrum function.

The authentic full-spectrum feature allows you to culture any plant in your grow tent. This light can shed waves in multiple variants such as red, blue, white, UV, IR, etc. these wavelengths become helpful at different stages of the plants’ life cycle. Considering this necessity, the manufacturer has put additional light beads containing different bands for more effectiveness.

The light is devised with extremely efficient photosynthetic photon flux density to make the plant live fresher with more supply of nature-like lights. This confirms that the plants are getting enough light to conduct the photosynthesis process to convert the energy to required carbohydrates. This is very influential for the plants’ survival and faster growth.

If hanged from an optimal height, the light can effectively cover most of the areas in your grow tent. You can get this output at a very reasonable energy cost. For a high-capacity lighting device, this item consumes very little power to result in the most optimized outcome. The manufacturer claims it a highly energy-efficient grow light in comparison to any conventional HPS, HID, or MH lights.

The cooling system of this light is strong. It has six high-speed fans installed over the LED panel, integrating the whole heat evaporation system systematically. As such, the heat level will be at a minimal level. However, you may consider a plan for how to lower the noise level due to the high functionality of the cooling system.

The light has two separate switches; one for interchanging between lighting modes for the veg stage and flowering stage, and another for maintaining the strength of the lights for different stages of the plants’ growth cycle. With all these features, the device weighs a little heavy, 22.70 pounds, which may trouble you a bit for making any easy rearrangements in your grow tent.

How many lights will you need?

The CREE COB 3000W light has a core coverage capacity of 16 square foot (4×4) to 17.64 square foot (4.2×4.2) grow space. ( Note: it is one of the most popular grow light for 4×4 tent) As such, to get the best result from this light, you should get two of this model at most for your 4×8 grow tent.


  • High brightness
  • Stimulates large harvest at short time
  • Boosts nutrition at all growth stages
  • Saves more energy than the conventional grow lights
  • Easy operation, no separate installation needed


  • Shorter lifespan
  • May become irritating with a consisting dim noise
  • Heavyweight

5. BLOOMSPECT 3000W LED Grow Light

Key Features

  • Constructed with double-chip LED technology
  • Dual switch to maintain veg and bloom mode
  • Optimal full-spectrum LED grow light
  • Three high-speed heat cooling fans
  • Great harvest
  • Strong metal built

BLOOMSPECT B3000W Grow Light has utilized the most modern double-chip LEDs for providing a better output – shiner, brighter, and more intense lights for indoor plants. Each of the double-chip diodes has a capacity of 10 watts. These LED bulbs help in reducing costs by consuming less power. So, you can easily replace any other traditional grow lights with this model.

The light has a strong cooling system consisting of three high-speed cooling fans. The fans work well enough to disperse and reduce the heat generated from beaming out powerful light rays. There will be a noticeable noise resulting from the fans, but you can grow plants without drawing much temperature, and keeping the plants nutritious.

It comes with a veg switch for powering on the growth lighting channel for the plants undergoing a growth stage. It also contains a separate bloom switch for turning on the bloom lighting channel for those plants on the verge of flowering. Having two separate switches for the two modes, you can run the modes combinedly, if needed, to get a boosted outcome.

It is an original full-cycle spectrum LED grow light. It can distribute four different waves, i.e., red, blue, white, and IR. All of them are useful for stimulating plant development and health function. You can get the benefit of this full-spectrum feature from the seeding to harvesting time of the plants.

The productive capacity of this LED grow light is very impressive considering how low energy bills it will cause in exchange. It holds the title of an efficient energy saver, also a super harvester. So, it can accompany your indoor projects without deviating much from your planning. But you have to be careful when providing water-supply to the plants. Because the bulbs on this light are not water-proof.

Though it has many good qualities, you may have to change the light after a certain period. However, you should use it worry-free as the manufacturer provides a two years warranty and a thirty days money-back guarantee for this light.

How many lights will you need?

BLOOMSPECT B3000W Grow Light can cover from up to 5×5 square foot area mostly with the best of its performance. Hence, to cover your 4×8 grow tent area well enough, you can depend upon two units of this light.


  • Shines brighter
  • Provides a huge yield at a minimum time
  • Saves big bucks in utility bills
  • Budget-friendly
  • Produces less heat


  • Not water-proof
  • Shorter lifetime
  • Cooling fans produce noise

Consider Before Getting Light for 4×8 Grow Tents

Now that you have got a good brief on our five most preferable grow lights that will blend perfectly in your 4×8 tent, what should be the key factors you need to keep in mind before choosing one? Well, there are many. You have to think about the planting requirement, the capacity of the grow light, the cost-effectiveness, possible outcome, and many more things.

How much space is a 4×8 grow tent?

The indoor plant growers would always like to have a 4×8 grow tent for its optimal size and a bit extra space than the other smaller versions. A 4×8 grow tent will provide you with space with 32 square foot for growing your desired plants. If you want, you can arrange the plants into rows and columns and utilize the whole area wisely.

For indoor gardening projects, a grow space of 32 square foot is sufficient enough to execute a full-fledged harvesting plan. You can start from seeding and bring those up to fully grown plants with the best outcome.

Plan a good tent setup equipped with grow light, exhaust fan, and air filter, you can bring out the most extraordinary yield. If you get the expected harvest, your project will be a cost-effective one.

Which sized LED light you need for a 4×8 grow tent?

The size of the grow light will become an imperative point when you think of a 4×8 grow tent setup. We usually prefer a well-dispersed panel so that it can cover the whole grow space single-handedly. But then again, it really will not matter if the light you choose can cover each of the corners of your grow tent consistently.

We can suggest to you an ideal dimension for the best LED grow light for 4×8 tent. That would be of 25x12x6 inch and weigh mostly around 10 to 11 pounds. LED lights with this size will be easy to hang from the tent ceiling, and there’ll be less risk of any hazardous incidents.

How many watts require a 4×8 grow tent?

We expect that you’re keen to learn how to calculate the energy consumed by a light so that your growing project becomes cost-effective. As such, you have to know how many watts your 4×8 grow tents will require for the grow light to consume.

It’s true that for LED lights, you can’t say a number to measure the wattage requirement. But we’ll put a safe calculation for your understanding of how much you’ll be spending. If you put on a standard feature LED grow light in your indoor grow space, the wattage requirement per square feet area will be 32 watts at the minimum level.

But if you’re expecting to get the maximum output from the setup, you may experience a utilization from 50 to 80 watts per square feet considering the nature and life cycle of the plants. So, for a 4×8 grow tent, you may require 1000 to 1600 watts from your LED grow light.

The Bottom Line

Have you read the whole thing already? So, what should be the best LED light for 4×8 grow tent according to your opinion? Surely it would be a good one with some essential functions and widely tested outcomes. The best one will integrate the most innovative features with the most upgraded technology to kindle the plant growth. Hopefully, the features match with our list, and you’ve become able to pick the most suitable one for your 4×8 grow tent.

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