5 Best LED grow lights for 5×5 tent- How Many Watts Need

5×5 grow tents are a very good choice for growing plants indoor as these allow the gardeners to plan with enough area. These tents require good lighting setups for the plants to grow at a normal pace, and to the best of our knowledge, Spider Farmer SF-4000 is the best LED grow light for 5×5 tents.

Since indoor planting doesn’t get enough sunlight to stimulate the chemosynthesis process, the LED grow lights can help to confirm the circulation of enough lights.

When you’re looking for the best grow light for your 5×5 indoor grow tent, at some point, you’ll realize that LED lights are the most perfect fits for grow tents. LED lights have so many qualities and features that make them superior to others. The innovative designs, customizable controls, durability, energy efficiency, etc. are sufficient for someone to decide on LED lights for his grow tents.


5×5 tents have some specific requirements in terms of lighting setups, which we are going to discuss below in this article.

5 Best LED Grow Lights for 5×5 Tents

We have selected the models by considering their features, workability, and other things helpful for healthy plant growth. Let’s dive inside.

1. Spider Farmer LED Grow Light

Key Features

  • Built of Samsung LM301B diodes, one of the latest LED technology
  • Built with high performing MEANWELL driver
  • Customizable dimming knob and light switch
  • Full-spectrum light
  • Energy efficient
  • Strongly built design
  • Easy plug and play

Our foremost choice as the best LED grow light for 5×5 tents is Spider Farmar SF-4000 taking all of its superior features into account. It’s the perfect model with the capacity to cover the full area of a 5×5 grow tent.

Spider Farmer has used Samsung LM301B diodes in this light to make it less power consuming and highly energy efficient. Built-in MEANWELL driver makes the grow light providing the most possible utilities at the least usage of the power.

This particular model has a dimming knob and a light switch. As such, you can customize the light intensity as per your requirement. With the full-spectrum feature, this light is perfect for a plant at all stages of its growth cycle. This ensures a high yield of the plants at the natural health condition.

The built quality of the product is very impressive and strong as the body structure is made of aluminum. Moreover, the sleek and flat design of the light brings an attractive look. The wires have a rich and thick cover for protection so that they don’t go messy.

The light beams more light-rays, and no fan has been used in this model. So, you’ll hardly notice any sound when the LED lights are on inside your grow tent. Coming at a very reasonable price with the manufacturer’s commitment to after-sales services, this can be a worthy deal for your gardening passion.


  • It’s the rightest capacity light for a 5×5 tent with the convenient feature of controllable light intensity which is very helpful for indoor gardening.
  • It has a great mixture of full-spectrum resulting in high harvests with a versatile range of plants.
  • LED bulbs are quoted with water-resistant materials, as such, watering the plants will cause no harm to the lighting system.
  • It runs for a long time but consumes very low energy. So, even though it doesn’t come at a very low price, it’s a best-value product considering the utility it provides.


  • The light generates huge heat output inside the tent if runs at the maximum capacity. Some plants may get affected by this outrageous heat output.
  • The whole system weighs almost 20 pounds. That is quite heavy for a flat panel lighting system.

2. MARS HYDRO LED Grow Light

Key Features

  • Two built-in waterproof MEAN WELL drivers
  • Full-spectrum grow light with wideband beams
  • Controllable light intensity/dimming, and daisy chain function
  • Constructed with the latest SMD LED technology
  • High yielding grow light with the least energy consumption
  • Attractive and polished design, built with light-weight aluminum material

TS 3000W LED Grow Light from MARS HYDRO is strongly constructed with aluminum metal which makes the model very light-weight for its size, yet very strong. They have used the SMD LEDs, one of the latest technologies in the market. This makes the lighting system highly energy efficient but very productive for a 5×5 grow tent.

We consider TS 3000W as another great LED grow light for 5×5 tent you’ll find in the market. With the super quality built and innovative function, this light has been announced as a commercial LED grow light.

Rich with full-spectrum, this light will provide output almost similar to the sunlight. This implies that the plants will not lack sufficient light for the photosynthesis process. The light will suit almost any plants, from flowers to vegetables, during all the growth stages. Plants respond faster to this light which prompts the growth or yield.

The dimming knob helps to control the light intensity as per the plant requirement. The daisy chain function includes 15 multi-light connections. The lighting and heating requirement of a flower plant won’t match with that of a veg plant. So, the dimming knob and the daisy chain function will come in handy.


  • This light is appropriate for a 5×5 tent area for the veg stage of the plants.  It also works well at the blooming stage of the growth cycle.
  • The light controller and the daisy chain function make the planting process easier. You’ll get the right level of light intensity for your plants with these features.
  • As the SMD LED technology is included in the light, it can provide a better yield than the other LED lights in the market. Reportedly, you’ll get 30% higher harvest in your grow tents at very reasonable power consumption.
  • The light can run noise-free as there is no heat-reducing fan installed on it. The aluminum body can disperse the heat very rapidly without creating any burn-like situation for the plants.
  • The light weighs only 11.3 pounds which is a big plus if you’re on move.


  • It produces outrageous heat while running at the maximum output. Hence, it might not be appropriate for the hot climate zone.
  • Lights are difficult to direct to a particular point.
  • You might need some time to figure out all the wires and plugs.

3. YINTATECH 3000W LED Grow Light

Key Features

  • Two switches to control the lighting mode – the Veg switch and the Bloom switch
  • Coverage up to 62.4 square feet core planting area
  • Full-spectrum light with controllable wavelengths
  • Daisy chain feature compatible with multiple lights connection
  • Three low-noise cooling fans built inside the metallic structure of the light
  • Consumes less power and saves on utility bills
  • Aluminum structured design with a very lightweight, only 11.58 pounds

YINTATECH has launched its super cool 3000W LED Grow Light which is a good fit for the 5×5 growing area taken all of its features into consideration. This particular model features two innovative switches to control the dual modes of the light.

The veg switch turns on the blue and white colored bulbs that stimulate the growth of the seedlings. On the other hand, the bloom switch runs the red and white bulbs that intrigue the blooming task. You can turn them separately or combinedly to get the maximum growth output of your plants.

With the full spectrum feature, you can control the wavelength of the light and use it according to the plant growth requirement. The daisy chain feature will allow you to connect multiple lights at a row to get better output for a wider planting area. The plugs for setting up the chain are provided with each light.

Though designed for separate use inside a 5×5 grow tent, this model can cover a wider area up to 8×7.8 area. The improved Double LED Chips technology helps consuming less power even if the light burns at the maximum capacity for a prolonged time. The strong cooling system is almost noise-free and helps to keep the heat level within a tolerant level inside the tent.


  • The light works better than the HPS grow light with a similar capacity as it has beams brighter lights at lower energy consumption, leading to a shorter electricity bill.
  • It has a dual-mode designed perfectly for higher plant growth. You can even control the modes with separate switches according to the growth cycle of the plants.
  • The use of cooling fans ensures a low-temperature environment for the plants. So, you can stop worrying about burning the plants while circulating sufficient light.
  • It can be installed in creating both water-soluble culture and soil culture.


  • The beaming angle is 120° and this is fixed, not flexible at all.
  • There are more available drivers and LED technologies available in the market than those utilized in constructing this light.


Key Features

  • Designed to balance the PAR output and the coverage
  • Timer control feature helps to set the light turn on and off routinely
  • Works both for the veg and bloom stage of the plants separately
  • Constitutes a quiet yet powerful cooling system having four fans to control the heat generation level
  • Efficient full-spectrum light
  • Constructed with high powered 5W Epileds LED chips
  • Remote control feature along with control knobs on the frames

VIPERSPECTRA presents the Time Control Series TC1350W LED Grow Light for fitting into your 5×5 grow tent. The most innovative feature of this light is that it can be set to the timer for turning on and off automatically. It has full control knobs over its body, though comes with a remote control device for your convenience.

Plants get a boosted growth with the optimal wavelengths, thanks to its full spectrum feature. Due to the dimmer function and the reflector design, you can control the shining level as and when needed. The light can handle power failures very strategically. It remembers the lights settings (level of brightness, veg/bloom channel controls, etc.) to make the plants go through a smooth transition due to the power failure.

The LED bulbs are coated in resin, i.e., they are quite water-resistant. The main body and the frame are built with aluminum and iron. As such, the light weighs a little heavier than an LED grow light. With the help of the super-fast cooling fans, it can evaporate the heat generated during the burn time smoothly. Apparently, this model can run 70% less hot than the modern HID lights.


  • The timer control system is very helpful for making an automatic lighting system inside the tent area.
  • The light covers a 5×5 area well enough for both vegetable as well as flower plants.
  • It produces brighter light beams with lower heat generation.
  • Since it’s designed to balance between PAR and coverage, your plants don’t get burnt out unexpectedly.
  • Controllable full spectrum feature will help you to make the lighting compatible with all the stages of the plant growth cycle.


  • The bulbs of the product are not water-proof, so, you must be careful during the time of watering the plants.
  • It’s a heavy weighted product, weighs around 27.6 pounds.
  • It can perform up to your expectation strictly inside a grow tent or indoor.
  • The body can catch on rust with time.

5. NextLight Mega LED Grow Light

Key Features

  • Capacity to cover 5×5 to 7×7 grow tent area efficiently
  • Features full spectrum light equipped with modern White Diodes
  • Efficiency to run at the optimum level consuming very low energy
  • Long lifespan, reportedly possesses a 100,000-hour life certification
  • Strongly built with heavy and stout metal with a thin panel structure providing a very sleek outlook
  • Certified by UL for humid or dry situations

NextLight has brought the Mega LED Grow Light for indoor gardening planners who are thinking of taking their passion as growers to the next level. It can extract brighter and powerful light, however, it can run at a consistent level utilizing very minimum power.

It can cover a wide area of grow land with the same level of efficiency it can provide to a smaller area, but this works best inside a grow tent. It has been rated as a long-living LED grow light with a net capacity to burn for 100,000 hours. The full spectrum feature of the light assists the growers to get the same level of intensity that they can get from the sunlight which is helpful for plant growth.

The manufacturer is pretty confident about the endurance of the light that it comes with a 5-years full warranty. During this period, the growers need not change even the bulb of the LED panel.


  • The light uses power LED bulbs ensuring enhanced productivity and wider footprints to the plants.
  • It consumes very little power to operate at a minimal level. As such, you can think of it as a good replacement to those models which would dry you out of money through utility bills.
  • It comes with a 5-years manufacturer’s warranty, under which your purchase will be secured for any kind of functional failure situation of the product.
  • For overall enhancement of the plant growth, you can rely upon this light considering its full spectrum LED lighting feature.


  • It’s a bit expensive product in comparison to the other lights with the same capacity.
  • Weighing around 23 pounds, it can be a little heavy for you to carry along with your grow tent setup.

How To Choose the Right Grow Light for 5×5 Tents

To choose from the wide array of variations, you should be aware of some essential points while selecting the best grow light for 5×5 tent. You need to consider your requirement, then think which LED grow light will match the checklist. During the time of selection, you’ll have to study the size, capacity, innovative features, price, adverse effects, etc. of a grow light before finalizing.

How much space is a 5×5 grow tent

A 5×5 grow tent is an ideal one for gardeners who are planning for growing plants indoor. It has a literal grow area of 25 square feet for plantation. If you get one of these grow tents, you can easily fit 9 to 12 seedlings and grow them to full-size plants. However, you shouldn’t crowd the tent with too many plants because you’ll be needing other things to accommodate inside which are imperative for a good yield. Mostly, you’ll need a good lighting system, an exhaust fan or air circulating system, and a filter.

How many watts are required for a 5×5 grow tent

Usually, you can easily determine how much watt capacity you would need inside a 5×5 grow tent by considering the capacity of traditional HPS, HID or MH lights. Apparently, for LED lights, you can’t say that the bigger the coverage area will get, the more wattage in the LED light you’ll need. That’s the beauty of LED grow lights. Here, we’re trying to give a fair projection of how much wattage you may require for your 5×5 grow tent.

In general, plants’ lighting requirements remain the maximum when they undergo through the blooming stage of their growth cycle. For an ideal LED light, per square foot of grow area will require at least 32 watts. However, to get the maximum output, the capacity utilization should be 50 to 80 watts per square feet. To get the maximum yield, a 5×5 grow tent would require 800 to 1200 watts from a standard LED grow light.

The right sized LED light to install inside a 5×5 grow tent

There are no hard and fast rules about the size of an LED grow light that you should remember while installing inside a 5×5 tent. But one thing is clear that the LED lights should be of moderate size and weigh accordingly. As per our understanding, an ideal LED light should not occupy more than 4 to 6 square feet area over the heads of the plants inside a 5×5 grow tent.

Light Setup for a 5×5 Grow Tent

For better output, you should go with the Spider Farmer SF-4000 LED Grow Light, as we have recommended earlier that this one is the best grow light for 5×5 tent. Though sufficient enough to cover a 5×5 grow tent space, this model may miss out the corners of the tent where the plants require an equal beam of lights. To cover the corners of the tent, four smaller lights can be installed which will supplement SF-2000, the primary grow light. The smaller lights can be of 150 watts capacity LEDs.

However, an appropriate grow light alone can’t result in the best output for the growers. They must make some other arrangements in their 5×5 grow tents to accompany the LED grow light. These arrangements should at least include an effective ventilation system, a right capacity carbon filter, and an appropriate size exhaustion fan.


The best LED grow light for 5×5 tents must cover all the necessary features for the plant growth. Diversity, PAR, coverage, spectrum, intensity, etc. should be the prime focus when you go for deciding on a grow light. Moreover, the qualities of the product itself are equally important. You should check on the durability, productivity, price, technology, etc. within a product for catching on to the best output. Hopefully, with all the information laid out here, you’ll understand what you should look for to filter out the best grow light for 5×5 tents.

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