AC Infinity Carbon Filter Review -4, 6, 8 inch air Filter

How will you figure out whether you have chosen the right carbon filter for the removal of odors from your grow tent? With so many options available in the market, people often tend to get puzzled.

Therefore, we have done quite a lot of research and analysis to get the right information about the products for you so you can decide better whether an item is appropriate for you. And today we are here to discuss the AC Infinity carbon filter review.

We will be explaining to you everything you would need to know before getting the best carbon filter for grow tent and of course, a detailed section about this filter along with the use of simple words for your understanding. So today, we will be covering the following

  • Key Features
  • Drawbacks
  • What is CFM
  • Right carbon filter for the right size grow tent
  • Do we recommend the AC Infinity carbon filter?

But before we begin, let’s get an overview of the company!

AC Infinity is an American brand that was started by a group of people trying to bring a product to the market with low noise levels. As they were successful in doing so, they gradually added more such innovative and amazing products to the list.

Always looking forward to new experiments, they are bringing better products to the market and their products prove whatever they claim to do.

AC Infinity 4 inch Air Carbon Filter Check Price
AC Infinity 6 inch Air Carbon Filter Check Price
AC Infinity 8 inch Air Carbon Filter Check Price

AC Infinity Carbon Filter Review

AC Infinity Carbon Filter Review

Anyways without any further delay, let’s get into our review.

Key Features

  • Pre-filter included
  • Reversible flanges
  • High absorbing ability
  • Premium grade RC412 Australian charcoal

RC412 Australian charcoal

RC412 Australian charcoal

AC Infinity uses RC412 activated carbon which has been activated by burning in very high temperatures. As a result, they turn into granulated carbon and this is considered to be one of the best forms of carbon in the world for attracting the particles of odors.

Moreover, the RC412 pores have a size of 0.02mm which is actually big enough for the size of pores. It is said that if the pores are big, they can absorb particles better and the RC412 pores do that.

This spectacular carbon does not only help to absorb odor particles fast but also lets the filter last longer than usual for up to 33%.

Along with that, the charcoal bed has a thickness of 38mm which is due to having more area inside and as a result, the mesh opening is up to 55%.

Pre Filter

pre filter

An amazing part of this product is that it comes with a clothed pre-filter. Now, this is not available in all filters in the market.

The role of a pre-filter is that it absorbs the larger particles which a basic filter will not be able to do so. As a result, it makes the product so much more effective and good to use.

On top of that, you can clean the pre-filter as well. AC Infinity has suggested washing it every six months and hence, the life span of the product will increase as otherwise, if the residue remains stuck for long, it will make the component less effective.

The item consists of an aluminum mesh that allows the air to pass through completely so the grow area has access to more fresh air and more fresh air is given out too.

This product has been designed for both intake and exhaust purposes which means for the exhaust port, it takes out the smelly air inside the filter, cleans it out, and gives out fresh air outside. And for the intake one, it gives in the air from outside which passes through the carbon filter and clears any impurities it has. Also, AC Infinity has the best inline fan for grow tent if you want to get the best result ( Fresh air), connect the carbon filter to the inline fan in a proper way.

Reversible flanges

Not to mention, this amazing filter has the feature of reversible flanges. Now what this does is, it can be put on the opposite end of the item so it enjoys optimum usage.

What about drawbacks?

We have looked into the product but nothing important has been found.

However, we have noticed that AC Infinity has not mentioned anything about the noise. The customers haven’t complained about the noise level either so it doesn’t seem like it is a problem.

On top of that, AC Infinity had started their journey to make a product with low or no noise level so we are sure they had that in their mind for this one too.

But one downside might be the weight of the item. But that is justified provided the features it comes with. Hence a bit of weight for a quality good can not be considered to be a problem.

What is CFM?

Before getting a carbon filter you need to look into the CFM rating of the component and match it with the airflow requirement of your grow area. The term CFM stands for Cubic Feet per Minute and this measures the movement of air within the growing area in a minute.

It varies with the change in grow tent size and we will help you out to find the right one for your grow tent.

The right AC Infinity carbon filter for 4×4 grow tent?

If your grow tent has a size of 4×4 then it will be needing a CFM of 200. Therefore from the range of products the company has, the AC Infinity Air Carbon Filter 4″ would be the best match. This weighs about 6.89 pounds and has a size of 4 inches and its duct opening is of the same size too,

The product’s features have been discussed above already so you can take a look at them for your understanding.

The right AC Infinity carbon filter for 6×6 grow tent?

For a grow area with 6 feet length and 6 feet width, the airflow requirement will be 400. Hence the AC Infinity Air Carbon Filter 6″ would be the perfect one. The weight of this item is 9.23 pounds and its size is 6 inches. Other than that, it has a duct opening of 6 inches.

If you scroll up, you will be enlightened with whatever the item offers you and your grow area. All carbon filters have the same features but the only difference is their size and weight and CFM ratings.

The right AC Infinity carbon filter for 8×8 grow tent?

An 8×8 grow tent tends to have CFM requirement of 750 hence this amazing company has introduced the  AC Infinity Air Carbon Filter 8″. Here are more information about the best grow tents.

In case of weight, it is approximately 14.02 pounds and has a size of 8 inches. Along with that, it comes with a duct opening of 8 inches as well.

A generalized explanation has already been given above so please give that a read for more details of the good.

The right AC Infinity carbon filter for 10×10 grow tent?

In case you have a huge grow tent of 10 feet length and 10 feet width or maybe a grow room of the same size, your filter will need an airflow of 1400. Therefore the AC Infinity Air Carbon Filter 10″ would be the best suit as that meets all the necessary requirements.

Having a size of 10 inches, it has a duct opening of the same size as well and of course, it weighs more than the smaller sized ones

Every necessary information you would need to know before getting this filter has been discussed above so please have a look at that.

Do We Recommend the AC Infinity Carbon Filters?

Well firstly, it is solely up to you whether you want to get the carbon filter from this company for your grow tent. But given the features their carbon filters provide, indoor gardeners should definitely give it a try.

Moreover, with a huge customer base, AC infinity rarely disappointed any of them. Therefore people have their trust in them and surely you will be one among them if you get one as well.

On top of that, this product includes a pre-filter within which is a big plus point as usually, one has to buy it separately so you are free from that hassle too and your filter can have a long life span as well.

In conclusion, if we were to give an opinion, we would suggest every indoor gardener try it at least once as fresh air is very important for plant survival and development and this item serves the purpose very well.

We hope the time you have invested into reading this has come in handy as we have given our best to make things simpler for you by providing you AC Infinity carbon filter review in easy words.

So if you are ready to get the filter then order yours right away from the links given above! Have a good day with fresher air!

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