10 Best Grow Box for Beginners (Ultimate Buying Guide)

Did you know that as days are passing, people are going crazy for indoor gardening? And obviously why wouldn’t that happen? If not home, where else can you find better and healthier greeneries at any time of the year.

With the growing demand for indoor plantation, genius minds are manufacturing some outstanding products to meet your needs. From getting everything separately to all in one kits, they have even invented automated grow methods. To know more about them proceed ahead.

After carrying out a lot of research we have accumulated all the information you need to know before getting a grow box or grow cabinet for yourself.

So let’s get you introduced to our well researched indoor growing options!

10 Best Grow Box for Beginners

1. Cash Crop LED Hydroponics Grow Box

Key Features

  • Light timer
  •  Quasar LED lights
  •  High quality materials
  •  Odor blockers included
  • Everything included and assembled

The Cash Crop produces grow boxes which are handmade with an immense amount of effort and hard work in the USA. Made with high grade wood, the grow box is handcrafted and painted so perfectly that it has a texture with no roughness at all.

This amazing product has been designed to be small in size therefore you can place it anywhere whether in your room or any small space. And if you plan to do secretly, for the cabinet like look, no one will get a hint of anything being grown. All safe and sound.

As an added benefit, everything is included in the grow box: grow light, carbon filter, fans, light timers and many more. So you won’t have to go looking for parts separately which can get hectic as with the different sizes, the products will vary. On top of that, everything is already fit in so you don’t have to go through any hassle of assembling them.

The lighting is very important for plant growth as, without this, the plants won’t even grow. Due to being full spectrum, this light is suitable for all growth stages of a plant starting from germination, where the plant initially starts growing, to the last stage flowering, where the plant focuses on producing flowers or vegetables or whatever you are planning to grow.

The LED grow light provide nutrients and food to the plants which is the closest alternative to sunlight. The Light-emitting diodes are manufactured by a well-known brand, Quasar Science, which is considered to be high tech.

If you don’t know, LED lights are very efficient as they save electricity cost and also produce very less heat. Moreover, the grow box comes with a light timer which means you can set a time when the light will turn on and turn off. You will not have to be in charge of it as the timer does the work for you

Just so you know, it is normal to have odors around when you are growing plants indoors within an enclosed space. Therefore the odor blockers help to block any odor from going out of that space.

Additionally, it has a carbon air filter to help out as well which plays the role of cleaning up the odors and providing fresh air.


  • Less heat
  • Can fit anywhere
  • Already assembled
  • Good value for money
  • Energy efficient LED Lights
  • Stealthy grow box with cabinet like look


  • Not suitable for tall plants due to height
  • Weighs 45 pounds which is heavy comparatively

2. Bud Grower Complete Indoor Grow Kit

Key Features

  • HPS Grow light
  • High quality grow tent
  • RC-42 activated carbon filter
  • All  included in the grow kit

The Bud Grower company came up with the idea of providing customers with indoor grow kits which consist of everything an indoor gardener would look for. Making things easier and better for the people, The Bud Grower successfully launched their brand a few years back to serve the customers making things hassle-free.

The grow kit we are talking about now is 2×2 feet in length and width and 5 feet in height. This is more like an indoor grow tent due to its material. Even though grow boxes are made up of more high quality and different materials they are expensive in that sense.

But for grow tents, this particular one has a double layered 600D reflective Mylar. The element helps to keep the light within the enclosed area of growing.

As you may know, tent cloth requires poles to hold them in shapes which are of course provided as well. The steel poles are 25 mm wide with the ability of holding up to 300lbs.

Moreover, a 150W HPS grow light is also in the grow kit. The high pressure sodium lights normally gives out a lot of heat but the one this kit has is said to be energy efficient.

More importantly, HPS grow lights don’t provide a full spectrum light. Rather they focus more on the red rays which helps the plant in the blooming and producing fruits. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they don’t give out other rays. Obviously they do but not as much as LED does.

Furthermore, the 4” inline fans consist of a leather case which blocks out any noise coming out so it makes your living environment much more peaceful and no complaints from neighbors either.

The ventilation has a speed controller so you can adjust the RPM (revolution per minute) according to the needs of your plants. Along with that, you must know that the fan changes the air within the area in every single minute.

Not to mention, the formation of fatigue smell can be removed by the 4” carbon filter the kit has. The air filter is made from RC-42 activated carbon and this makes the removal of impurities much faster and cleaner, removing 99.95% of odors from inside.


  • Can fit in a small space.
  • Noise free environment.
  • Good option for beginners.
  • High yield due to high power light.


  • HPS lights are not full spectrum.

3. Grandma’s Secret Garden Grow Box

Key Features

  • Light timer
  • All necessities included
  • Made with quality materials
  • Full spectrum LED grow light

The Grandma’s Secret Garden 6.0 Hydroponic Grow Box is a handmade grow box which takes approximately 8 hours just to build. Made with high quality wood and hand painted, it is an easy setup since you get everything in just one purchase and there’s no tension of looking for other accessories.

 All you need to do is buy the setup and get the seeds and you are all set.

A good alternative to sunlight is very important and this grow box comes with Mars TS600 LED Grow light which is one of the best grow lights for its size. The Mars TS600 is full spectrum light consisting of every type of rays a plant would need for its best output.

Starting with 3000k warm white lights which will help the plants to sustain its color, 5000k blue lights which is good for better plant growth, 660 nm red lights which is needed for the plants flowering and 760 nm IR rays which is amazing for plants blooming stage.

Moreover, the amount of light power they produce, they consume just half of it which helps to save electricity bills and makes it much more energy efficient for you.

Not to mention, the light has a timer so you can set a time when you want to turn it off or on and it will make your work easier.

You don’t have to worry about any noise as the Mars TS600 Grow light is noise free so you will have a calm environment 24/7.

It is better than the Cash Crop 6.0-2 Plant LED Hydroponics Grow Box as that does not have one of the best grow lights. However The Grandma’s Secret Garden Grow Box has one among the best sellers therefore this is much more preferable.

Furthermore, they have odor blockers too hence bad smell won’t be going out of the grow area .Rather the carbon filters will purify the air by removing all the toxicants inside and fresh air will be there in no time.

This grow box is a good option if you want to grow indoors secretly as the outlook is the design of a cabinet, so no one will be able to know if inside there are plants being grown. So its risk-free too.


  • Noise free
  • One of the best LED grow light
  • Stealthy grow box
  • Unlike tents, they have metal lockable latches


  • Weighs around 65 pounds

4. Growzilla 4 Plant Hydroponics Grow Box

Key Features

  • Access to more plants
  • Full spectrum led grow light
  • Contains LED side lighting
  • Two ways of odor removal given

The Growzilla 4 Plant Hydroponics Grow Box is manufactured in USA using amazing quality wood. Unlike the previous model, this has been designed to be bigger, hence having more height, this grow box fits in 4 large plants which can grow from bottom to top.

The grow box is all set up so you don’t have to assemble stuff which you would have to do in a grow tent. They claim that it can take in more plants than a grow box which is double its size.

The Growzilla Grow Box is considered to be the world’s best grow box as well as being a best seller.

Inside, it has one of the top-rated LED grow lights which is the Mars Hydro TS600 quantum board LED. Providing a full spectrum light means the plants get access to all kinds of light needed and it is the closest to that of sunlight. Moreover, this grow light is suitable for all stages of a plant’s development starting from germination to vegetation to flowering.

Also they are energy efficient hence it will save electricity cost as well!

On top of that, the grow box comes with a 6400K LED light to act as side lighting. This is spectacular due to having a cooling feature as well as producing high output at the same time. Therefore there is no risk of heating in the space.

Furthermore, along with the box comes odor control scent equalizer which helps to remove the smell when sprayed. Hence just a bit of spraying and your space will get odorless in no time.

Even though LEDs produce less heat, the grow box still has an exhaust system to clear the minimal amount of heat it produces keeping the temperature even. Along with the fan, a carbon filter is attached too which will help in removing odors too. Therefore double feature to remove fatigue smell!

It is considered to be a very good option if someone is a beginner or not. Having a look like a cabinet with lockable latches, it is perfect if one is willing to grow indoors secretly.


  • Cabinet look
  • More plants fit in
  • More lighting without much heat


  • Not found

5. Hellogrower Stealth Hydroponic Grow Box

Key Features

  • Light timer
  • Low light emission
  • 150 LED grow light
  • Comes with two fans
  • Carbon filter included

The 30″ Stealth 150 Watt LED Grow Box with Hydroponic System is manufactured by Hellogrower, a family run business where they are always available to provide customers with grow boxes best suited to them.

They have varieties for both beginners and the pro gardeners and for this one, the researchers looked for the best material for the grow box and came up with the 100% Mylar which will allow the heat to bounce back to the area and the plants will get optimum lights.

Hellogrower 30″ Stealth Grow Box comes with a 150watt LED light. Which means that there will be low light emissions as Light Emitting Diodes are known to be the most efficient hence compared to the amount of light power they produce, they consume just half of it.

Not just that, LEDs produce very less heat compared to other lights such as HPS which The Bud Grower Complete Indoor Grow Kit has. Therefore the 30″ Stealth LED Grow Box is a better option when it comes to lighting.

Along with the light comes a timer which allows you to set time for when you want your light to go off or on so you will be hassle free in this way.

On top of that, the grow box has two fans attached. One is for exhaust which will help to cool down the inside when the lights will produce heat. Another is for taking in cleaner air. In this way there will be access to fresh air and plants will be healthier and better too.

In case of odors, the boxes have carbon filter fit in so any fatigue smell will be taken care of by the carbon filter and cleaner air will be in the area in no time.

Besides that, Hellogrower provides 2 sites which means that per cycle you can grow 2 plants inside the grow box.

The outlook of the grow box is such that it looks like a cabinet therefore if you plan on doing some planting secretly, this stealthy grow box will work well for that. The cabinet has a locking system as well but it is not included with the package.


  • Double fan system
  • Cabinet like look
  • Low heat production


  • Locks not included.
  • Not a full spectrum light

6. Hellogrower Stealth Hydroponic Grow Box

Key Features

  • Light timer
  • Carbon filter fit in
  • 300 watt LED Light
  • Full spectrum light
  • Double fan system
  • 100% Mylar material

Hellogrower 40″ Stealth 300 Watt LED Grow Box with Hydroponic System is covered with 100% Mylar material which helps to block the heat from escaping. Rather the heat reflects back to the grow area, keeping the inside warm and providing the plants with a better environment to grow in.

On top of that, the grow box comes with a Full spectrum 300 watt LED light. Just so you know, a full spectrum light is the closest possible alternative to the sunlight therefore this is the best type for a plant’s growth. This is suitable for all growth stages of a plant starting from the germination stage to the last stage which is flowering.

The full spectrum provides all the necessary rays including warm white lights which ensures that plants maintain their natural color, blue lights which is beneficial for a plant growth, red light that is known to be good flowering and IR rays which helps in blooming.

Besides that, LED’s are the most efficient as they are very efficient and produce very less heat. Hence one can save up in electricity costs and no overheating so no risk for the plants to burn or the temperature not being suitable enough. And with the light timer included, you can adjust the light according to timing. Just set times for the lights to turn on or off and it is all well.

Moreover, it consists of two fans where one is for intake of fresh air. As a result the plants will have clean air all the time which is important for their development. The second is an exhaust fan which helps to remove the heat from inside and provide a cooler environment inside keeping the temperature as the plants require.

Not to mention, there will be odors within the enclosed space and in order to keep the place smell free, carbon filters are attached so it will neutralize the odors and there will be cleaner air all around. You can also change the carbon filter pad once it gets very dirty so the carbon filter can be in effect for a much longer time period.

In addition, the grow box also contains 4 3” grow sites hence every cycle, one can grow 4 plants at once.

With a cabinet like look this is good for personal use. But there are more options above which gives a better outlook of a cabinet.


  • Low heat production
  • Double fan so better effect
  • Plant gets all type of light rays


  • Locks not included
  • Possibility of noise

7. MARS HYDRO Grow Tent Kit Complete

Key Features

  • Long lifespan
  • Quiet ventilation
  • Carbon filter included
  • Full spectrum LED light
  • 1680D canvas and Mylar material
  • Humidity and temperature reader

MARS HYDRO Complete Grow Tent Kit is a quality product which is ETL, RoHS and CE certified. Manufactured by the company Mars Hydro, they are providing the best value products with the best price in the market.

The complete kit comes with everything one would look for in a grow tent. All the necessities are in one kit and you won’t have to go on surfing across different sites to look for specific items.

Starting with the tent material, it has been made with 1680D canvas and 99.9% reflective Mylar whereas other competitors use 601D canvas for their grow tents. Along with high graded zippers and double stitching makes the tent much more durable and tear proof.

The Mylar helps the light to reflect back into the grow space providing the plants optimum lights possible hence it makes the inside a better environment for the greeneries.

Coming to the light, the kit consists of the Mars Hydro brand’s owned TS1000W LED Grow Light. This comes with a full spectrum feature which is considered to be very important for plants as they will be able to get all types of rays from here.

On top of that, full spectrum light is the closest to sunlight and is said to be the best alternative as well. Therefore for a plant to have best results, you will need a full spectrum band.

The grow light consists of SMD LED technology due to which there is high lumen output. A higher lumen means there will be more brightness and the plants will get more light and for the SMD technology, one can enjoy low energy consumption as well, saving electricity costs.

Besides that, this kit provides 200 CFM 4″ Inline duct Fan which will help the heat to go away and make the environment cooler.

Along the duct one can fit the carbon filter that will clean out the odors in the grow space hence the area will be smell free. The  Australian virgin charcoal granules makes the filter more effective in taking in the impurities .And more importantly, it is a noise free system so you can have a peaceful environment all the time.

Not to mention, a humidity and temperature reader is also in there so you can keep track of the weather inside and according to the plants’ needs, you can adjust it anytime.


  • Small in size
  • Full spectrum light
  • Quality accessories
  • High yield of 2.5g/watt


  • Not suitable if planning to grow secretly

8. Grobo Premium Automated Grow Box

Key Features

  • Smooth and shiny design
  • 8 spectrum LEDs
  • Carbon filter included
  • Fluid glass
  • Dual fans

A newly started brand Grobo has started their venture back in the 2014 in North America to provide people an environment to grow healthier plants from home.

As a result, they have introduced various types of grow boxes among which, here we are discussing the Premium grow box, the high quality one with sleek design and smooth finish.

With an 8 spectrum LED grow light, one can enjoy maximum yields. This is quite good compared to the other types of lights like the HPS ones which produce a lot of heat. But unlike HPS, the 8 spectrum LED won’t be producing much heat. Hence the environment will not be too much heated and there won’t be any risk of plants burning.

Moreover LED lights are said to be energy efficient hence it will save up electricity costs as well.

Due to having responsive LED lighting, the grow box itself understands what plants require at which level. When in the vegetative stage, the light itself gives out more blue light and when in the flowering stage, Grobo manages to give out more blue light.

On top of that, they have dual fans fitted in for double access of cleaner air and better temperature management for the plants. Along with that comes the carbon filter which will remove all the smell from the grow box too.

Furthermore, the front has a portion of fluid glass through which one can see inside the box without having to open it and keeping insects out of reach.

Grobo offers nutrient dosing with automatic ph dosing so you won’t have to worry about the ph levels.

Not to mention, this automated grow box comes with an app where there are many recipe lists and the only thing you have to do is put in the seed and choose the right recipe and you are good to go.

The marvelous outer look of the grow box makes it look very high standard and of course the features it has makes it all worth the money.


  • Easy to use
  • Spectacular design
  • Smartphone controlled
  • Automatic PH controller


  • Possibility of noise

9. HTGSupply 3 x 3 (39″x39″x79″) Grow Tent Kit

Key Features

  • Inline fan
  • HPS Grow light
  • Circulation fan

Here we will be about  HTGSupply 3 x 3 (39″x39″x79″) Grow Tent Kit which is known to be a plug and play grow tent which means all you need to do is plug it and everything will work perfectly in order.

The grow tent has been manufactured by AgroMax using an ultra reflective Mylar lined interior. This indicates that due to being ultra-reflective, this material has more capability of bouncing back the light into the grow space.

Moreover, the kit comes with a HPS Grow Light by a brand named HTGSupply, based in the USA. They particularly concentrate on the development of lights for grow areas. For the 3×3 grow tent, it consists of a 400 watt HPS grow light along with a bulb and hangers to hang the light.

HPS lights are said to give out a lot of heat which may at times harm the plants such as getting burnt if proper and sufficient ventilation is not provided.

Apart from that, there’s a 6” inline fan which will work as a ventilation for the heat to cool down. If you do not know, when compared to LED lights, HPS produces a very high amount of heat and to balance that out, proper air flow is very much required or the plants won’t be getting the right environment to grow.

Additionally a circulation fan is installed as well for the same purpose.

On top of that, there’s a hygrometer which measures the level of humidity of the enclosed area.

As a benefit, you also have nutrient packs for the plants which are one liter each which includes for grow/micro/bloom. Isn’t that amazing?


  • Nutrients included
  • Comes with hygrometer
  • Good size for personal use
  • Double ventilation so better air flow


  • Carbon filter not included
  • Not a full spectrum grow light

10. Hellogrower Cheap Stealth Grow Box

Key Features

  • Light timer
  • 150W LED light
  • Double ventilation
  • Carbon filter included

The Hellogrower 30″ Stealth 150 Watt LED Grow Box System is a product by the brand Hellogrower, made with 100% Mylar to provide maximum reflection of light back into the grow area hence the plants will get optimum level of light

The grow box consists of a full spectrum 150W LED grow light which means, your greeneries will be able to get all the rays a plant outdoors normally gets. A full spectrum light is said to be the next best alternative to sunlight so you can guess how amazing that is.

Moreover LEDs are most efficient as they consume only half of the light power they produce hence you save up on electricity cost.

On top of that, LEDs produce very much less heat comparatively which means there is no risk of plants getting burnt due to excessive heating.

Not to mention, there comes a light timer as well as reducing your burden so all you have to do is set the time when the light has to turn on and off and everything will be done.

This awesome grow box includes double ventilation where one is for the intake of fresher air in the grow space for the plants to have a cleaner environment. And another is for clearing up the heat being produced by the light so that the plants can have the right temperature required to grow.

Additionally there comes a carbon filter as well that will clean the fatigue smell being formed in the grow area. The carbon filter will neutralize the impurities and the area will be smell free in no time.

This grow box is better compared to HTGSupply 3 x 3 (39″x39″x79″) Grow Tent Kit. As unlike the HTGSupply grow tent kit, you don’t have to set it up, everything will be done from before. And this grow box comes with a carbon filter unlike the HTGSupply one and of course this has better lighting too.

Also the outlook is as a cabinet therefore if you are willing to grow indoors secretly, this can help as no one will be able to take a hint what it has inside.


  • Full spectrum light
  • Double ventilation
  • Light timer
  • Lockable doors
  • Good for growing secretly


  • Locks not included

What is Grow Box?

If you know what a grow tent is then a grow box is mostly the same as that which is an enclosed moveable setup where one can grow plants indoors without the use of sunlight.

On top of that, grow boxes tend to have a classier outlook which can be said to be a cabinet type look.

How Does a Grow Box work?

Normally, grow box comes with everything necessary within it such as: LED Grow light, inline fan, carbon filter, humidity and temperature reader, light timers and many more required tools.

Grow boxes work similarly like grow tents do. They come with grow lights which are very important for plant growth.

It has inline fans and some has the stunning feature of two fans where one does the work of cooling the area by removing the heat and the other works for taking in clean air into the space to give the plants access to more air flow for better development.

Benefits of Using a Grow Box

A very big plus point of using a grow box is that you already get all the things required. Therefore you don’t need to look for the necessities as picking the right one at times get very confusing and time confusing.

Moreover, if a person is looking for indoor gardening but with secrecy, then the grow box is the gem because its outer face looks like a cabinet so no one can get a hint that something is being grown inside.

On top of that, if you are privileged enough to get a pricey grow box, then you may get combos of nutrients which will enhance the growth and quality of your plants.

Types of Grow Box

Hydroponic grow Box

Hydroponic grow Box is a method of growing plants where you don’t require soil. Rather your plant gets all the nutrients and food through a liquid based solution. As a result, the plants will have better growth. An example of a hydroponic grow box is the Growzilla 4 Plant Vertical Hydroponics Grow Box.

Automated Grow Box

Automated Grow Box is a method where with just a touch in your phone screen, you can grow plants. The only thing you need to do is plant the seed and select the perfect recipe through the brands app and that’s it. You see the plant growing with all necessary nutrients provided. An example of an automated grow box is the Grobo Premium Automated Grow Box.

Plug and play grow tent

Plug and play grow tent where everything you need for a grow box is already set into it and your only work is to plug it and the game starts. An example of a plug and play grow box is HTGSupply 3 x 3 (39″x39″x79″) Grow Tent Kit.

Stealth grow box

Stealth grow box is a type of grow box where the name is based on the outer look which is more likely called the cabinet look, best for ones wanting to grow secretly indoors. With many examples discussed above, one can be the Hellogrower 30″ Stealth 150 Watt LED Grow Box with Hydroponic System.

How to Choose The Right Grow Box?

With so many varieties available, you are sure to get confused as to which grow box to get for yourself so to get the right one for you, you need to consider a few factors:

Size: usually grow boxes are small. But if you are planning to grow secretly, then it is better for you to take a small one with a smaller height as it can be fitted anywhere in the room. And the stealthy grow box will have a cabinet type look for its perfect for personal use.

Grow light: Light is a very important factor for the plants development therefore a good grow light is necessary. Above we have discussed a number of grow boxes and they contain either HPS grow light or LED grow light. Where HPS gives out more heat and LED produces less heat and saves energy. Which from my personal opinion makes the LED one better. However it is completely up to you.

And of course one has to take into consideration their affordability. There are cheap stealth grow boxes as well as expensive ones therefore depending on your required features you can choose the best grow box for you.

Top Grow Box Brands

To make things easier for you, we have shortlisted the names of the top grow boxes and we have discussed them above.

  • Growzilla Grow Box
  • Grandma’s Secret Garden Grow Box
  • Cash Crop Grow Box
  • Hellogrower Grow Box

Frequently Asked Questions

Are grow boxes worth it?

Yes. Considering everything they come with along with stealthy look, it is great for both beginners and pro gardeners

Do grow boxes smell?

Yes they do. Whether it’s a grow box or grow tent, it will smell but you have odor controls scent and carbon filters included to remove them so there’s nothing to worry about.

How many plants can grow in a grow cabinet?

It depends on the size of the grow cabinet. If smaller pots can fit it, one can grow maybe 6 but if larger sized pots are used then it can range from 2-4 as well. It’s better to not make them crammed together so safest is to grow 4.


We have done plenty of research to bring out the most useful information for you. Hoping that you have been benefited through us so stay connected with us and keep growing amazing plants indoors with the best grow boxes! Best of luck for your venture!

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