Best LED Grow Light for 2×2 Tent- How Many Watts Need

Looking for the best LED grow light for 2×2 tent? Feeling confused about which one to purchase without breaking your bank? Let us guide you to the top-notch quality LED grow lights that will take your gardening to the next level.

LED grow lights are as essential to indoor gardeners as the Sun is for the plants that grow outside. It’s crucial to pick the right one matching the stage of the plants you’re trying to grow. The lights can vary its wavelength ranging from the visible spectrum to ultraviolet rays.

Light Emitting Diode (LEDs) are used either as a supplement to natural light or in pair with others set of LED lights. Often consumers get confused with the wide variety of products the online market offers, so we have made the ultimate list of the best light for a 2×2 grow tent that will help you satisfy your gardening needs.

Best LED Grow Light for 2×2 Tent

1 MARS-HYDRO-TS-600W-LED-Grow MARS HYDRO 600W LED Grow Light 9.8 Check Price
2 King-Plus-600W-LED-Grow-Lig King Plus 600W LED Grow Light 9.7 Check Price
3 VIPARSPECTRA-600W-LED-Grow- VIPARSPECTRA 600W LED Grow Light 9.6 Check Price
4 HLG-65-V2-LED-Grow-Light HLG 65 V2 LED Grow Light 9.5 Check Price
5 BESTVA-600W-LED-Grow-Light BESTVA 600W LED Grow Light 9.4 Check Price

1. MARS HYDRO 600W LED Grow Light

MARS HYDRO Best LED Grow Light for 2x2 Tent

MARS HYDRO is an ideal highest yielding LED Grow Light system for a small space.  With a fully redesigned new technology, it’s incomparable with the older siblings of such devices. The ease of use of this device makes it a fantastic beginner tool and helps to cut down your setup time.  If you are on a tight budget for your 2×2 grow tent, then Mars Hydro provides an unbeatable price to product ratio.


  • Robust build quality and design: Aluminum hood of dimension 14.02 x 12.2 x 1.42 inches and around 2 pounds weight makes it 20% more light reflective, reduces light loss, and promotes faster growth of plants without causing burnings.
  • Water-resistant:  Chipboards adopted a new glue process which avoids moisture from getting in and extends lifespan.
  • Low energy consumption: Consuming only 100W with 240 LEDs! It saves up to 50% of energy than its rival devices.
  • Sun-like full Spectrum: Infinite close to natural light, best for all plants all stages growing and includes IR waves.


  • Full vibrant Spectrum of wavelength supply.
  • Certified safety guaranteed.
  • High yields due to wide exposure consuming less power.
  • Minimum heat generation increases the longevity of the product.
  • 3 years of hassle-free warranty from the company.


  • Heat generation by light might require cooling management.
  • Instructions might be intimidating for beginners.

2. King Plus 600W LED Grow Light

King Plus 600W LED Grow Light

King LED is a new name to the business due to its advanced Grow Lights that they developed after strict market comparison. They manufactured using SAMSUNG chip, which is the most efficient lights with UL power supply, incorporated with high strength aluminum heat plate for better heat dissipation and long life span with high efficiency.


  • Complete Beginner Kit: The box comes with one KingLED UL-600W grow light LED, a 6 feet power wire, hanging materials, and an instruction manual making it a perfect kit for beginners.
  • Reliable build quality: The aluminum chassis has dimensions of 55×32.2×0.63 cm and weighs around 1.95 kilograms.
  • Higher light density: 620 pcs is plenty of LEDs which operates at 521.6 umol/s for 220V and 515.6 umol/s 110V
  • Full light spectrum production: Close to natural light, best for all plants all stages growing and includes IR waves.


  • Very cost-effective light using Samsung chips fit for medium-sized grow tents.
  • No fan system produces zero noise.
  • Water resilient LED panels.
  • Sunlight full spectrum light production includes Blue, White, Red and IR waves.
  • Professional customer service & 3 years warranty.


  • Due to a no fan system, unnecessary heat may be generated in closed environment.
  • No extra layer of protection of the light from physical damage.
  • No manual control of the dimming of lights.



This ViparSpectra product is entirely UL certified, which shows the company’s dedication to efficiency and the safety of its consumers. The product is one of the most laboratory tested in our list, which ensures consumer satisfaction. They include many safety measures in their device, such as high-temperature protection and fire damage prevention.


  • High-quality materials used: Sturdy construction with fire-resistant iron housing which includes LED Chips producing high-intensity light
  • Full Sunlight Spectrum:  Optimal full spectrum lighting, which provides plants in all stages with everything they need as an alternative of natural sunlight.
  • Fan cooled system:  Upgraded heat sinks and advanced quiet fans with high speed are great for heat dissipation.
  • Excellent surface coverage: suitable for 2.5 x 2.5 Grow tents using 200w in place of 300W.


  • The product is UL Certified as a whole.
  • The optimal full spectrum which includes separate switches for Bloom and Veg.
  • PAR output is increased by 50% with the help of the Reflector design.
  • Multiple lights can be connected together using daisy chain system.
  • Improved heat dissipation system by using advanced cooling solution.


  • Fan system might get noisy.
  • The instruction manual might be complicated for beginners.

4. HLG 65 V2 LED Grow Light

HLG 65 V2 LED Grow Light

HLG 65 V2 Lamp is produced to supplement light for all stages of a plant’s life cycle. Using High-efficiency Quantum Boards, this device is an excellent choice for gardeners who are just starting out in a budget. Containing 120 pcs Samsung LM301B LED’s, it can produce up to 10,000 Lumens with only 65 wattage of power, giving this product a reasonable maintenance cost.


  • QB120 Quantum Board providing high-efficiency.
  • Full Spectrum 4000K White Light production.
  • Robust passive cooling system.
  • Diffused light design to increase light penetration.
  • NEMA 1-15p plug used for Non-Dimmable power supply.
  • 3 years of excellent service warranty.


  • Branded LEDs make durable light production
  • No fan cooling gives a noiseless system
  • The aluminium body is a  good heat dissipater
  • Budget and cost friendly
  • Output is very efficient


  • No manual control for dimming.
  • Does not produce customize light for bloom and veg.
  • No switches to alter modes.

5. BESTVA 600W LED Grow Light

BESTVA 600W LED Grow Light

BESTVA is renowned for its research and development team who makes professional LED grow light. Their seven years of experience in producing grow lights make them an excellent choice for professional indoor gardeners. This package comes with one Elite-600W LED grow light, a 6 feet power wire, hanging accessories, and an instruction manual.


  • Advanced Lens Technology: Reduces light waste and increase the maximum penetration of light by 30% with greater PAR values.
  • Durable design: 5 millimeter thickness aluminum structure radiator gives better cooling and more robust frame.
  • 3 years warranty: Also comes with a ninety days of return guarantee.
  • Prevents Power loss: Avoids any type of daisy chain system to decrease power loss.


  • Double switches used for bloom and veg mode.
  • Full Sunlight spectrum production for all stages of plant growth.
  • Reflector lens LEDs give more penetrating powerful light.
  • 5mm aluminum radiator makes better cooling system.
  • Low operation cost.
  • 3 times more yield from plants.


  • Fanned cooling makes noise.
  • Not suitable for small grow tents.

frequently asked questions

How many watts for your 2×2 grow tent?

For every 1 square foot of your grow tent, you will require a 30W – 50W of LED-powered lights.
So for 2 x 2 grow tent, the range of 120W -200W power is required.

What stage of growth is your plant at?

There are several stages, such as Germination, Seedling, Vegetative, and Flowering. Each step has a unique requirement of light.

What type of light can you Grow light produce?

Grow lights can produce either whole or some of the light spectrum’s wavelength, such as Visible Light, Infrared waves, UV light, etc., which depends on the demand of the purpose.

Is your light compatible with other lights and devices?

Some grow lights may have features that may or may not assist with other devices; for example, if the product produces heat, then it can be useful and work in a supplement to the humidifier used in the grow tent.

How is the price to performance ratio of your lights?

Price can come in two forms: the initial expense, and the second as maintenance cost. High-efficiency energy save light will cost less over time and require minimum maintenance.


We have reviewed some of the best LED grow light for 2×2 tent available in the market. The perfect product only exists if you can choose one that best fits your need. No matter which choice you make from the list, we can guarantee you that it will benefit your gardening dreams and be a useful addition to your grow tents.

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