20 Highest Yielding LED Grow Light For Indoor Plants (Best 2021)

Got something exciting to inform you!

We started a campaign with 1000 professional indoor gardeners and continued it up to 6 months. In this process, our motive was to know what types of grow lights they use for indoor gardening.

At the end of the campaign, we concluded with fantastic answers. Among 1000 gardeners, 63% went for LED, 17% for HPS and the rest went for other options based on the ambient and requirements they had.

Isn’t it interesting?

Based on the suggestions of professional indoor gardeners, we compiled our guide with top 20 best LED grow lights for indoor plants.

While checking them out, you might feel they are expensive but my friend! These lights are the top rated and highest yielding LED grow lights.

A Significant Research On LED Grow Light

According to a research done by Filippos Bantis, Theoharis Ouzounis and Kalliopi Radoglou published in 2016, LED grow lights are the best option for optimum growth.

This paper is published in Science Direct and you can read the whole paper with details in this link.

Best 20 Highest Yielding LED Grow Lights for Indoor Plants

1. LEOTER Full Spectrum Grow Lights

Key Features

  • Material: Plastic, metal
  • LED Lamps: 80
  • Timer: 3/9/12 hours
  • Switch mode: 3
  • Spectrum: Full spectrum (380nm-800nm)
  • Dimmable modes: 10
  • Flexibility: 360-degree
  • Heat dissipation: Aviation-grade heat sink

The first grow light I am about to introduce to my audience is LEOTER. You might have heard this name in the grow light market. And I know the grow lights are fantastic from every aspect. In this guide, I will mention each of them.

A wide spectrum light increases the production rate. The plants get a full spectrum of light bands to produce food, energy and components for other mechanisms. Precisely, these lights are featuring 90 efficient LED beads. Yes! You just heard me right.

Full Spectrum Grow Light

Full spectrum grow light is used in marketing policy where the light is compared with the sun. In artificial grow light, the support will be mimicking the sun and help in plant’s growth. Full spectrum lights include red, blue, green, yellow and other wavelengths. While growing the plants, these lights support the plants with Infrared and Ultraviolet lights. With less heat and more efficiency, the full spectrum grow lights ensure no harm to the plants.

I know you must be thinking why I mentioned it is a full spectrum light. Since they are featuring 380 to 800nm to let the plant breathe, live and grow, this product is worthy of purchasing for a healthy growth of plants.

The red light features 660nm and the blue one is 460nm. As I know, the blooming stage requires more exposure to light, the LEOTER provides red, blue and full spectrum of light to get the best result.

Besides, if you have blue, red and warm white spectrum of light, combinedly, they will work like fuel for the plant’s growth. However, these lights are not for 24 hours service and you must turn the lights off after a while.

Oh! What a pain!

But wait!

For your comfort, they have upgraded their features and set an auto timer to turn on/off the lights. Let’s check the timer option for each lights:

  • Blue : 3H
  • Green: 9H
  • Red: 12H


Now, roam around and do your things without worrying for the plants with LEOTER. Coming to the important feature to describe – dimmable modes.

This brand is offering 10 dimmable modes for the betterment of growth. Plants have many phases of growth and each phase’s requirement is different from the others.

If you use these lights, the growth of plants will accelerate in a healthy manner. The LED grow lights are providing a USB connector that gives more comfort for the gardener to use the lights. By the help of USB cable, you can connect the grow lights anywhere.

Want to know more?

These lights have 4 gooseneck headlights and so the user can move it in 360 degree angle.

I know not all the gooseneck lights have been fair to you. But this brand is quite different from others because it has quality tubing. That makes sure the gardeners don’t face difficulties except for the grow lights.

Another vital feature to mention is the heat dissipation design. The heat dissipation makes sure the garden is not over heated for the lights. Also, it is a protection for the light itself. Otherwise, the heat level might increase in a way to destroy the grow lights permanently.

Not to mention. The grow lights have featured an aviation-graded heat sink. It means the lights are not about to get ruined for the heat. Additionally, the improved heat sink works efficiently to let the heat dissipate in the atmosphere.


  • Full spectrum light
  • Helps in growth acceleration
  • 10 dimmable modes
  • Adjustable with quality tube
  • Aviation grade heat sink


  • Found nothing

2. Yoyomax Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

Key Features

  • Material: Plastic
  • Spectrum: Full spectrum
  • Mode: 3 way switching
  • Timer: 3,6,12Hours
  • Dimmable options: 3
  • LED beads: 60

Here is yoyomax Full Spectrum Grow Light with 60 LED beads. Built with plastic material, yoyomax have ensured durability in the first place. Now, I will point out and explain what they have more for my audience to enjoy.

With 60 full spectrum LED beads, these lights have ensured a full spectrum band for the plants. The number of red lights is 39 and 21 blue lights have made things more comfortable for gardeners. Also, this combination makes the plants healthy and thriving.

What do they mean by thriving?

Thriving means the light is helping the plants to adopt a new environment. When the plants are prepared for the adverse environment, they will thrive for a long time.

Coming to the next point – switches. The lights are offering 6 dimmable options for the gardeners. These dimmable options are preferable for different plant growth stages. However, the 3 heads of lights can be switched on or off separately.

Based on the plant’s requirement, you can change the intensity or switch off 2 lights and keep 1 awake for the plants. So cool!

Another important feature is the timer. Without the sole gardeners, other seasoned gardeners won’t be in the indoor garden for 24×7. They have more work to do aside this one.

A timer is an essential feature for those gardeners to check in the grow light they are buying. Here, yoyomax is offering this timer and you can set it up for 3,6 or 12 hours. Now, enjoy your day with friends or join the work without thinking about it.

Not to mention! The lights feature a goose-neck system, so you can move it in 360-degree angle. Sometimes, the base of the light gets slipped for not having anti-slip features.

This product has featured an anti-slip clamp. Now, you can set it up properly without thinking for its damage by slippage


  • Gooseneck style
  • Anti-slip clamp
  • Timer option
  • Full spectrum
  • Switches for changing the dimmable modes


  • No cooling fan

3. GE BR30 Balanced Spectrum LED Grow Lights

Key Features

  • Material: Plastic
  • Voltage: 120Volts
  • Spectrum: Balanced
  • Shape: U
  • PPF(Photosynthesis photon Flux): 16 micromoles per second
  • Item dimension: 4.06 x 4.06 x 5.94 inches(LxWxH)

Demand for a balanced spectrum grow light is utterly high in the market. These lights have gained popularity and among them GE BR30 has made a special place. So, let’s check what it has to offer us.

Featuring a balanced spectrum, the grow lights have offered the gardeners to grow their plants all over the year. These grow lights have gained popularity for upholding the high-quality service with pleasing and natural light.


The decorative aesthetic garden will bloom with flowers at 120 volts. If you are tired of using poor quality grow lights, I will recommend you to get this product as soon as possible. Because it has to offer you long-lasting service to save the hard-earned bucks.

Really? Yes, I told you the true fact.

Also, the lights are ready to provide you a full spectrum feature beside the balanced ones. And here, the plants can enjoy 9 watts of energy with a low heat generation environment. Consequently, the plants won’t get burning experience and flourish properly.

Being a professional or a hobbyist gardener, you know how much the seedling stage is for a plant. So, the gardeners take special care of every stage from seedling to flowering.

The GE BR20 is here to help the plants for both seeds and greens with a white appearance. Though the light looks white to the eye, it consists of a red or blue spectrum. These lights are perfect for tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, herbs and leafy greens.


The photosynthesis photon flux of GE grow lights is 16 micromoles per second. It means your plant’s photosynthesis will work with these lights at an excellent rate.

PPF (Photosynthesis Photon Flux)

It expresses the total amount of photosynthetically active radiation of a plant. The more the number, the better photosynthesis is performed by the plants in presence of light.

Finally, the dimensions of this product. It is well proportioned and the length, width and height are 4.06, 4.06 and 5.94 inches respectively. These lights don’t have any boundaries for plants and all sorts of plants can utilize the balanced spectrum of them.



  • No burning of plants
  • Appropriate PPF
  • Long lasting
  • Low heat generation
  • Balanced spectrum of light
  • Perfect for all plants
  • High quality light


  • Didn’t mention about fan

4. MIYA 50W LED Grow Light

Key Features

  • Material: n/a
  • Spectrum: Full (42 Red + 18 Blue + 6 White + 6 IR + 6 U)
  • Beads: 78 PCS
  • Luminous power: 50W
  • Actual power consumption: 8 to 10W

Change of the seasons brings a lot of stress on your plants. They have to get adjusted with the environment and in this stressful journey, the plants might die.

Are you looking for the solution to get rid of this problem? Take a closer look at MIYA 50W grow light.

This product is dedicated for plants to provide strength to survive the change of winter or rainy season. It is a full spectrum light and is suitable for tropical plants, succulent flowers, lemon trees, etc.

Mind blowing!

Another important feature to mention is the number of highly efficient beads of LED. They have included-

  • 42 red
  • 18 blue
  • 6 white
  • 6 IR
  • 6 UV

If you are a beginner, you must use such a full spectrum light that covers all the stages of a plant.

Guess what?

Miya full spectrum light is one of the best options for you. Also, a full spectrum grow light helps to accelerate the growth in a healthy manner. Since improving the plants is vital, why should you waste money on other products?

Let’s look at the safety concern it has brought to us.

The exposure to LED light is harmful for skin, eyes, hair. On the other hand, MIYA has developed these lights with the help of advanced technology and they are harmless for eyes.

They are neither harmful for the eyes nor for the plant leaves. The lights have a large spectrum of illumination range and importantly, the absorption rate is 100% by the plants.


The gardeners become tired of the electricity bill these grow lights cost. But MIYA is different from others and saves a huge amount of electricity bills.

Saving 80% of the electricity bill is not a fact to overlook. Fantastic deal!

Without marketing lies unlike other grow lights, they have told the truth about grow light’s actual power. Though they have mentioned the luminous power is 50W, they have informed the buyers in their features about the actual power – it is between 8 to 10W.

Saving energy and the environment, this product has gained popularity among the environmentalist community. With better material designing, the lights have featured heat sink capacity, as well.

Heat dissipation is set with aluminum made metal. So, the plants won’t  get extra heat from the LED lights and it will help the environment to be perfect for growing the indoor plants.

Since MIYA grow lights have offered many features to help the plants grow, you might wonder about its durability. These lights will last for a long time because of their advanced design and continuous improvement.

How To Install The Bulb

  • Buy E26/E27 as base
  • Screw the bulb with the base and turn the light on
  • Keep the plants 10 inches away from the light
  • Check with ‘Hand Test’ method
  • If the bulb is generating uncomfortable heat, place it at a safe distance from the plants


  • Comfortable for plants
  • Doesn’t hurt plants and human eyes
  • Better production and quality
  • Long timer service
  • Best for tropical, succulent plants
  • True to nature


  • No fans

5. Bloom Plus Full Coverage Grow Light

Key Features

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Spectrum: Full spectrum(Warm white 3000k, bluish light 5000k, red light 660nm, IR light 730nm)
  • Output: 2.5g/w
  • Coverage: Veg coverage 2 X 2 ft, flowering coverage 1.5 X 1.5 ft
  • Heat dissipation: Aluminum heat sink

Highest yielding LED technology with 336 pcs Samsung 2835 diodes! What are you saying! This is only possible in Bloom Plus grow light. And the BP1000 LED technology has reached highest energy yielding efficiency (2.7 umol/J).


Diodes are the flow of current in a single direction with a semiconductor device that contains two terminal sides.

Samsung diodes are efficient and industrially proven that these diodes are durable in nature. Abundance of light energy is provided but it has reduced cost of electricity bills.

The energy yielding efficiency reached 2.7 umol/J which means they told the buyers a true fact. Compared to the other lights, they have been doing well because it consumes only 90W power. So, it’s 50% less than other types of grow lights.

Besides, the design of grow lights has been made in such a way they will increase the yield 50% higher than before (2.5g/w). It can perfectly cover 2×2 ft area at veg stage and for flowering stage – 1.5 x 1.5 ft.

The most important part that attracted me to review these lights is optimal full-spectrum lighting. Importantly, the lights have featured the full spectrum LED grow lamp (Spectrum: 660-665nm,3000K,5000K,730-740nm). And so, the plants complete proper penetration in all the stages.

Having the blue light exposure is a bliss while growing the plants. As the BP1000 has offered all the facilities a plant would have received from the sun, it has blown the mind of gardeners. The Samsung chips of LED with its reliable drivers have ensured quality for cooling with a thick aluminum heat sink.

Heat Sink

The electronic devices generate heat and it needs to be transferred. A heat sink acts as an exchanger of heat from the device to air or environment. It keeps the machine cooler and helps to last for a long time.

Along with these, aluminum material helps to increase the light intensity upto 20%. As a result, the plants are getting adequate energy and no burning for maximum space.

Growth life is wonderful if the garden’s instruments are efficient. How about having a fanless design for you? It sounds cool!

So, the lights are featuring fanless design to ensure the gardeners are not having a noisy environment. You must be wondering about who can use these lights-

  • Indoor gardeners
  • Greenhouse growers

If you are expecting to get everything a plant needs under the grow light, don’t forget to recheck this product again. However, this product is popular in the market for its budget.

For the gardeners who are running out of pocket, they can give it a shot.


  • 50% higher yielding
  • Full spectrum light
  • Fastens the plant’s growth
  • Doesn’t burn the plants
  • Includes thick aluminum heat sink
  • Wide range of use
  • Noise reduction system


  • Not high quality components

6. Phlizon  600W LED Grow Light

Key Features

  • Material: UV protected and fire-proof Metal cover and frame
  • Spectrum: Full spectrum
  • Power: 600W
  • Actual power: 100W
  • Lifespan: More than 50,000 hours
  • No of beads: 60 pieces
  • Core coverage: 1.5 x 1.5ft- 2 x 2ft

Maybe you are a seasoned gardener or giving the first shot to work passionately in your indoor garden. Phlizon 600W grow LED lights can be an option to look at. Made out of UV protected metal cover, the grow light has enough protection for itself.

I think you have heard of many accidents that have occurred due to the light’s reflector. With Phlizon, you won’t get the chance of accidents because it has featured no reflector in grow lights.


A reflector is a device that lets the light reflect and spread the light on plants. The reflector accumulates heat from the lights. Sometimes, accidentes might occur for the reflector being destroyed

The reflector is not resistant to heat and it starts to melt at 80 degrees. Also, short circuits might occur that will cause problems as they are prone to melting and fire. So, Phlizon didn’t take risks for the users for the sake of beauty.

If you compare the grow lights with MH or HPS lamps, the LED lights are more efficient than those. You might have some clues but let me give you some more.

These lights are more energy efficient and keep the amount of bill less than other lights. Moreover, the light spectrum is comprehensive which allows the grow lights to replace 100 watt HPS/MH bulbs.

Asking my audience a question, give me the true answer. Are you satisfied with the coverage area of the grow lights you have been using?

If the answer is a big NO, I will suggest you this product. Specially, this grow light is perfect for a 2x2ft growing area from 24 inches height. It has 60 beads to complete the plant’s growth requirement like the sun.

Besides, they have pulled the distinction in another level by adding double cooling fans. I didn’t see such a fantastic feature in other grow lights. The fans increase the shelf life of the lights and they have more than 50,000 hours of life span.

Isn’t it fantastic? Yes, because without durability features, no one would like to invest money on a product.

What else?

Well, you will see the lights have a double switch system. A double switch system plays a vital role in both veg and flowering phases. For the veg stage, you can turn on the blue and white LED lights.

In the blooming stage, the red and white lights will work efficiently because the requirement of the plant’s blooming stage is red and white light spectrums. And the seedling or young vegetative growth requirement will be satisfied by Veg switch.

What a great deal!

Oh! I forgot to mention the important feature – spectrum. These lights have featured full spectrum to promote the plant’s growth faster than before. For the beginner, this light is popular in the market because this brand solves literally every problem of gardening.

In the full spectrum feature, it has included both IR and UV lights. Do you have any idea why they are useful?

Let me tell you.

Both UV and IR improved the defence mechanisms of a plant. In case, the plants need to adjust with an environment, they won’t give up easily for having UV and IR lights. Mimicking the sun with all these features, the lights have gained huge popularity in the market.


  • Full spectrum light
  • Promotes the growth easily
  • Metal material with UV protection
  • No reflector
  • Double cooling fan
  • Double switching system


  • No timer included

7. VIPARSPECTRA Full Spectrum Grow Light

Key Features

  • Power: 200W
  • Lifespan: more than 100,000 hours
  • Power: 450W
  • Actual Power: 200W±3% at 120V
  • Flowering coverage: 2×2 ft
  • Veg coverage: 2.5×2.5 ft
  • LED bulbs: 90 pieces
  • Dimensions: 16.1×8.3×2.8 inches

When a beginner wants to arrange the garden with one eligible grow light, VIPARSPECTRA can be a one-stop solution for him. This light has the capacity to cover up the needs a plant has for its growth. Even if it’s winter, the plant will grow healthy and have no problems growing.

Well, let’s check what else the gardeners will get from V450.

First thing first! With UL certification, the light has reached the safety stage with efficiency. They have ensured the lights are no danger for both plants and humans. The gardeners are aware of the accidents caused by fire.

So, the design has been developed to make the lights resistant to fire. And this is the reason why VIPARSPECTRA got this popularity in the grow light market.

Now, another important feature – the spectrum of light. Grow light has featured full spectrum lighting to prevent the obstacles that come for a plant’s growth. No halt in growth for having a wide range of light like the sun.

And so, this grow light is one of the high output LED grow lights.

Providing with bigger output and buds, the light has been more proficient. Addition of its output, the lights have reduced the amount of electric bills efficiency. Moreover, they are offering the buyers year round crops.

With the daisy chain system, the gardeners can lighten up more than one light with one switch. Another thing is – they have attached the cooling system to elongate its life span.

Can you guess its lifespan?

It’s featuring more than 100,000 hours of lifespan. They have added high speed fans with heat sinks for the betterment of plants. However, they have been bluntly honest with their buyers by saying the actual power is 200W whereas other brands try to hide it.

Now, I have to explain the most important feature of this product – PPFD. The PPFD is stood directly under the fixtures. It helps the light to reach the leaves of plants and penetrate inside the cells of plants more efficiently.

So, the photosynthesis reaction will be taking place in an appropriate manner.

What is PPFD?

The PPFD stands for photosynthetic photon flux density. If I explain in general, it means the rate of photosynthetically active radiation falling on the leaves/surface.

The range of vegetative(24” height) and flowering coverage( 18 inches height) are respectively 2.5×2.5 ft and flowering coverage is 2×2 ft. These lights have a wide range of application on several types of plants. For example –

  • Lettuce
  • Orchid
  • Organic herbs
  • Strawberry
  • Medical plants


In acclimation period

(add time of on and off)

  • Hang the lights above 36 to 40 inches above the canopy
  • You have to keep the veg switch on and bloom switch off
  • 10 hours on and 14 hours off

In young vegetative stage

  • Make sure the lights are hung 32 to 36 inches above the plants
  • Let the Veg switch do its job and turn off the bloom switch
  • 12 hours on and 12 hours off

The vegetative stage

  • About 24 to 38 inches above your canopy
  • Both veg and bloom switches on
  • 18 on, 6 off

In flowering stage

  • Keep the lights on 18 to 24 inches over the plants
  • The veg and bloom switches are on in this stage
  • 12 on, 12 off


  • High PPFD rate
  • True to nature
  • Fire-resistant
  • UL certified
  • Outstanding design
  • Cooling heat sinks
  • High speed fans


  • The fans are noisy (a real time user complained)

8. MARS HYDRO SP3000 LED Grow Light

Key Features

  • Efficiency: 2.8μmol/J
  • PPFD: 999 μmol
  • Veg coverage: 2×5 ft
  • Flowering coverage: 2×4 ft
  • Size: 42.5”x3.5”x4.1”

Another Most popular led grow light for indoor plants is The MARS HYDRO SP3000 with dimmable features. These dimmable features will stand out for having an efficient dimmable box. The grow lights have Samsung lights with a well designed driver.

They have mentioned the optimized area for this product. If you want to have the best high output LED grow light with energy saving features, you must take a look at this product. Because it’s offering 300W consumption of energy at high efficiency.

If you look at the optimization for veg and flowering, you should take a look at the coverage area for having the idea. The veg coverage area is 2×5 ft and flowering one is 2×4 ft. Most of people say, it is the best led grow light for 2×4 grow tent.


In the marketplace, the Samsung diodes are highly appreciated by the gardener. This product has 952Pcs Samsung LM301B LEDs diodes with great yielding capability.

With 2.5g/W max power draw and 2.8μmol/J to provide you 50% more yielding compared to other grow lights.


Let’s see how much it has to offer you.

You are getting uniform PAR value 999umol@19.5”. How cool is that? They are ensuring the plants are having proper intensity with less consumption of energy(saving your pocket).

Do you want daisy chain features for commercial use?

These lights can help you because the dimming daisy chain of these lights is perfect for SP3000 grow lights with a bo x(dimmable). You might be wondering about the controlling unit.

No worries! You are getting full control over the dimmable lights. Adjust the brightness with the dimming knob. Your small garden will enjoy proper light intensity with an easy operation. However, for commercial use, multiple lights will be connected and you have to choose the main light to control other lights.


  • Efficient lights
  • Dimming lights
  • Daisy chains
  • 952pcs of lights
  • Controllable lights
  • Less consumption of energy
  • Useful for commercial purposes


  • Found nothing

9. SPIDER FARMER Full Spectrum Grow Lights

Key Features

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Spectrum: Full
  • Energy efficiency: 2.7 umol/J
  • Power consumption: 200W
  • Veg coverage: 3×4 ft
  • Flowering coverage: 2×4 ft

With simple designing, SPIDER FARMER has utilized the energy level at its best. The material of the grow lights is aluminum and so, it is a durable product in nature. It ensures us safe performance with a well driver.

This product doesn’t produce a huge amount of heat with the protective cable cover. And compared to other grow lights, it yields more and runs 50% less power. The grow light is a better option than HPS or other SMD LEDs or Blurple lamps.


The lights are featuring best and high yielding production with Samsung LM301B diodes. As you know, the Samsung diodes are popular in the market for their best efficiency and service. The output is 2.7 umol/J which is enough for the plants.

This light consumes 200w which is 50% less than HPS or SMD. However, the grow lights deliver the power in a uniform manner to provide powerful output.

With 3×4 ft veg and 2×4 ft flowering coverage area, they are helping to pull the gardener’s dream smoothly. To support the gardeners more, the lights are offering a customized dimming design. Their protective nature has spread to the cables as the cables have covers.

Do they offer multi-light connections?

Yes, they offer multi-light connection and it facilitates the commercial gardeners. Because they have a large area and lots of plants and such grow lights will reduce the expenses.

Since the lights have featured a full spectrum band, you must know the specification of each color.

  • Red 660nm
  • White 3000k
  • Blue 5000k
  • IR 760nm

Before you get confused about the uses of these colors, let me explain the influences of these lights for the plant growth stages. If the plants need reddish light, 3000k one will be the best. For bluish light, 5000k is the best option.

Different stages of a plant need different types of exposure to the light. In the blooming stage, the plant needs 660nm red and IR lights because they help to speed up flowering stages. By accelerating both the blooming and flowering stage, the lights ensure better results for the gardeners.

Fantastic feature!

Sometimes, the packaging of a grow light bothers us. If the packaging is of low standard, it might cause harm to the grow light structure. Another thing is the packaging is goddamn congested and it bothers the users while unpacking.

And they have ensured the users find it friendly to get rid of bothersome situations. Cool!


  • Comfortable to use
  • Great for commercial purposes or large scale gardens
  • Multi-connection system
  • Dimmable lights
  • Eligible to accelerate flowering stage
  • No noise


  • Found nothing

10. VIPARSPECTRA Full Spectrum Light

Key Features

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Energy efficiency: 2.7 umol/J
  • Spectrum: Full ( red, IR, white)
  • Veg coverage: 3’x3’
  • Flowering coverage: 2.5’x2.5’
  • Veg coverage height: 20”
  • Flowering coverage height: 16”

VIPARSPECTRA has featured the grow lights with aluminum material. They have made sure the P1500 LED grow lights run with proper diodes. And so, VIPARSPECTRA has adopted the newest technology to provide better results.

Let’s check the features out.

The lights have 2.7 umol/J energy efficiency which means they are providing proper lights based on a plant’s needs. Also, they have offered the gardeners a long lifespan with intense penetration. That’s what gardeners look for in grow lights.


Not always the plants need high penetration and exposure to the lights. They need to breathe in a dimmable light sometimes and this product has featured dimmable lights.

The addition of a knob allows the user to manipulate the brightness level of this light. Following the performance of plant growth phases, use the flexibility of the grow lights.

What a fantastic feature!

Coming to the full spectrum phase which includes the red light, IR and white light. To be specific, the color ranges are 660nm, 3000k and 5000k respectively. 

Do they cover the whole growth phase of the plants?

Yes, the spectrum of lights are designed to support each growth phase of plants. From seedling to blooming, you can be free of tension in the presence of  VIPARSPECTRA. Mimicking the sun, the lights are supporting  these plant’s growth at its best.

However, the sleep-friendly grow light has no noise. The lights don’t have any cooling fans inside and so, there’s no chance to experience noise pollution in the garden.

Sounds cool!

Though they don’t have fans, they have featured built-in heat sinks to dissipate. The heat sink ensures a long life span of the grow lights.

A quick question – Can you guess how much it consumes energy?

Give me the answer in the comment section below. The lights consume only 150W and it doesn’t waste much from your pocket. Compared to 400W HPS/MH lights, this one is a better option for the gardeners.

Let’s focus on the coverage area.

The vegetative coverage of the 3’x3′ area, these grow lights are perfect. And the flowering coverage area is 2.5’x2.5’. You can check the heights they have recommended.

However, as a gardener, you don’t have to wait for the instruction. Because not all the instructions are of use. So, use your own knowledge and get to know what coverage your plants need.


  • No noise
  • Provides full spectrum
  • Efficiency energy level
  • Heat sink for heat dissipation
  • Dimmable knob to manipulate the brightness
  • Better option than 400W HPS/MH


  • Found nothing

11. MARS HYDRO Grow Lights

Key Features

  • Material: Metal
  • Energy consumption: 150W
  • Max coverage: 3×3 ft
  • Number of beads: 342 pcs
  • Noise: No
  • Spectrum: Full (Red IR)

MARS HYDRO is another option for those gardeners who don’t like to have noisy fans. These high efficient white LED lights are the newest. They are eligible to replace single-ended 250watt HPS lights.

Many gardeners prefer to have burple lights but these are old-fashioned. Also, MARS HYDRO grow lights help to provide 30% higher yielding than the burple lights.

Consuming only 150W, these lights are saving energy and money at the same time. And the lights have 342 LED beads for intense penetration. Plants get proper exposure to the light and grow properly with these lights.

Save 50% energy and the electricity bill will reduce dramatically with this product. Not to mention! The LED grow lights are perfect for all types of plants.

Usually, plants cannot absorb all sorts of light energy.  But this product has fantastic features that you would want to have for the plants. From this light, the plant will absorb more than 90% lights for its high intensity. Since the grow lights are featuring full spectrum, the plants are getting the most benefits from veg stage to flowering.

Not to mention! The response of plants under the full spectrum light will cross your expectations. This reflective area will be more than you expected. With 660-665nm Red IR/3200-4200Knm/5200-6800Knm, the natural light will support the plant’s growth.

What else?

Featuring high reflective with noise free-fanless systems will maintain the harmony of crop yielding and zero noise pollution here. Also, the fanless LED GROW SYSTEM design will certainly improve the growing life in an easy and quiet environment. The aluminum reducing materials improves the heat dispersing system. By increasing the intensity upto 20%, the lights help your plants to live a healthy life.  It provides more energy and less burning to increase their physical mechanisms.


  • Better yielding rate
  • High efficiency
  • Quiet environment
  • Heat dispersing system
  • Reflective system for better plant growth
  • Improves the health of crops


  • Found nothing

12. MARS HYDRO TSW 2000W Full Spectrum Grow Light

Key Features

  • Material: Metal
  • Multi-lights: 15
  • Energy consumption: 300W
  • LED beads: 684
  • Spectrum: Full (IR, Red)
  • Output: 1122umol@18”

MARS HYDRO TSW 2000w led Grow Lights have daisy chain function and through this feature,you can enlighten the garden with proper lighting systems. Gradually, the plants will get healthy and provide the gardener with enough crops.

Since each plant has its own diversity and functional activities under photoperiod, they don’t require a prolonged period of natural light exposure. And so, the development of this grow light has been interesting in the dimming aspect. The dimming process is easy for the users.

In a large spectrum of work, many lights are required to get the proper amount of photons. People have to buy these lights with their hard-earned bucks. What if you are getting a set of several lights to lighten up the garden?

Yes! MARS HYDRO Grow Lights are presenting you with a unique connection of 15 multi-lights. They have featured 2 auto sensing power supplies to work with both 120VAC, 240VAC and 277VAC.

Guess what? This power supply option is showing how capable the lights are to work with these plants.

Next, the outcome of these lights in real life. If you purchase the lights for your garden, you will get 30% better results than those ancient and less efficient burple lights.

Yes! It’s 30% more efficient than other lights.

However, the lights are fantastic in case of output. If you want to know specifically, the lights provide 1122umol@18” which is great. And it yields 2.0g yield per wattage maximum. From this section, you will realize why you have used HPS light instead of LED.

Honestly, you aren’t late!

Do you know how many LED beads the lights contain? Notably, the light has 684 beads to enlighten your garden and spread the photons on the leaves symmetrically.

Though the lights consume 300W, they don’t waste it and provide proper brightness to the plants. Saving more than 50% energy, the lights are saving the finance of the owners. If you look at the bigger picture, the lights are efficient in nature from every aspect.

Does it have more to offer?

Yes! Covering the garden with proper exposure, the blooming stage gets 3.5×3.5 ft coverage perfectly. Additionally, the veg stage gets 4×4 ft which is more than what many grow lights offer.

How much light energy can be absorbed by the plants?

Around 90% of light is absorbed by the plants and it’s simply awesome. Moreover, the high intensity features of these plants have made sure the plants are performing all the physical and chemical reactions.

By providing the full spectrum, it has covered the whole lifespan a plant needs. From veg to blooming stage, everything has been taken care of by these grow lights.

Want to check the spectrum?

  • 3000k and 5000k IR
  • 660nm and 760nm for Red

What you see is close to the infinite natural light and it is the result of improved technological implementation. Consequently, the gardener is getting benefits by quick response of plants, seeds and flowers.

With uniform and wide distribution of light, they are noise-free. So, it helps to keep the garden peaceful and quiet.

You must be thinking how the heat gets exchanged. Well, they have heat dispersing aluminum material. The material helps to decrease the heat and increase the intensity more than 20%. Importantly, the heat dispersion process is smooth enough to abstain leaves burning. I think this product is one of the best LED grow lights for indoor plants.


  • Energy efficient
  • Better than HPS or burple lights
  • Full spectrum
  • Increases yielding percentage
  • Keeps the plants healthy
  • No noise and proper heat dispersion


  • Late shipment

13. VIPARSPECTRA Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

Key Features

  • Material: Iron
  • Power: 1200W
  • Energy consumption: 520W
  • Veg coverage: 4.5’x4.5’
  • Flowering coverage: 3.5’x3.5’
  • Veg coverage height: 32”
  • Flowering coverage height: 24”

As I have mentioned before, VIPARSPECTRA Full Spectrum LED Grow Light is UL certified. It has passed the rigorous yet complicated rules and regulations made by UL. From the thermoplastic aspect, VIPARSPECTRA is a safe grow light to work with.

Let’s point out the vital features.

First, the optimum result out of this product is marvelous. The secret of such a result is the full spectrum range of lights that helps the plants to flourish. Besides, the absence of sunlight is covered with this light.

Finally, the buds get bigger and healthy crops are achieved. Isn’t it what the gardeners’ expect?


Second, the light covers both the veg and bloom phases with a double channel. How is that done? The light has included blue and white LEDs as these colors help to continue all the reactions of plants at ease.

For germination seedlings, these lights are beneficial. To promote the early veg cycle, the plants need these spectrum of lights. In the blooming channel, the lights have included red. Because the blooming stage needs the presence of red light.

To add, the gardener can turn both veg and bloom switch to get the best growth performance. While using this grow light, you will experience how 520W LED has replaced 800W HPS/MH lamps efficiently. From saving the electricity bill to the healthy crops yielding, LED plays a vital role.

Sounds interesting! You can share your experience in the comment section.

How about the coverage area?

The coverage area of this grow light has maintained well.

  • Veg coverage: 4.5’x4.5’
  • Flowering coverage: 3.5’x3.5’

Now, about the height thing, they have recommended the height for both the veg and flowering stage. The recommended heights are 32” and 24” for veg and flowering stages respectively.

Also, they have recommended to hang the grow lights at 32”-44” for 18 hours for the veg stage. And about the flowering or fruiting stage, hold the lights at 32”-44” up to 12 hours if you turn both the lights on. To be honest, the recommended height is nothing but to give the beginners an idea. Since you know your plants well more than anyone, you have to set the height.


  • UL certified grow lights
  • Healthy crops and better yielding
  • Replaceable to 800W HPS/MH
  • Optimal spectrum
  • Supportive to veg and blooming stages
  • Doesn’t burn the leaves


  • Didn’t mention about the heat dispersion method

14. MAXSISUN Grow Light

Key Features

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Photon efficacy: 1.93 μmol/J @ 110V AC
  • Veg coverage area: 5×5 ft
  • Flowering coverage area: 4×4 ft
  • Actual watts: 400watts
  • Fans: no

Want to compare a LED grow light with a HID one? Then, take a look at MAXSISUN Grow Light because it’s eligible to replace the grow lights with 800 watts HID lights.

MAXSISUN has featured more to the gardeners for getting better results. Starting with the main motive of these lights. Designed to support the horticultural growth cycle, the PB series lights have an excellent commercial grade cycle.

With high light intensity, they help the growers to get higher yields and top-shelf quality. Maintaining both at the same time is tough but MAXSISUN has nailed it.

For this excellent feature, it has gained popularity among other grow lights. Then, they have featured a tailored and optimized exposure of grow lights for helping the growth of plants in full swing.

Isn’t it fantastic?

The flowering and vegetative coverage area are 4×4 ft and 5×5 ft respectively. Specifically, the PPF for high efficacy rating is 1.93 μmol/J @ 110V AC which is a standard one.

This product has been brave enough unlike many grow lights to mention the actual power it can pull. The PB4000 pulls 400watts and spreads it over the leaves to let them continue the biological activities, like photosynthesis.

Compared to HID grow lights, they consume less energy and provide more yield from the plants. Gardening can be of hobby or commercial purpose but no gardeners intend to have a noisy garden.

So, this product has cut off the option to have fans inside it. But it has a 5mm aluminum heat sink and it helps to disperse the extra heat in the environment. This feature enhances the durability with aluminum material.

To talk about the durability, the grow lights have featured premium heavy-duty glue coating. So, those who are looking for full spectrum efficient grow lights can check this product out.


  • Noise free
  • Appropriate PPF
  • Excellent veg and flowering coverage area
  • Heavy-duty grow light
  • Sturdy construction


  • Found nothing

15. Bloom Plus Grow Lights

Key Features

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Energy consumption: 300W
  • Number of diodes: 1175pcs
  • Veg coverage area: 5×5 ft
  • Flowering coverage area: 4×4 ft
  • Spectrum: Full

Built with aluminum frames, Bloom Plus grow lights have addressed durability and sturdiness. Accepting new technology is a challenge. With the Samsung 2835 diodes, they have accepted the challenges without failing gardeners goals.

Plants endure grow lights but if the grow lights feature full spectrum, the rate of growth in plants increases dramatically. This grow light is one of those and the gardeners love to have efficient growth light with their investments.

How about the maximum output?

Bloom Plus can provide you with 2.5 g/w as maximum output. This output is a standard one if you analyze the market. Also, the veg and flowering coverage areas are 5×5 ft and 4×4 ft respectively.

If you have a large garden, you can consider this product as an option. However, the full spectrum grow lamp will enhance the growth of plants. The lights are powerful enough to penetrate the leaves and accelerate the mechanisms.

It has featured blue light which helps the plants to grow faster. Are you trying to accelerate the growth of your plants?

Then, get this light for better production and healthy plants. For the flowering phase, you need the spectrum of IR lights. And this product is ready to provide you a successful flowering stage with IR band spectrum.

All in all, this can be an option to provide you an improved garden with increased yield. The gardeners often become tired of having extreme buds. While growing crops, the buds are not necessary and so extreme production of buds is bothersome.

Does this grow light bring any change?

It does! To be specific, these lights help to get more crops and less buds. At the end, the garden gets more benefits and that’s all we want.

Who doesn’t want a silent place to work?

The grow lights with fans make the environment noisy. For the commercial gardeners, the fanless grow lights are the best options. Enjoy a silent growth life along with high-quality Samsung LED chips along with a reliable driver. The fast-dissipating aluminum material enhances the light intensity up to 20%.


  • Accelerates flowering stage
  • Consumes the 300W
  • Reduces bud production
  • High energy efficient
  • Fanless and soundless


  • Found nothing

16. MARS HYDRO Grow Light

Key Features

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Number of connected lights: 15
  • Veg stage coverage: 5’x5’
  • Bloom stage coverage: 4’x4’
  • Number of LED beads: 1016 pcs
  • Maximum yield: 2.0g/watt
  • Mean well drivers: 2

With easy dimming grow lights, MARS HYDRO has included fantastic features. The easy dimmable daisy chain function, the commercial purpose gets fulfilled. Because the 15 multi-lights can be connected with one single grow light.

Isn’t it amazing?

Additionally, for commercial set up, you are getting 120VAC, 240VAC and 277VAC power setup with auto sensing feature. Now, coming to the spectrum of grow lights. It is a full spectrum wideband grow light, so it covers the complete life cycle a plant has to perform.

The spectrum of lights are designed to support each growth phase of plants. From seedling to blooming, you can be free of tension in the presence of MARS. Mimicking the sun is no joke but  the lights are supporting  these plant’s growth at its best.

The lights don’t have any cooling fans inside and so, there’s no chance to experience noise pollution. Though they don’t have fans, they have featured built-in heat sinks to dissipate. The heat sink ensures a long life span of the grow lights.

Sounds cool!

With 20% of high intensity, the lights are getting more popularity in the market. Not to mention, the lights are compared to 600 watt HPS lamps for its efficiency. Though they have featured such efficiency, it doesn’t mean they burn the plants.


With proper safety caution for the plants, the light run provides 450 watts true output. If you are trying to receive more energy and less consumption, it will provide you with the best features.

To talk about the veg and bloom stage,  5′ x 5′ and 4′ x 4′ coverage areas are more energy efficient and perfect for the lights. The maximum yield is 30% more than usual grow lights and less electricity bill.

Compared to old LED lights, 30% high yielding is provided by these grow lights. Decorate the grow tent with these lights to get a huge amount of energy.


  • 15 multi-lights
  • Daisy chain system
  • Wide band sunlight
  • Noise-free


  • Found nothing

17. SPIDER FARMER Grow Lights

Key Features

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Spectrum: Full (3000K, 5000K, 660nm and IR 760nm)
  • Number of Beads: 1212 pcs
  • Efficiency: 2.7 umol/J
  • Veg footprint: 6×6 ft
  • Flowering footprint: 5×5 ft

SPIDER FARMER is running lower costs than other grow lights in the market. To get better yielding, the SPIDER FARMER utilized the best of Samsung LM3018 diodes.

To ensure you the best quality, they have featured 2.7 umol/J. However, the lights have featured a customized dimming design which helps the gardeners to have a safe exposure of lights for plants.

With the knob, you will control the amount of light exposure. Not every plant needs prolonged exposure to lights. So, the plants will be safe and no tension of burning the leaves.

Isn’t it what the gardeners want?

You don’t want to pay excessive bills for the grow lights and so, these lights are consuming only 450w. Compared to the HPS or other SMD LEDs, 50% less power is consumed.

Though the sunlight is absent, these grow lights will cover up the needs of plant’s growth. If you want to speed up the flowering stage, this grow light will help you with IR lights. To be honest, the lights look fairly natural to nurture a plant’s health. They have featured no fan technology to maintain a peaceful environment. High-quality protective covers, user friendly packaging and other fantastic yet sturdy components are the other things the grow lights offer.


  • Natural lights
  • User friendly nature
  • Peaceful environment for fanless nature
  • Supports the plant growth
  • Reduces the electricity bills


  • Found nothing

18. Yehsence 1500W Grow Light

Key Features

  • Material:
  • Power: 1500 watts
  • Consuming power: 265 watts
  • Leaf stage exposure: 430-460nm
  • Fruiting stage exposure: 430-740nm
  • Maximum coverage area: 78″*78″(6.5*6.5ft)
  • Core coverage area: 64″*64″(5.4*5.4ft)

Yehsence 1500W Grow Light features veg and bloom functional switches. But you can manage the exposure amount as per the plant’s requirements.

In the leaf stage, the lights are featuring 430-660nm which helps the plants to complete this stage and step in the next stage. For the flowering and fruiting stage, the light spectrum is 430 to 740nm.

However, to get the best result, you must hang the lights at a safe distance. They have mentioned a certain height. The daisy chained cord helps to lighten up several lights. And it is helpful for the commercial users.


Since one light has 1500 watt, the current is 2.30 Ampere. They have suggested not to connect more than 3 lights. The lights save more than 80% electricity bills which is less than HPS/MH.

Though the lights are showing 1500watts, they consume only 265 total watts. Keep an eye on this product to get the best productivity.


  • More efficient than MH/HPS
  • Full spectrum
  • Daisy chain lights
  • Both veg and bloom switches


  • Didn’t mention about packaging

19. BESTVA 4000W LED Grow Light

Key Features

  • Material: Metal
  • Growing area coverage: 10’x10.5’
  • Power: 4000W
  • Cooling system: 3mm Aluminum plate radiator

If you are a beginner and want to try out with a simple grow light, you can check the features of BESTVA 4000W. Made with metal, the grow lights are featuring dual-chip LED features to provide brighter lighting.

The lighting is more efficient which helps the growth process of plants, vegetables and flowers. However, the natural sunshine you are about to provide the plants should penetrate the leaves properly. And these grow lights will be spreading the light over the leaves in an uniform manner.


It is better to provide 12 to 18 hours of photoperiod with these lights. The blooming and seedling period will be completed appropriately with the help of these grow lights. If you compare with 3000 watt HPS lights, the LEDs are far better as it consumes only 690 watts. For heat dispersion, the 3mm thickness aluminum plate radiator is present. The aluminum plate contains holes to ease the process.


  • Veg and bloom switches
  • Efficient than traditional HPS lights
  • Powerful cooling system
  • Effective lights


  • Didn’t mention about packaging

20. King Plus 4000W Grow Light

Key Features

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Spectrum: Full (380nm to 780nm)
  • Consumption power: 610w
  • Number of beads: 390pcs

King Plus 4000W is made of aluminum material and it has featured full spectrum. The harvesting system gets improved if you install these lights.

Starting from veg to blooming stages, the lights support the life cycle of plants. So, the plants stay healthy and have no chance of leaves damage.

The light spectrum is 380nm to 780nm which is great. The red, IR and UV lights influence the plants to grow at a healthy state.

Does it save electricity bills?

The energy saving technology will save the bills and consume only 610w. Moreover, the double chip high tech LED adopts the lame and they are more efficient than 2400w HPS. Providing with brighter lights, they save your pocket.

How about a cooling system?

They have featured mute fans and upgraded aluminum radiators. Increased plant growth is what the lights support and this is the only goal of the gardeners.


  • Cooling system
  • Full spectrum
  • Energy saving technology
  • Helps to promote blooming and veg stages


  • Found nothing

What are LED grow lights?

LED stands for light emitting diodes. By using LED chips, the LED lights help to grow the plants in full swing. Mimicking the sunlight, these grow lights help the plants from veg stage to flowering stage.

Also, the plant’s growth continues in a healthy process that supports to produce less buds and more crops. The traditional lights are less compatible than LED grow lights.

How LED grow lights works

In the LED grow lights, two types of semiconductor are added to the process. The semiconductors have positive and negative charge. Positive charge is named as holes and the negative one is called electrons.

The process needs recombination of both of the semiconductors and it only starts to work when the users provide proper voltage. Electric current lets the electron flow. During the collision, the holes generate energy which is photon.

Benefits of LED Grow Light

LED grow lights have unique features to improve productivity. The lights have accepted the newest technology and minimized the cost. They have other benefits and they are –

  • Economic

LED grow lights are more economical than HPS ones. By utilizing more than 50% energy, the lights will be supporting the users to save electricity bills.

  • Enhanced Durability

The LED will offer 50,000 to 80,000 hours which is more than enough. Compared to other types of light, the durability is far better and no tension of changing the bulbs annually.

  • Consumes Less Space

Since HPS lights generate heat which burns the plants, they need to hang at a safe distance from plants. On the other hand, LED lights are safe and you can place the lights closer compared to HPS lights.

LED Watt Requirement Per Square Foot

To be honest with my audience, wattage doesn’t determine the coverage area and efficiency of a LED. Because it depends on several factors –

  • Area size
  • Number of the plants


While setting up the area size, gardeners ask about a question – how to measure the area size for indoor gardens. Basically, it has two steps-

  • Dimension of canopy
  • Grow space size

The most common question from the gardeners is – what is the appropriate wattage for 4×8 grow tents. Stay with us to know about the calculation.

Flowering Stage

For example, you have a 4×8 ft garden where the width and height are 4ft and 8ft respectively. So, the area size is (4ft x 8ft)= 32 square foot. With a 50W per square foot LED light, you have to figure out the total wattage.

Multiply the area size with the light watt: (32 x 50)W = 1600W.

Vegetative Stage

In the vegetative stage, half of the flowering stage wattage is needed. So, the vegetative stage needs output of (1600 ÷ 2) = 800W for per square foot.

Based on the number of plants you have in the garden, the requirement changes. Have a look at the table –


After checking the chart and the rule of thumb, you will get the idea even if you are a beginner. You can start your gardening but it is always wise to discuss with the professionals. And the types of plants you want to grow in your garden is another factor to consider.

Full Spectrum Light Wavelength

Full spectrum wavelength lights must have a CRI which is more than 95 along with 6500k color temperature. If you find such lights in the market, you can purchase them to fulfil the requirement of full spectrum lights.

In grow lights, you will find different spectrum lights in the market. But not all of them feature full spectrum wavelength whereas these are the most efficient lights for plants. Their spectrum is close to the sunlight’s wavelength which is considered as the best for plants.

Full spectrum expresses the energy spectrum and it is compared to the sunlight. To be honest with the audience, without having the spectrometer, the determination of exact spectral is not possible.

What’s PAR and Why It’s Important

PAR is an acronym and the full form of PAR is Photosynthetically Active Radiation. The amount of light a plant can utilize or use is known as PAR.

As you know, the light includes the waves and photos in the visible light. By absorbing plants to use photosynthesis, plants need to have particular photons and wavelengths. 

If you think about the difference between the growing area and a canopy, PAR doesn’t refer to the absorption of all wavelengths the LED light provides. It’s the measurement of usable lights the plants take from a full spectrum light.

The importance of PAR is clear to the gardeners. Basically, the more this PAR measurement is, the more your plants will flourish. And the amount of light encourages the plants to grow naturally and in a healthy manner.

If you calibrate the lights and approach for its fine-tuning, the plants will provide you with the best results. But different stages of light require a unique type of wavelength. This process is known as OpticPAR and it includes the optimum result of customized PAR to get the best from plants.

What’s PPFD and Why It’s Important

The PPFD is the acronym for Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density and it refers to the measurement of light density in a certain area.

If you ask what is the best PPFD for plants, in general the answer will be – between 200 to 400 PPFD in the veg stage. For the flowering stage, the PPFD is 600 to 900. This range helps the plants in flowering, fruiting and budding phases.

About its importance, you know how important it is for plants to have sufficient growth lights. If you provide double PPFD, the growth rate reaches up to 85% which is fantastic. But don’t try to push the plants too much because it might hamper their physical mechanisms.

When the gardener is supplying a proper amount of PPFD, the CO2 of plants will be increasing. However, not all the lights need a huge amount of CO2 production. And so the standard range of PPFD is 600-900.

How to Hang Grow Lights

The  grow lights hanging requires many factors to consider. Your garden size, number of plants, benches, irrigation system – everything is included and it’s called uniformity.

If the lights are falling on the floor and you are paying bills for it, this will be a waste. So, plan before you buy tons of lights for a small garden.

The installation process requires a professional electrician. You have to pay them a significant amount and the amount is not rigid. It depends on the work.

Coverage Area Calculation:


Output of the fixture ÷ Light intensity = Coverage area [measured in m2]

For example, the grow light is 1500 µmol/s ÷ 800 μmol·m−2·s−1 = 1.88 m2. This is an example for my audience to understand it well. So, calculate according to the light’s features.

The hanging distance has little to no effect on the growing process. But it’s a common question asked by the beginners and here I tried to explain it.

Based on the plant’s requirements, you have to set the distance. Since no extreme heat generation is absent in LED lights, you can place the lights near to the plants.

Grow Light Vs Sunlight

Sunlight is always the best option because of the wide range spectrum. But the grow lights include proper light intensity and the photoperiod can be adjusted.

Sunlight has full spectrum wavelength which helps the life cycle of plants. However, some problems are there with sunlight.

  • The plants don’t get the full spectrum because of the window
  • Light intensity gets filtered with a number of factors
  • In the winter season, the lights will be more drafty for cold breeze though the sunlight is presence
  • Sunlight is not positioned as your wish
  • Sunlight might not be the perfect option for the shade-loving plants

On the other hand, you have the option to customize the grow lights.

  • Change the intensity and switch on the dimming option
  • No extra heat generation
  • Proper system to spread the heat using heat sink
  • Allow proper exposure to the light

LED Vs HPS Grow Lights

Among many manufacturers, the HPS lights are standardized. HPS lights feature raw energy which helps the plants to have a healthy and accelerated flowering phase. Though they have fantastic features, drawback of HPS lights is they consume massive amounts of electricity and generate extreme heat.

Also, the HPS lights require changes every 12-18 months based on the operation cost. The extra heat generation increases difficulties of plant’s growth.

If you look at the LED grow lights, you will see they are more flexible to use. These lights provide no excessive heat to hamper the growth of plants. You don’t have to change the lights once in a year because they feature long-time support.

The only problem it features is the initial costing. To be fair, these lights cost more than the other types of grow lights.

LED Vs HID Grow Lights

HID grow lights are unique in their own ways and they help the gardeners to provide expected results. These lights are economical than most of the grow lights. So, you can save money and get the best results within a budget.

High penetration of HID grow lights helps the plants to get more healthy. Also, the yielding of HID lights are better than LED lights. But they tend to produce heat which causes harm to the grow lights.

LED grow lights are expensive but the durability of these lights are 50,000 to 80,000 hours. It differs from one brand to another.

Additionally, you are not getting an excessive amount of heat like HID lights. If you are planning for a small garden, choosing the LED grow light will be one of the best decisions.

LED Vs Fluorescent Grow Lights

Fluorescent grow lights are cost efficient and they have featured many advantages. These lights are close to natural sunlight because they can support the vegetative stage of plant growth.

You will find some of your friends are super enthusiastic about starting hydroponic gardening but they lack money. For them, fluorescent grow lights will provide immense support because of cost effectiveness.

Also, the sizes, shapes, wattages and a wide range of wavelengths are the factors to consider the fluorescent lights as the best option. Previously, the gardeners complained about these lights and the authority did listen to the users.

And so, they have T5 HO fluorescent grow lights to help the growing plant in a healthy manner. The lights are perfect for the whole life cycle of a plant. No extra fixtures, sockets needed to fix the lights.

On the other hand, LED grow lights are expensive at the beginning. Eventually, their service will let you feel these lights are all the plants need. From germination to flowering, all the stages are supported by the LED full spectrum lights.

What Color Light Is Best For Plant Growth

Red, blue lights feature the best wavelength for plant growth. The best plant growth happens in the shelter of full spectrum lights.

White and green lights are less important but not unnecessary. Keeping the wavelengths in LED grow lights will increase the efficiency.

Best Kelvin for Flowering Growth

Flowering or fruiting growth requires 2700 kelvin and this is the best Kelvin for flowering. Though lights are of wide range wavelengths, not all of it is useful for the plants.

This range is perfect as it provides warmth, wavelength to the plants. And plants grow under such temperature properly.

Can Any LED Light Be Used As A Grow Light

Yes but the LED lights have to provide enough photons and warmth. LED lights that are in the market don’t provide proper lighting and so, the customized LED lights are available for plants.

Full Spectrum LED Vs Red and Blue

The full spectrum lights provide a comfortable zone to the plants to help the growth. In this process, the lights are more white and they produce a lesser amount of photons than the red and blue ones.

Because the full spectrum LED lights use the blue light and convert it into white one with a wide range of spectrum. In these lights, the phosphor converts the blue lights into white lights and let some photons come out from the LED lights.

On the other hand, the red and blue lights produce more photons for the plants. These lights are perfect for those gardens where the sunlight is available. For example, the greenhouse is perfect for having red and blue lights.

Remember one thing! Don’t try to enlighten the garden with only red or blue lights. The red light supports the photosynthesis. If you lighten up the red lights, then you will get elongated stems.

So, you need to have the combination of blue and red lights as the blue lights keep the size of plants in shape.

Purple Grow Light Vs White Light

Purple grow light is the combination of red, blue LEDs. These lights are beneficial for the plants in many aspects-

  • Promotes photosynthesis
  • Helps in flowering stage
  • Keeps the plant healthy

Red lights are helpful for photosynthesis but their effect can elongate the plants unnecessarily. To compensate for the situation, the blue lights are there. Blue lights keep the plants smaller in size and boosts the plant’s physical activities.

However, the white lights have green, blue and red wavelengths. These white lights convert blue lights into white lights with the help of phosphor. As a result, the lights provide less photons than purple lights.

Note: No white wavelengths are present practically.

LED Grow Light Distance From Plants

To be specific, the LED grow lights should be placed 18-30 inches above from the plants. This distance depends on a few factors like the type of plants, photoperiod, the coverage and wattage of lights.

Know the plants properly to get the best results. Also, try to take help from the experienced fellows you have.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What are the best grow lights for indoor plants?

You will find many grow lights in the market but not all of them deserve the hard earned bucks. Check these LED grow lights-

  • LEOTER Full Spectrum Grow Lights
  • yoyomax Full Spectrum Grow Light
  • GE BR30 Balanced Spectrum LED Grow Lights
  • MIYA 50W LED Grow Light
  • Bloom Plus Full Coverage Grow Light
  • Phlizon  600W LED Grow Light
  • VIPARSPECTRA Full Spectrum Grow Light
  • MARS HYDRO SP3000 LED Grow Light
  • SPIDER FARMER Full Spectrum Grow Lights
  • VIPARSPECTRA Full Spectrum Light

Can any LED light be used as a grow light?

Yes, you can use any LED grow light but it depends on some factors. The average LED lights are not of much use. Using the customized LED grow light is a wise choice.

The plants need customized and professional rated LED lights.  So, the LED grow light is the best option because of proper generation photons, warmth, you can use the LED light as grow lights.

What color LED light is best for plants?

Red and blue lights are the best LED lights for plants because they accelerate the growth process. The other lights are not crucially important for plant’s growth but a wide spectrum is good for the plants.

Can you leave grow lights on 24 hours a day?

LED grow lights cannot be left for 24 hours a day because it will hamper the plant’s chemical and physical reactions.

Also, based on the photoperiod of each plant, you have to lighten up the grow lights.

How many hours a day should grow lights be on?

Plants need the lights for 14 to 18 hours a day. The sun-loving plants might need a little bit more than this but don’t tempt your plants keeping the lights on for 24×7.

Should I turn off the grow light at night?

Yes because the plants need some rest to utilize the products. The plants need a dark and light cycle to continue the growth process. So, you have to provide the plants a darkness period to break down the nutrients and use them for further metabolic activities.

Can too much light kill a plant?

Too much light will kill a plant because of dehydration. The increased amount of light intensity will cause damage to the plants and halt the growth process.

Will 6500k LED grow plants?

The plant’s foliage will grow best under 6500k. To grow the plants, you need warmer lights and only 6500k is not enough. You can choose full spectrum LED grow lights.

Will 4000k LED grow plants?

Under 4000k LED grow lights, the plants will grow but they will lack red and IR lights. These 4000K lights have featured blue and yellow lights which are enough to enhance the growth power of a plant.

Why is red light good for plants?

By increasing the photosynthesis rate, the plants grow faster than before under red lights.

If the photosynthesis process is smooth, the plants will get their foods properly and continue to grow without obstacles. Having the red light is good for plants.

How well would a plant grow under pure yellow light?

Honestly, not much because the plants take less amount of photons from yellow lights. They need red and blue with the combination of other colors of lights.

What is the best kelvin for vegetative growth?

The best kelvin for veg stage is between 5000 to 7000K of blue light. This range helps the plants to grow properly in vegetative stage. For the flowering stage, the suitable red light spectrum is between 3500 to 4500K.


If you are a seasonal indoor gardener, choosing one of the products from many is easier for you. But the gardener who does gardening for greater purpose and broadspectrum commercial industries, selecting the best LED grow lights for indoor plants is a must for them.

Not to mention, I care for plants and have generated this guide to help the beginners to professional level gardeners. You will find each corner of this guide beneficial.

If you have further questions, you can contact us. We will get back to you with appropriate answers to help you to flourish your garden.

Happy indoor gardening!

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We started a campaign with 1000 professional indoor gardeners and continued it for up to 6 months. In this process, our motive was to know what types of grow lights they use for indoor gardening.

At the end of the campaign, we concluded with fantastic answers. Among 1000 gardeners, 63% went for LED, 17% for HPS, and the rest went for other options based on the ambient and requirements they had.

Isn’t it interesting?

Based on the suggestions of professional indoor gardeners, we compiled our guide with the top 20 best LED grow lights for indoor plants.

Also, we have reviewed hundreds of led grow lights available on the market and created a simple list of highest yielding led grow lights.

While checking them out, you might feel they are expensive but my friend! These lights are the top rated and highest yielding LED grow lights.

A Significant Research On LED Grow Light

According to a research done by Filippos Bantis, Theoharis Ouzounis and Kalliopi Radoglou published in 2016, LED grow lights are the best option for optimum growth.

This paper is published in Science Direct and you can read the whole paper with details in this link.

In this Guide,

We have given detailed answer about all the question of led grow lights…

  • What are LED grow lights?
  • How LED grow lights works
  • Benefits of LED Grow Light
  • LED Watt Requirement Per Square Foot
  • Full Spectrum Light Wavelength
  • What’s PAR and Why It’s Important
  • What’s PPFD and Why It’s Important
  • How to use led grow lights
  • Grow Light Vs Sunlight
  • LED Vs HPS Grow Lights
  • LED Vs HID Grow Lights
  • LED Vs Fluorescent Grow Lights
  • What Color Light Is Best For Plant Growth
  • Best Kelvin for Flowering Growth
  • Full Spectrum LED Vs Red and Blue
  • Purple Grow Light Vs White Light
  • LED Grow Light Distance From Plants

And Many more question about led grow lights for indoor plants

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